GP Classrooms may be scheduled for events for departments and approved student organizations after classroom assignments are finalized for a term. Rooms may be scheduled with a tentative status for the first two weeks of any term; classes are still being moved and added through this time and rooms must be available to make those changes.

To request use of a GP classroom for any event (academic or non-course related), please contact your department scheduler. If you do not have a department scheduler, contact to request a contact or permission to request spaces.

General Purpose room use policies:

  • Food and Drink are not allowed.
  • Study sessions for student organizations are not allowed.
  • If you move furniture in the room, or make a mess, clean it up.
  • Do not “borrow” furniture from other rooms.
  • Some events may be denied use of classroom space if the event is inappropriate for the purpose of the classroom
  • Possession, consumption, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is prohibited
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum, there may be classes/tests in session in nearby rooms.
  • If we receive confirmed complaints regarding your event, your organization may be barred from using GP classrooms for future events.


  • If your event takes place after building hours or on a weekend, the ADA/Accessible entrance to the building should be open. If you find that entrance is locked when you arrive, please contact Public Safety’s non-emergency line (541-737-3010) to have it unlocked; be prepared to provide them with your event CRN.
  • If your event will have attendees from off-campus (not affiliated with OSU), you must inform You may need to work with Conference Services to ensure compliance.
  • All events and activities involving unaccompanied minors (under age 18, not OSU students) are required to register with the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance. Registration can be completed online at   
  • Please review the information on your confirmation email carefully to make sure it is correct (dates, days, times, room, etc.). Let the Schedule Desk know via email if there are any changes needed. You can verify your reservation is correct in Web Viewer within an hour of receiving your confirmation email. If you notice anything incorrect in your reservation or that it is not showing up after an hour, please let the Schedule Desk ( know as soon as possible.


To use WebViewer to request spaces (approved requestors only):

Visit to identify and request spaces for events.

The Schedule Desk can make reservations for the rooms designated with a “GP” (General Purpose). Other rooms will require permission from the departments that control those rooms BEFORE you submit a reservation. If you are reserving a department classroom other than your own, please indicate from whom you received this permission in the comments.

When Web Viewer loads, use the calendar on the right hand side to choose the date of your event. Available space in rooms is identifiable by white blocks.  Hover your cursor over the white block of the time you wish to reserve that room, then click to bring up the event form request. Fill out and submit the form with as much detail as possible. The Schedule Desk will reply within three business days.

Because it may take up to three business days to receive a reply, we recommend requesting rooms at least one week prior to your event (especially for any room requests that may involve fees, such as some of the LINC rooms and MLM 026). Last minute requests may not be able to be accommodated. Student groups and departments are not permitted to use GP classrooms for meetings or events until they have received email confirmation of their reservation from the Schedule Desk.

You will need to provide an Event CRN on the form; this number is associated with your department or student group and will provide us with the information we need to schedule the room. An event CRN can only be used during the academic term it is assigned to. A new CRN must be issued each term for each group. If you do not have an event CRN for the term you wish to reserve in, please contact to request a CRN for your group. Please only submit requests for CRNs and reservations using an Oregon State University email address.