• Faculty members who have been listed by their department as the primary instructors.
  • Non-primary instructors with a percent workload responsibility of greater than 0%, who have been identified in Banner as "graders" and are cleared for online grading access.

If a faculty member that should be able to grade is not able to grade, they may not be formally listed as an instructor on the CRN. Contact the department scheduler for that section to have an instructor activated and/or added as an instructor to a course section.

You may use a PC or a Mac, a desktop or a laptop and any operating systems (Windows, NT, even Linux) You may access online rosters from on campus in offices or computer labs, from your home, or anywhere in the world. Minimally, you need an Internet connection, Netscape or Internet Explorer version 4.X or higher, and your Web browser set to accept cookies. (This service supports only MS Explorer and Netscape. It does not support AOL or Safari.) If you have problems with the redirection process, connect directly to Banner Self Service and choose "Student Registration and Records."

  • Login to MyOregonState with your ONID username and password. If you've forgotten your ONID credentials, contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk at 541-737-3474. If you do not know your OSU ID, contact the Center for HR Systems and Technology at 541-737-8300.
  • Select the Resources tab.
  • Select Web for Advisors.
  • Choose from the menu of services available.

You need to be listed as a primary instructor or grader for each course you are teaching and grading. Check with your departmental office to correct.

If you have clicked the "submit grades" box at the bottom of a page, that page is saved within Banner. If you have not "submitted" your grades, your entries will not be saved.

As long as you have "submitted" prior to logging off from your computer, your previously entered grades will be available for update prior to any grade processing done by the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar will process grades nightly during Finals Week until grade processing is finished from 2 a.m.–6 a.m. As a further check to see if grades have been processed, access Final Grades-Keyed Entry and check the column on Rolled; Y means grades are processed (rolled), N means grades are not processed (rolled). If the column has a Y (yes), the grade has already been processed. If the grade has been processed grade changes and removals of incomplete can be made online via the Online Grade Change featurePlease note that the Online Grade Change Feature will be disabled from 5:00 p.m. Friday of Finals Week until the following Thursday morning, to allow for end of term processing. Once the feature is reengaged you will be able to enter the system and make any necessary changes.

Grades are available to students on the Web following the nightly processing by the Office of the Registrar. The final posting of grades and the updating of GPAs and academic standings are done the Tuesday night following Finals Week.

It is the responsibility of the instructor of the course to assess the students, calculate the appropriate grade, and submit grades for the their students. Only the instructor of record can submit grades for a course. In no circumstances should you share your General Access PIN (GAP) with another person.

Which one of us has access to online grade rosters for our course? If your department office has designated more than one instructor with teaching and grading responsibilities, both persons should be able to grade. Check with your departmental staff if there is a problem.

Students in thesis courses are pre-graded with R grades and do not need updating by the instructor.

Faculty members may upload files of grades into the Web. You will need to create a file from the data on your spreadsheet. See Help for File Upload of Grades.

If paper copies are desired, you may copy the grades from your Web forms page by page. These grades will remain accessible to you on the Web for 5 terms. Or, after grading has been completed on June 18, you may access the Data Warehouse. Select SIS Student - SIS Reports. Select past term and click on class list button. Fill in parameters. Print the report.

For assistance or if you have a question you think should be added here, email [email protected].