GP Classrooms may be scheduled for events for departments and approved student organizations after classroom assignments are finalized for a term. Rooms may be scheduled with a tentative status for the first two weeks of any term; classes are still being moved and added through this time and rooms must be available to make those changes.

Faculty/Staff: To request use of a GP classroom for any event (either academic or non-course related), please contact your department scheduler or any approved scheduler from your college. If you do not have a department scheduler, contact [email protected] to request a scheduling contact or permission to request spaces.

Student Clubs and Organizations: Contact [email protected] to ensure their group is set up to make requests in 25Live and request access for your group's scheduling representatives.

Reservations are required to use General Purpose classrooms for everything other than scheduled classes (which must also be scheduled through the Schedule Desk in a separate system). This is to prevent scheduling conflicts, ensure the safety of students and faculty in case of an emergency, and manage crisis response effectively.

COVID-19 Protocols for Events in Classrooms

Events and meetings taking place in university classrooms are expected to follow all guidelines and protocols set forth by Oregon State University and the State of Oregon. See Oregon State University COVID-19 for Resources and Updates Event requestors needing or wanting additional support for resumption of in-person events may fill out University Relations and Marketing's In-Person Event Resumption Form (


General Purpose (GP) Classroom use policies:

  • Food and Drink are not allowed.
  • Study sessions for student organizations are not allowed.
  • If you move furniture in the room, or make a mess, clean it up.
  • Do not “borrow” furniture from other rooms.
  • Some events may be denied use of classroom space if the event is inappropriate for the purpose of the classroom
  • Possession, consumption, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is prohibited
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum, there may be classes/tests in session in nearby rooms.
  • If we receive confirmed complaints regarding your event, your organization may be barred from using GP classrooms for future events.


  • If your event takes place after building hours or on a weekend, the ADA/Accessible entrance to the building should be open. If you find that entrance is locked when you arrive, please contact Public Safety’s non-emergency line (541-737-3010) to have it unlocked; be prepared to provide them with proof of your reservation.
  • If your event will have attendees from off-campus (not affiliated with OSU), you must inform [email protected]. You may need to work with Conference Services to ensure compliance.
  • All events and activities involving unaccompanied minors (under age 18, not OSU students) are required to register with the Office of Youth Safety & Compliance. Registration can be completed online at   
  • Please review the information on your confirmation email carefully to make sure it is correct (dates, days, times, room, etc.). Let the Schedule Desk know via email if there are any changes needed. You can verify your reservation is correct in 25Live after receiving your confirmation email. If you notice anything incorrect about your reservation, please let the Schedule Desk ([email protected]) know as soon as possible.


Event Scheduling Timeline for GP Classrooms

Events taking place... To be scheduled by... To be confirmed...
Welcome week (fall term only) M or T Scheduled with summer term events or as received When scheduled or indicated
W, R, or F 1 week prior to term start or 1 week prior to event Cannot be confirmed, soft holds only
Week 1 of term Week prior to Week 1, then as received Cannot be confirmed, soft holds only
Week 2 of term Week 1 of term, then as received Cannot be confirmed, soft holds only
Week 3 through 10 of term Beginning of week 3, then as received Friday of Week 2, or when indicated
Finals Week Week 9 of term, then as received When scheduled or indicated
Summer Session April, then as received When scheduled or indicated
Term Extensions (Intersessions) With prior term's events, then as received When scheduled or indicated
  • The above is a general timeline for scheduling events in GP classrooms. Changes to this timeline may be made without notice at the discretion of the Schedule Desk.
  • Academic course sections always take priority over events in classrooms; the above schedule is intended to allow the Schedule Desk to move classes around as needed for the first few weeks of term, and thus scheduling and confirmation of events during those first two weeks might not be processed until right before the event date.
  • "Soft hold" mean that the event is subject to cancellation or room changes if the scheduled room is needed for an academic course section. We are moving academic sections around through Week 2 of a term.
  • Events in GP rooms during weeks 1 and 2 are always considered soft holds (unless otherwise indicated by the Schedule Desk).
  • Event requests will not be accepted more than 12 months in advance.
  • Event requests will not be accepted for weekdays during a term until rooms have been scheduled for that term.
  • Office Hours will not be permitted in GP classrooms until week 3 of a term, and will not be scheduled or confirmed until Friday of Week 2.
  • Reservations cannot be made for events GP rooms for finals week of any term except for department sponsored study/review sessions.
  • Evening and weekend events may be schedule and/or confirmed earlier than the timeline indicated above at the discretion of the Schedule Desk.

Fees for events in classrooms

Certain GP classrooms may involve fees, including many LINC classrooms and Milam Auditorium (MLM 026). These fees are not controlled or assessed by the Office of the Registrar.

For more information about fees for events in these spaces:


Approved Student Organizations

Student groups and organizations recognized for the current academic year are permitted to use General Purpose (GP) classroom space for meetings and events. Study sessions are NOT permitted in GP spaces.

Representatives from student groups interested in requesting GP space should reach out to [email protected] for guidance on requesting space on campus and to ensure their group and scheduling contacts are properly set up to request reservations in 25Live. Student groups are limited to three designated scheduling contacts.

Each summer all student group organizations in 25Live will have their status set to "Unrecognized" at which point they will no longer be able to request events sponsored by that group. Any existing requests at that point may remain in the queue, but will not be scheduled until that group is recognized for that academic year. New requests will not be accepted until the group is recognized for the current academic year, at which point any designated scheduling contacts will also be granted requesting privileges.

Please note: Student organizations may not make reservations for study sessions in GP classrooms. They also may not make any reservations during finals week.


25Live Pro

In mid-2020, the Office of the Registrar transitioned from WebViewer to 25Live Pro (also referred to as 25Live) for event and classroom scheduling. WebViewer was completely phased out and replaced at the end of June 2020. Event CRNs will no longer be required or provided.

Questions regarding 25Live or this transition should be directed to [email protected].

What is 25Live?
25Live Pro is web-based scheduling and calendaring software. It can be used to view scheduled courses and events university classrooms, request events in classroom spaces, and publish events to calendars.
25Live is used by the Schedule Desk in the Office of the Registrar to schedule classrooms for academic courses, as well as by the Schedule Desk and academic department representatives to schedule non-course events in classroom spaces. Usage of 25Live may expand to other spaces on OSU campuses in the future.
Who may use 25Live?
Students, faculty, and staff on Corvallis campus should contact their department scheduler if they wish to reserve a classroom for an event. Other representatives from departments throughout campus, in addition to department schedulers, will also be given permissions to request GP classroom space on a case by case basis. Individuals wishing to use 25Live to request events should contact the Schedule Desk at [email protected] to inquire about gaining requesting privileges. Those individuals may instead be directed to department schedulers at the discretion of the Schedule Desk.
Approved student organizations may also use 25Live to request use of GP classrooms spaces (and some department classroom spaces). Each student organization should designate one or two individuals to be the “scheduler” for that group. A maximum of three students per organization will be given request capabilities in the software. Students should contact [email protected] to designate those schedulers and to determine if their organization is set up in the software.
How do I use 25Live?
Log in to 25Live with your ONID credentials by visiting and clicking the link in the upper right corner.
All authenticated users will have view-only access unless they are approved for requesting privileges per the information above.  All users with requesting privileges in the software will generally be able to request use of General Purpose (GP) classrooms. Departments may choose to have their spaces requestable in the software as well. Departments will be responsible for scheduling and approving use of their spaces in the software.
Please see the following PDF guides and instructions:
What spaces can be scheduled in 25Live?
Any space that is used and scheduled for an academic course section must be listed in 25Live. However, only a subset of those spaces may be scheduled for events in 25Live.
Those with requesting capabilities in the software may request General Purpose classrooms for events. Those requests are subject to approval and will only be scheduled after classrooms have been scheduled.
Department Schedulers may schedule their own classrooms in the software after submitting required paperwork and completing a training module. The Schedule Desk will no longer schedule department rooms for events on a department's behalf.
25Live Scheduled Reports
Scheduled reports (including daily and/or weekly emailed building or classroom schedules) are available to interested university faculty and staff. Please contact [email protected] for more details if you are interested in receiving scheduled reports.
How far in advance may I request use of space in 25Live?
Requests can be made up to 1 year in advance for all requestable spaces in 25Live.
For General Purpose rooms, future terms may be blacked out and unavailable for requests until room assignments have been made for classes for that term. You can find approximate dates for our room assignment phases on our Deadlines page.
It is best practice to not combine terms in your requests - for example, do not ask for event space during Fall term in the same request as Winter term. Separating your requests by term will allow us to approve those requests easier and earlier.