In mid-2020, the Office of the Registrar transitioned from WebViewer to 25Live Pro (also referred to as simply 25Live) for event and classroom scheduling. WebViewer was completely phased out and replaced at the end of June 2020. Event CRNs will no longer be required or provided.

Questions regarding 25Live or this transition should be directed to the Classroom Scheduling Team.


See the quick links below to view different campus spaces in 25Live (login required). Some users may be limited to only be able to view one campus - if you cannot find the space you are looking for or you work on multiple campuses, please contact us.

25Live Information and FAQs


25Live Pro is web-based scheduling and calendaring software. It can be used to view scheduled courses and events university classrooms, request events in classroom spaces, and publish events to calendars.

25Live is used by the Schedule Desk in the Office of the Registrar to schedule classrooms for academic courses, as well as by the Schedule Desk and academic department representatives to schedule non-course events in classroom spaces. Usage of 25Live may expand to other spaces on OSU campuses in the future.

Scheduled classes will be visible in 25Live but are not directly scheduled in 25Live other than during the optimization process. The Schedule Desk and Department Schedulers use CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS) to schedule classrooms for classes. For more information about scheduling classrooms for academic course sections, please see Scheduling Classrooms for Courses.

For more information and rules about scheduling events in Classrooms, please see Scheduling Classrooms for Events.


Any user with a valid ONID login may use 25Live to view classroom schedules.

Most students, faculty, and staff on Corvallis campus should contact their department scheduler if they wish to reserve a classroom for an event. The department or unit can sponsor an event on behalf of others. Other representatives from departments throughout campus, in addition to department schedulers, may also be given permissions to request GP classroom space on a case by case basis.

Approved schedulers for most OSU departments/offices/units/organizations can be found by searching for that organization in 25Live, viewing the organization details, and finding the Associated Contacts. Faculty/staff wishing to use 25Live to request events frequently should contact the 25Live Schedule Desk to inquire about gaining requesting privileges. Those individuals may instead be directed to department schedulers or others from their unit with requesting privileges at the discretion of the Schedule Desk.

Anyone designated as a department scheduler (or their backups) by the Schedule Desk will have access to request, at minimum, General Purpose classroom spaces for events in 25Live. Department schedulers who wish to use 25Live to schedule their own departmental spaces for events must request this access and complete training before they are able to schedule their rooms in the system - please reach out to [email protected] to start this process.

Approved student organizations may also use 25Live to request use of GP classrooms spaces (and some department classroom spaces). Each student organization should designate one or two individuals to be the “scheduler” for that group. A maximum of three students per organization will be given request capabilities in the software. Students should contact [email protected] to designate those schedulers and to determine if their organization is set up in the software.


Log in to 25Live with your ONID credentials by visiting or

All authenticated users will have view-only access unless they are approved for requesting privileges per the information above. 

Any users with requesting privileges in the software will generally be able to request use of some or all General Purpose (GP) classrooms. Departments may choose to have their spaces requestable in the software as well. Departments will be responsible for scheduling and approving use of their spaces in the software. Training is available on Canvas for department schedulers to gain access to 25Live to schedule their own rooms.

Please see the following PDF guides and instructions:

Please also see the following training videos for basic use and features in 25Live:


Scheduled reports (including daily and/or weekly emailed building or classroom schedules) are available to interested university faculty and staff. Please contact [email protected] for more details if you are interested in receiving scheduled reports.

All users may also request reporting capabilities to run their own reports with 25Live data. Please email the 25Live Schedule Desk if you wish to request access to reports; this access is not given by default.