Several tools are available to departments for monitoring grade submission by your faculty.

Class List

This report provides an avenue for printing class lists for the current term and also a grade roster for a department once grade processing is complete.

  • For Class List — log onto Banner Data Warehouse. Select SIS Student - SIS Reports. Select Current Term Class List. Fill in the parameters. Print the report.
  • For Grade Roster — log onto Banner Data Warehouse. Select SIS Student - SIS Reports. Select Past Term Class List. Fill in the parameters. Print the report.
Missing Grade Report

This report helps departmental staff monitor which grades are outstanding. Departmental staff who wish to monitor every grade roster should print the report at the beginning of grade submission (Monday of Dead Week) and continue to run the report as needed to review the department's submission progress.

Appworx Submission Process:
Run Term Select Banner Term Code.
201900=Summer 2018 
201901=Fall 2018 
201902=Winter 2019 
201903=Spring 2019

Print Mode

Select "Detail" button

Part of Term

Enter "1" for Corvallis campus. Enter "B1" for Bend Campus. For Summer term, run report for each part of term separately. Please refer to the session numbers as listed in the Summer Schedule of Classes.


Select department or school code: ART

Campus Code

Enter campus code:
% = all; C = Corvallis; D% = Ecampus courses; B = OSU-Cascades; for others contact the Office of the Registrar, 541-737-4048

  1. Login to Banner and then Appworx. The Appworx Job Submission link,, is under My Links on the right side of the Banner General Menu.
  2. Click on the green triangle (or select Activities, then Requests).
  3. From the Requests jobs list, select SFR2700, Missing Final Grades, then click the Request button.
  4. Fill in the Parameter Values: (This example is for ART.)
  5. The Start Date at the bottom of the box will default to today’s date and to the time when you initiated your Request. It will run immediately upon Submission or you may designate a different Start Date day/time.
  6. Click the "Submit & Close" button.
  7. The report results will be emailed to you automatically as a .lis file. The subject line of the email will look like this: [PROD] SFR2700 FINISHED (Job 16589472).
  8. Open the file in WordPad: Double-click and choose Save to your computer.

If your machine has not previously opened a .lis file with WordPad, you'll need to activate the application:

  • Click the Start button, search for WordPad, click on it to open it.
  • With WordPad open, click the menu button in the upper-left corner.
  • Select Open (Open an existing document).
  • In the Open box, above the select "All Documents (*.*)"in the lower right corner.
  • Find the .lis file you saved to your computer and open it.
Preliminary Grades

Departments are able to run Spring Term Preliminary Missing Grades by using SFR2690 in step 1. The Spring Term Preliminary Missing Grades does not have the part of term parameter.