The VA and Military Benefit Certifying Team starts certifying credit hours to the VA in Week 9 of each term (for the upcoming term). No request is needed from you! Tuition and fees are certified to the VA starting in Week 2 of each term (for that term).

Below is important information that you need to know that is specific to your VA Education benefit chapter. Please click here to learn important information applicable to all chapters.

Chapter 33

Chapter 35

Chapter 30

Chapter 1606

Chapter 31

Chapter 33 Information:

  • Chapter 33 pays according to your rate of pursuit.
  • We pre-certify your credit hours (that apply to your degree) a few weeks before the term begins. We certify tuition/fees after the full-term drop deadline. Note that any tuition-only funds/benefits (e.g., military tuition assistance, ROTC scholarships, etc.) are deducted from the dollar amount we certify to the VA.
  • Chapter 33 students who also receive financial aid will automatically receive an advance of the anticipated tuition and fee payment from the VA to their OSU account before the term begins. This advance of expected VA funds helps to trigger the disbursement of their financial aid award. Once the term has begun, the advance is reversed so that the VA payment, once it arrives, can accurately reconcile the tuition/fee charges it covers.
  • Any interest charges that accrue due to delayed chapter 33 payments will be reversed by Business Affairs once the VA payment arrives.

Chapter 35 Information:

Chapter 30 Information:

  • Chapter 30 pays according to your enrollment level or training time.
  • You can generally use both Chapter 30 benefits and Military Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits at the same time, under the Top Up program.
  • Every month, you must verify your enrollment via WAVE.

Chapter 1606 Information:

  • Chapter 1606 pays according to your enrollment level or training time.
  • Students may use Federal Tuition Assistance and Chapter 1606 MGIB-SR benefits to cover the same courses when enrolled in a program of education that is half-time or greater (6 credits or more). Concurrent use is not authorized when enrolled less than half-time. 
  • Every month, you must verify your enrollment via WAVE.

Chapter 31 Information:

  • The major listed for you in OSU’s system must match the major listed on your Chapter 31 authorization that comes from your VR&E counselor.
  • We certify your enrollment solely for those courses that fall within the date range listed on your authorization. Once the end date has passed, it is important that your counselor send us a new authorization if the VA will continue to cover your education.
  • Chapter 31 students have their certification to the VA handled by the VA and Military Benefit Certifying Team and the invoicing to the VA is handled by Third Party Billing.
  • Once we have a valid authorization for you, information about you and your book/supply allowance is shared with the Beaver Store. The Beaver Store allows you to charge your books and supplies (within any restrictions outlined on your authorization form) before any VA payment is issued. The Beaver Store works with OSU’s Third Party Billing department to ensure your book/supply charges are covered and invoiced to the VA.