Application for Graduation

Undergraduate students are automatically evaluated for graduation through institutional awarding. Graduate students, however, must apply for graduation via the Apply to Graduate link in their MyOregonState account. It is recommended that graduate students apply for graduation three terms prior to the term in which they intend to complete their degree requirements. Applications must be submitted no later than the end of the second week of the term in which the student plans to complete degree requirements.

Please note: Undergraduate students that are registered for courses for a term subsequent to the term in which their degree is awarded must apply for admission under a new status. If an application for a new status is not completed, the status will be changed to non-degree for the future term in which they are enrolled.

Double Degrees, Dual Majors, Honors Degrees, Certificates

According to Academic Regulations 26, a student may earn two or more degrees simultaneously. A student must complete a minimum of 32 credits above the minimum number of credits needed for one of the degrees. Students may also earn two or more majors within a single degree program, per Academic Regulations 27. Students completing the Honors College curriculum receive an honors degree in the college of their major, e.g., HBS Honors Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, or HBA Honors Bachelor of Arts in English.

Advisor & Registrar Roles in Degree Clearance

The Office of the Registrar monitors institutional requirements as defined in Academic Regulation 25, while the academic college and departmental advisors monitor baccalaureate core, college, major, option, and minor requirements.

Degree Clearance Timeline

Degree clearance deadlines, reports are produced, communications are sent, degrees are awarded, and more.

Degree Clearance Process Graphic

MyDegrees Exceptions Access Policy

Individuals with the authority to make exceptions for students in MyDegrees should familiarize themselves with the terms of our exceptions policy.

Graduation FAQs

How does a student have Holds removed from their MyDegrees audit that are no longer relevant? 

The Office of the Registrar audits graduation applicants for deficiencies in Week 10 of the prior term and in Weeks 0, 3, and 8 of the current graduation term.  We will end and/or apply holds as needed. The student can wait for those auditing periods to see the holds removed or they (or you) can email us at [email protected].