Priority Registration

Students are assigned a registration date and time based on their class level and total earned and in-progress credits. Transfer credits are included in your earned credits used in part to determine your priority registration time. The registration process consists of two different phases. Students may register during their assigned registration time for that phase or at a later time until the end of the phase.

  • Phase 1 allows registration in a maximum of 16 credits (undergraduate students). Waitlist is not available.
  • Phase 2 allows registration in a maximum of 19 credits (undergraduate students). Waitlist available for classes with open waitlist spots.

There is no priority registration and registration PIN assignment for summer term. Registration for summer term begins at 7:00 AM on the same day for all students. Check the Academic Calendar for key registration dates and deadlines.

View Registration Date and Time

Registration status and times will be available approximately two weeks before registration begins. To view your assigned registration date and time, log in to MyOregonState as follows:

  • Log into MyOregonState
  • Select the Academics tab
  • Under Academic Resources, click View Priority Registration Status.

  • Select the term, click Submit

If you have a hold which prevents registration, you must first take the steps necessary to clear the hold before you can register.

Registration PIN

All degree-seeking undergraduates (include postbaccs) must have a registration PIN (Personal Identification Number) to register for classes. Registration PINs are provided by colleges at the time of advising. Graduate students and non-degree students are not required to have registration PINs.

The Office of the Registrar assigns registration PINs and times to students at the beginning of the current term for the next available registration term.

Classification Standing


Total Credits Earned








135 and more


Registration Priority by Student Status

  • Disability Access Services (DAS) approves and provides a priority time slot when a student’s disability-related impact requires an accommodation.
  • Graduate and professional students register at the beginning of each priority registration phase.
  • Post-Baccalaureate students register after undergraduate seniors.
  • Athletes and Honors College students are provided with priority time slots to accommodate their unique schedule needs.
  • Veterans and dependents using veterans’ educational benefits and veterans and military members who submit appropriate documentation are eligible for priority registration in order to achieve timely program completion. Visit the Veteran Priority Registration page for more information.