The Undergraduate Planned Educational Leave Program is designed to allow a student to pursue other activities that will assist them in clarifying their educational goals, such as job opportunities and experiences away from campus, military deployment, time to resolve personal or medical problems, or other similar pursuits. The PELP allows an undergraduate student to temporarily suspend their academic work for a period of time (in accordance with AR 13a, 13b, and 13c), and resume their studies with minimal procedural difficulties. Utilization of PELP reserves the student’s right to keep their original academic catalog active during their absence. PELP should be used if the student will be absent for four or more terms.

The PELP is available to students who meet the following conditions:
  • Must be an undergraduate student.
  • PELP may only be requested one time in the course of a student's academic career. (Military deployments are an exception to this limitation. All military personnel who are deployed for military service may submit a voluntary leave request for each deployment.)
  • PELP petitions must be filed before the end of the next regular academic term (Fall, Winter, and Spring) after the last term attended.
  • Students who have been suspended from OSU for academic and/or conduct reasons are not eligible for PELP.
Important Things to Know about PELP:
  • PELP can be applied to as many as six consecutive regular academic terms (not including summer terms).
  • Submitting a petition for PELP does not withdraw a student from their courses for the current or future terms.
  • There is a $25 non-refundable application fee.
  • PELP began with the 2011–2012 academic year (Summer 2011). Any former OSU students who attended OSU prior to the 2011–2012 academic year and have been absent for four or more consecutive regular academic terms will be held to OSU’s prior policy that resets the academic catalog to the catalog in effect at the time they return to OSU.
  • A notation of the dates of any approved leave will be indicated on each student’s official transcript.
  • Students receiving financial aid need to contact the Financial Aid Office.
  • International students and student athletes should work with their respective advisors prior to filing for PELP.
  • Any student who utilizes PELP and does not return by the specified term will be inactivated and required to file for readmission, resulting in the appropriate adjustment to their catalog term in effect at the time they return to OSU. This will change their baccalaureate core, degree, and major requirements.
To apply for PELP:
  • Complete the PELP form on the Forms pages.
  • Obtain all required approvals.
  • Return the completed form to the Office of the Registrar, B102 Kerr Administration Bldg., for review.