No need to apply but check your email often!

  • MyDegrees and your advisor track your progress
  • Near the end of your second-to-last term, you are placed into the graduation pool for the term you are scheduled to complete all your courses
  • After your requirements are complete, our office awards your degree
  • This process is called Institutional Awarding


Graduate Students
  • You will receive notification that you are a candidate for graduation
  • You will work with your program advisor to apply to graduate
  • After your requirements are complete, our office awards your degree

Review Key Dates & Timeline

Know the difference between degree, diploma, & commencement

Dates Related to Degree Awarding:

Conferral Date

The graduation date that appears on the diploma and transcript.

Expected Degree Award Date

The date the Office of the Registrar has completed final degree clearance and posts degree awarded status on transcripts. Only AFTER the degree awarded status is posted, are students' degrees officially awarded and visible on the official transcript.

Notification Date

Once degrees have been awarded, students will receive an email at their OSU-issued email account inviting diploma orders. This email will come from [email protected], so please be sure to look for this in your OSU email.

Degree Timeline (Undergraduate & Postbaccalaureate students):

Graduation Term

Conferral Date

Expected Degree Award Date

Notification Date

Spring 2024

6/14/2024 6/29/2024 7/1/2024

Summer 2024

9/6/2024 9/21/2024 9/23/2024

Fall 2024

12/13/2024 12/28/2024 12/30/2024
Winter 2025 3/21/2025 4/5/2025


Degree Clearance Timelines

The Term prior to a student's graduation term   The student's graduation term begins The Last Day to Add Courses           The student's graduation term ends    
Week 10 Week 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Weeks 5-8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 0 Week xx
A preliminary list of students who may be eligible to have degrees awarded next term are sent to advisors Students receive an email instructing them to check their progress in MyDegrees     Students who show they are 98%/100%  complete in MyDegrees & those with an Advisor Note are loaded into the graduation pool and notified Grad-level candidates are reviewed, program holds are placed and students and advisors are notified The Office of the Registrar continues to add students to the graduation pool as they become eligible Final reminders are emailed to students Pre-audit List sent to advisors   The OtR sends End of Term notification to advisors and students Late awarding begins

What is the difference between degree, diploma, and commencement?


A degree is what is awarded on your official OSU transcripts after the term has concluded, final grades have posted, and you have successfully completed all requirements for that degree.


A diploma is a commemorative document that we provide our students. Spring graduates that have their diplomas awarded at the OSU Commencement Ceremony and is provided based on preliminary grades submitted prior to the end of the term. A final review of requirements is conducted after final grades are submitted and the degree is only awarded if all requirements were completed with sufficient grades.  


Commencement is a celebratory ceremony of the accomplishments of students who have or are expected to complete their requirements within that academic year. Participation in commencement does not correspond with whether a degree has or will be awarded. 

Learn more about Double Degrees, Dual Majors & Honors Degrees.

Why your OSU diploma is not your official record of earning your degree:

Oregon State has a long-standing tradition of providing students with their actual diplomas on Commencement Day. Students who are completing their requirements in spring still need to have their degrees officially awarded once final grades are posted. Until you have completed all your requirements with sufficient grades, your degree is not yet awarded. Monitor your OSU email for communication regarding your degree status and you should hear from the Degree Completion Team within a few weeks as they work through the final reviews. Once a degree is awarded it will appear on your official OSU transcripts. 

Don't assume you have earned your degree and graduated because you finished classes or received a paper diploma at the commencement ceremony. Check your MyDegrees and continue to monitor your OSU email for up to a month.

Diplomas Display: Degree, Major(s), and Latin Honors (if applicable). Double Degrees receive two diplomas. Dual majors receive one diploma.

Transcripts Display:  All your academic achievements including Degree(s), Major(s), Minor(s), Options(s), Concentration(s), applicable Certificate(s), and Latin Honors (if applicable).

What is institutional awarding?

In this process, the Degree Completion team identifies undergraduate students who have completed or are in the process of completing their degree requirements and advances them to graduation candidacy without requiring the student to apply for graduation. The Office of the Registrar works with academic advisors to check identified students' degree progress and enter any needed exceptions or substitutions. Both the Degree Completion team and the academic advisors work together to ensure those students who are close to completing their degree address any outstanding issues that may prevent them from advancing to graduation candidacy. Check out Institutional Awading FAQs

Graduation Pool

Each term students who we identify may graduate that term will receive an email message within the first week of the term to check MyDegrees. The students we put in the graduation pool will receive an email after the course add deadline to let them know they are pending graduation, followed by another reminder during week 9, and an email at the end of the term congratulating them or asking them to address issues.  Students should monitor their MyDegrees progess as it also reflects their Graduation Status.

The Office of the Registrar contacts advisors in the preceding term with a list of students who may be able to graduate in the upcoming term. During week 3 advisors may reference CORE report STU0451 to see students who have been added to the graduation pool.  Week 4 advisors receive a list of students in the graduation pool who have some outstanding requirements. A student’s graduation candidacy is visible in MyDegrees. Advisors may find additional information on Institutional Awarding in the Canvas for Advisors page.

In the event that you will be unable to graduate at the end of the term for which you have been identified for graduation, the Graduation Team will move you to the next term's candidate pool.

Degree clearance requires approximately two weeks after the conclusion of the term. When your degree requirements are completed, your degree award will be posted to your transcript. Also, the Office of the Registrar will send a notice of congratulation to your ONID student email address once your degree is awarded. It is your responsibility to consult your OSU transcript to confirm your degree award.