Office of the Registrar Vision

We are innovative university partners providing a clear path for student success.

Office of the Registrar Mission

The Office of the Registrar ensures Oregon State’s institutional integrity by providing enrollment and instructional services, maintaining academic history, and supporting students, faculty and staff.

What We Do

Registration Questions
  • Help you learn how to add, drop, or waitlist...
Academic Calendar
  • Help you understand important dates and deadlines throughout the term...
Transcripts and Enrollment Verifications
  • Assist you with the verification options...
Academic Catalog and Degree Completion
  • Manage the Academic Catalog and MyDegrees so you can see your path to graduation...


Biographical Information Updates
  • Support for name changes and name-in-use...
Grades, Honor Roll and Academic Standing
  • Process grades so you can log into Beaver Hub at the end of each term to see your progress...
Veteran and Military Certification
  • Help get started, certify terms, and answer questions...
And So Much More
  • Consent to release your student records, Class Schedules, and more...

Office of the Registrar Value Statements

     PROFESSIONAL We provide knowledgeable service with a personal touch for students, faculty and staff. We are courteous and maintain strict confidentiality. We are reliable and responsible at all times. 

     INNOVATIVE We make proactive use of data and services to remove barriers to student success. We seek ways to streamline and simplify processes so that we can work more efficiently and with the most effectiveness. We develop strategic priorities that support those of the university. We make intelligent use of technology in order to maximize its benefit. 

     COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE We are continually developing our professional expertise and view challenges as opportunities to learn. We embrace a thoughtful and intelligent approach to our work and our role in the university. 

     RESPECTFUL We create a welcoming environment, in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We seek ways to support and promote inclusion. We listen to all concerns and find appropriate solutions. 

     COLLABORATIVE We solve problems through collaboration and partnerships. We work in a spirit of togetherness, supporting one another and focusing our collective efforts. We are active and engaged participants in the Oregon State community. 

Office of the Registrar Goals 

     GOAL 1 Improve information and communication to equip students, faculty and staff with the tools and information they need to be successful.

     GOAL 2 Streamline and optimize Office of the Registrar processes and services to ensure that students, staff and faculty have resources available in a timely manner.

      GOAL 3 Create an organizational culture that attracts and retains excellent staff; develop effective organization structures and systems for the 21st Century university.

      GOAL 4 Create a clear path for students to efficiently reach their academic goals through academic success, persistence and degree completion.

      GOAL 5 Provide timely accurate data to inform strategic decisions for students, faculty and staff.

      GOAL 6 Enhance and safeguard institutional integrity to elevate the value and reputation of Oregon State University; increase expertise and confidence across the university.