Learn how to manage the release of your student records.

How do I restrict the release of my information?

You have the right to restrict the release of your student information or to authorize the release of information to specified individuals.

There are two ways to restrict the release of your personal information:

  1. Log in to MyOregonState, click on the Resources tab, click My Profile, click on My Profile, then OSU Directory Profile, found at the bottom of the page. Here you may uncheck the box next to any item you do not wish to be displayed. Click Update to apply your changes. This will restrict what directory information appears in the online People Search.
  2. To restrict the release of any of your information, complete a Confidentiality Request form. Requesting a complete Confidentiality Restriction will prevent employees of OSU from providing any directory or confidential information to you or other parties; unless there is a legitimate educational interest for an OSU employee. When a confidentiality restriction is in place we can only discuss your record with you if you appear in person with picture identification or if you complete the form to release the restriction. You may still conduct some OSU business via your OSU email address. Please note that a confidentiality request does not mean anonymity in the classroom.

To remove the confidentiality restriction, complete the bottom section of the Confidentiality Request form to revoke the restriction.

How do I release some of my information for particular purposes?

If you wish to release information about your grades held by the Office of the Registrar to an individual you may complete the FERPA Student Consent to Release Information form. This form does not expire until a student revokes it. When completing the form you must authorize a specific individual(s) to be able to obtain your records. Turn the form into the Office of the Registrar.

FERPA – Right to Privacy

What is FERPA? FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. This legislation protects the privacy of your student records and regulates how your information is utilized. These are your rights and it is to your benefit to familiarize yourself with them. Take the FERPA tutorial to learn more.

Review the Student Records - Right to Privacy information in the catalog to learn more about the details of FERPA, the Solomon Amendment, and the use of social security numbers.