Verifying your degree on the Web

Degrees awarded by Oregon State University are recorded with the National Student Clearinghouse. Students, employers, and other organizations may request verification of a degree directly from the NSC by visiting the website and submitting a request.

Verifying your degree with a transcript

An official transcript may be ordered through the transcript page. From the Parchment transcript site, you may send a transcript to whatever address you specify. You may also elect to pick up your transcript at the Office of the Registrar. Be prepared to show your picture identification if picking up a transcript. Transcripts also may be ordered in advance with the special handling instruction “Hold for Degree.” Orders with this instruction will be sent automatically upon the completion of the degree award process.

Statement of Degree

A Statement of Degree is a good-faith letter indicating your anticipated graduation date. Most employers and graduate schools will accept a Statement of Degree until your degree is cleared and posted on the transcript.

This service is offered for only 30 days after the degree has been awarded, after which time the Verifying Your Degree process is available.

The Office of the Registrar only issues Statements of Degree for undergraduate students who are currently registered for the final courses necessary to meet all degree requirements.

A Statement of Degree is generated by the Office of the Registrar for undergraduate students who are in one of the below circumstances:

  • The student is registered for the final courses necessary to meet all degree requirements.
  • The student has already met all degree requirements and is awaiting the formal degree award.
  • The student has already graduated and needs a letter from the Office of the Registrar to verify that they have graduated from OSU.
  • This service is free until the degree is conferred.

After the degree is conferred:

  • A $15 fee will be charged.
  • If your statement of degree is a specialized request that requires extended research or document compilation, you will be charged $25 for the request.


  • Go to  Online Services You will need to log in with your OSU credentials.
  • Click the “Initiate Request” button.
  • Once the request is initiated, you will receive an email at your OSU email account with instructions on how to complete your request via DocuSign.
    • If you are not logged into DocuSign, you will be prompted to log in.
  • Click “Continue” to fill out the form.
  • The “Other Actions” drop down allows you to “Finish Later,” saving the request to your account to return to later, or to “Decline to Sign,” which will cancel the request. If you decline to sign, you will be required to provide a reason for declining the request.
  • All personal information fields will be populated by the system. You are able to change your contact phone number, but all other fields are locked from editing.
  • Enter your college degree and major, and term and year of anticipated degree. 
  • Choose how you wish to receive the statement of degree.
    • If directly to a future employer or graduate school, please provide the name and mailing address.
    • If directly to you, please provide your mailing address.
    • If directly to you/future employer or graduate school by email, please provide the email address(es) that you would like us to send it to.
  • Submit the request by clicking “Sign.” 

Requests will be processed by the Degree Completion Team within 5 business days and will be provided to you depending on the delivery method you selected.

Note: If you would like to wait for our office to process your request for a Statement of Degree until after your final grades post, please request your Statement of Degree after your final grades have posted.