The Scheduler is a tool that works seamlessly with the Schedule of Classes to sort through classes.

How does it work?

It searches the Schedule of Classes using the same basic and advanced search features you use currently with the Schedule of Classes.

The Scheduler allows you to enter time restrictions and filter out classes that fall within your restricted time.

You can also exclude those classes without open seats.

The classes most relevant to your schedule and your campus rise to the top of your choices.

You can also keep multiple schedule possibilities by creating different carts.

Once it’s your registration time, you can submit your schedule and all the courses will transfer into your registration screen in Online Services, making registration simple!

Please see this full user guide that displays all features of Scheduler.

What happened to the other Scheduler tool?

The other Scheduler tool was retired at the end of Winter 2021; the new Scheduler is integrated with the Schedule of Classes and provides an enhanced user experience.