The student messages below were approved by the OSU Registrar to be sent to Student Communications listserves in the 2021-2022 school year.

You can find an archive of 2020-2021 messages here.

From: ASOSU to Corvallis Students

Fellow students,

The Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) is your recognized student government and is hiring for the 2022-2023 academic year! We welcome and strongly encourage all eligible students to apply.

These paid positions allow students to gain professional skills and experiences while working to make OSU a better and more inclusive institution.

ASOSU is hiring for the following positions. Applications are due Monday, June 27th, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

($16/hour up to 20 hours a week)

Applications for the following positions are due Friday, July 8th, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

($15.50/hour up to 15 hours a week)

More information on these positions and applications for Judicial Council, Faculty Senate, and ASOSU Congress is available here.

  • Subscribe to our Newsletter and check the Job Board and ASOSU’s social media (@asosugov) for additional opportunities that will be posted later this summer! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].


Matteo Paola, ASOSU President; Sierra Young, ASOSU Vice President

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From: Office of the President

Dear OSU Faculty, Staff and Students,

In the coming days or weeks, we expect the U.S. Supreme Court to issue an opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

This case concerns the constitutionality of a state of Mississippi law that significantly restricts access to abortion. A draft Supreme Court opinion in this case was leaked earlier this spring, resulting in widespread speculation about the eventual outcome of the case and its potential effects on access to abortion and other reproductive care services across America.

Oregon State University is an educational institution committed to teaching, research, and community outreach and engagement. The university promotes economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world. This mission is accomplished in significant part by the contributions of OSU faculty who pursue research and produce evidence-based insights into the many contemporary issues that impact university community members, Oregonians and those we serve beyond this state.

OSU will approach the outcome in the Dobbs case consistent with its mission – by contributing to learning through rigorous scholarship, research-based evidence and facts, enabling discussion and providing community service. Faculty members in colleges throughout the university contribute to our knowledge of the many issues surrounding this case, including in areas of public health, history, political science, women and gender studies, religious studies, psychology, queer studies, ethnic studies, public policy and other social sciences.

As we near fall term, we will invite the OSU community to join OSU faculty experts for educational and engagement opportunities to learn more about the Dobbs case, the issues involved, and how the outcome will impact OSU community members in Oregon and beyond the state. 

If the Supreme Court’s eventual opinion in this case is similar to the earlier leaked draft or otherwise changes the federal landscape regarding access to abortion, we understand that this will impact some OSU community members. While the court’s decision does not impact access to health care services in Oregon, we recognize that approximately one half of OSU’s students are from other states and countries. If you are a student who has questions about access to health care services, you may contact Student Health Services at 541-737-2724. Employees may direct their questions regarding access to services to Beyond Benefits at 1-855-327-4722 or to their own personal health care providers.

In historic moments such as this, higher education institutions like OSU play important roles by providing research-based information and enabling community conversation. We encourage you to engage in learning, ask questions and think critically about this important matter.


Becky Johnson, Interim President

Custom text: 06/21/2022 : OSU to contribute to learning, discussion, service upon Supreme Court ruling
From: Office of the Registrar - Graduation
To: Students who have registered to participate in Commencement
(Temporary Posting for Commencement Purposes)
Image preview
The picture above shows three Commencement marshals lined up with their students.
Text reads:
How to spot a marshal:
Near an orange banner with the name of your college on it
Holding an orange paddle with the name of your college on it
Wearing academic regalia
Carrying a ring of cards
Surrounded by students
Custom text: 06/10/2022 : COMMENCEMENT: How To Spot a Marshal at Commencement
From: Office of the Registrar - Graduation
To: Students who have registered to participate in Commencement
(Temporary Posting for Commencement Purposes)
What to Bring/What Not to Bring 
  • A small bag, with snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, and extra water 
    • There will be one water bottle under your chair 
  • Remember to have all your regalia, including cap, gown, and tassel 
    • Regalia is required for participation in the ceremony
    • The OSU Beaver Store will open at 8 a.m. on Commencement Day
  • Remember that alcohol and other drugs are prohibited on campus  
  • Commencement will occur rain or shine and it looks like rain!
    • Umbrellas are not permitted in Reser Stadium so prepare your attire accordingly
Lineup/Procession Details 
All graduation candidates must report to their designated lineup location by 9:00 a.m. 
Undergraduates, your college is listed in the top block in MyDegrees. 
Check out the map! Undergraduates can line up in any order within your college. Masters can line up in any order. PhDs must line up by number, guided by your marshal.  Double degrees will have received communication about which college to join for the lineup. 
  • CEOAS, Engineering, Forestry: Line up on 26th Street near Dixon
  • Agricultural Sciences: Line up at the corner of 26th and Jefferson Way 
  • PHHS + Science: Line up across from the Women's Building in the Memorial Union Quad
  • Liberal Arts + Business: Line up near the corner of SW Waldo Way and Jefferson Way between the SEC and the Valley Library 
  • Master's: Line up on the Valley Library Quad near the Clock Tower and Pioneer Place
  • PhD's: Line up on Jefferson Way near the Kerr Administration Building 
General Information 
  • Commencement Marshals dressed in faculty regalia will be there to help guide graduates and pass out commencement cards. 
  • KEEP YOUR CARD; it is your pass to the ceremony, photographs, and diploma/case. If you have your phone, take a picture of your card as a backup only – DO NOT LOSE YOUR CARD!
  • An information tent is located in the MU Quad to help answer questions and give directions. 
  • Signs and maps will be posted throughout the processional route to help you find the correct location for your lineup.
  • Be prepared to process up to three miles and have moments of waiting as thousands of graduates will be participating. 
  • Restrooms will be available in the Memorial Union. There will be some portable restrooms along the processional route and on the field but lines can be long so it is recommended to use the restroom before joining the lineup. 
10:00 a.m. Processional begins 
10:30 a.m. Processional enters Reser Stadium 
Please note that guests are not permitted on the field at any time.
Ceremony Details 
11:00 a.m. Commencement Ceremony begins 
  • Speeches and remarks 
  • Presentation and Conferral of Degrees 
    • Doctoral and Masters students will be invited to stand and have their degrees conferred.  
    • Undergraduate students will be invited to stand with their college and have their degrees conferred. 
  • Doctoral graduates’ names are read as they cross the stage and receive their diplomas/cases. Their photos will be taken before returning to their seats. 
Masters & Undergraduate Diploma/Case Distribution Begins
After the closing remarks, you will be free to CELEBRATE on the field with your fellow graduates! (Reminder, guests are not allowed on the field).
·         When ready, undergraduates and masters students make their way to their college’s distribution area for photos and diplomas/cases.
·         There will be marshals and volunteers to guide you. 
  • Find the line for your college and pay attention to which line is for your alpha-split.
  • Have your picture taken with the first photographer. 
  • Next, scan, and hand off your card at the scanning station. It is critical that you have your physical card.
Meet Your Dean: 
  • Shake hands with a dean from your college. You won’t pose, but someone will be snapping a photo.
  • The dean will have an empty diploma case for the photo – this is not your diploma.
  • Students will need to meet their dean before lining up for their diploma/case.
  • Line up towards the back of the tent that has your alpha split to receive your diploma/case. The tent staff will have your diploma/case ready for you. 
  • Double degree students will go to the tent of the college they processed with to receive both of their diplomas/cases.
  • Most graduates leave the field after receiving their diploma/case. 
  • Remember to take your personal belongings with you. 
~1:30 p.m. Commencement Ceremony Concludes 
Diplomas at Commencement
  • Every student who RSVP’d for Commencement will receive a diploma case.
  • Students with no outstanding graduation requirements, and with sufficient preliminary grades, will receive their actual diploma in the case.
  • Students who have already received their diploma or who still have graduation requirements to complete will have a letter in the diploma case.
Remember to Be Safe
  • Alcohol and other drugs are prohibited on campus
  • Celebrate responsibly before, during, and after the event
  • Be mindful of individual and interpersonal safety and remember we are all celebrating together
Photos will be sent to each graduate the week following Commencement. 
Seating for Graduates and Guests 
Want to let your guests know where to focus their attention for your college?  
Grads Give Back 
Give your gown to a future graduate afterward! You can help a future graduate who may not otherwise be able to participate in Commencement (while keeping your cap and cords as a memento). Gowns can be donated at the Valley Library June 11-14 and the Memorial Union year-round. For more information visit, Grads Give Back.  
Have Questions? 
Check out the Commencement page and helpful FAQs.
Additional Resources 
Live viewing of the event developed by Ecampus  
Quick Guide
  • Bring snacks and extra water
  • Bring all your regalia
  • Wear appropriate attire
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Weather appropriate clothing
    • Comfortable shoes
  • Find your marshal
  • Do not lose your card – take a picture of it just in case
  • Restrooms are available but it is recommended to use the restroom before the lineup
  • Keep your personal belongings with you and take them when you leave
9 a.m. Lineup
10:00 a.m. Processional begins
10:30 a.m. Processional enters Reser Stadium
11:00 a.m. Commencement Ceremony begins
  • Speeches and remarks
  • Presentation and Conferral of Degrees
  • Closing Remarks
  • Go to your college’s distribution area for photos and your diploma/case
~1:30 p.m. Commencement Ceremony Concludes
Custom text: 06/10/2022 : COMMENCEMENT: 2022 Commencement Day Details

From: Office of the Registrar - Graduation

To: PhD students who have registered to participate in Commencement

(Temporary Posting for Commencement Purposes)

Instructions for PhD Graduates

Forward these instructions to your escort

Processional Line Up

  • Graduates, immediately upon arriving for processional, check in with the lead PhD Marshal and pick up your processional card. They will be positioned near the PhD banner at the starting point for the line-up.
  • Graduates, line up for procession in assigned order (according to the number on your processional card distributed) It is critical to remain in the assigned order to ensure graduates receive the correct diploma.
  • Escorts line up NEXT TO graduates and process in a parallel line.
  • Follow your Graduate Marshal’s lead during processional. 
  • After entering the stadium, the two lines of graduates and escorts complete the seating process sequentially. Graduates sit next to escorts in the assigned order. 


  • Escorts hood the graduates when instructed to do so by President Johnson.
    • There will be sufficient time for escorts to move to any additional graduates to hood them, if necessary. Escorts with multiple graduates cannot reorder the seating order to sit next to all of their students.
  • When PhD diploma distribution begins, the lineup will happen under the guidance of the lead PhD Marshal.

Diploma distribution

  • Graduates will move toward the stage and have a photo taken on their way to the ramp.
  • Graduate stops at the edge of the stage and waits until their name is called to cross the stage.
  • Graduate moves toward President Johnson and receives their diploma from her.
  • Graduate continues crossing the stage and exits the stage using the ramp. (The escort has been pacing in front of the stage and following their graduate to meet them on the other side of the stage.)
  • Graduate now meets escort and has a photo taken together.
  • Graduates can either return to their seat or choose to leave the stadium (there are no additional requirements of PhD students at this time).
  • Escorts with additional graduates wait at the photo station for photos with their other graduates.
Custom text: 06/10/2022 : COMMENCEMENT: Commencement Instructions for PhD Students

From: the Office of the President

Dear OSU Community Members,

Oregon State University is actively engaged in efforts to contribute to a more sustainable future by achieving carbon neutrality throughout the university.

Achieving carbon neutrality within OSU’s operations and activities supports the university’s mission; is in keeping with OSU’s global leadership in climate science teaching, research and community engagement; and contributes to the goals of Strategic Plan 4.0: “Transformation, Excellence and Impact.” The university recognizes the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment and is committed as a 21st-century R1 university to eliminate its own carbon contributions. We will do this in tangible, transparent and effective ways while also contributing to climate science teaching and research that will serve the health of the planet.

The university has adopted OSU’s Path to Carbon Neutrality to guide our carbon reduction strategies going forward. This plan has been informed by significant engagement throughout the university community, including with faculty, staff and students, and by benchmarking with peer universities nationally. The plan includes a set of nine actions, including prioritizing energy efficiency; emphasizing on-site renewable energy production and the use of off-site renewable energy; reducing and eliminating the use of natural gas over time; promoting sustainable transportation options, including local commuting and reduced university-related air travel; and prioritizing direct emissions as much as possible while also evaluating carbon offset potential from university lands.

Although this plan prioritizes action on the Corvallis campus, a commitment to carbon reduction is being acted on and supported university-wide. For example, in developing the OSU-Cascades campus, we have committed to net zero goals for energy, water usage and waste management. The university’s Path to Carbon Neutrality is in alignment with objectives of the Faculty Senate Carbon Commitment Committee. Meanwhile, student leaders and clubs in Corvallis and Bend are actively engaged in many sustainability endeavors.

However, much more remains to be done. 

Implementing the Path’s nine actions will be a dynamic and continual effort that will be regularly updated and measured. Success will require university funds to continue to be identified and committed, and for each of us to be engaged.

I am confident that through this plan and our own individual actions, as well as through faculty research and scholarship, OSU will achieve its carbon neutrality goals and continue to be a climate science leader within Oregon and beyond. Please join me and others engaged in this essential work.

Together, we can take the right actions for each other, as well as for future generations and the planet.

Sincerely, Becky Johnson, Interim President

Custom text: 06/09/2022 : OSU plan defines path for achieving carbon neutrality by 2025
From: Office of the Registrar - Graduation
To: Students who have registered to participate in Commencement
(Temporary Posting for Commencement Purposes)
The infographic sent was of a graduate posing for a picture.
Text read:
Saturday’s Forecast
High of 68 degrees
Mostly Cloudy
Rain Expected in the Morning
Commencement will occur rain or shine!
Umbrellas are not permitted in Reser Stadium, so prepare your attire accordingly.
Office of the Registrar
Custom text: 06/09/2022 : COMMENCEMENT: Saturday's Forecast - Commencement
From: Office of the Registrar - Graduation
To: Students who have registered to participate in Commencement
(Temporary Posting for Commencement Purposes)
The picture above shows Benny the Beaver congratulating graduates as they process into Reser Stadium.
Text Reads:
Grads Give Back
Give your gown to the next graduate at the Valley Library June 11-14 or the M.U. year-round
Sponsors: Campus Recycling, ASOSU, Memorial Union, Valley Library and Sustainability Office
For alternative formats or accommodations related to disability please contact Andrea Norris at
Custom text: 06/08/2022 : COMMENCEMENT: Grads Give Back
From: Office of the Registrar - Graduation
To: Students who have registered to participate in Commencement
(Temporary Posting for Commencement Purposes)