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From: Office of Information Security

Dear OSU Community,

There is a new phishing campaign circulating across the university using the subject lines “VITAL ALERT FROM OSU!”, “VITAL OSU NOTICE!”, “IMPORTANT OSU ALERT”, and “Email About Account Termination.” These are all phishing attempts and are not legitimate.

We understand the concern this causes, especially since the Department of Public Safety uses similar terminology for critical communications.

To protect yourself and the university, please remember:

  • Never share your password via email
  • Be wary of requests for your cell phone number
  • Legitimate OSU communications will never ask for your email, phone number, or password via email
  • Report suspicious emails using the "report a message" function in Outlook

To help you identify authentic messages, please note that valid OSU ALERT emails come from [email protected] and service desk notifications come from [email protected]. Always verify the sender's email address when receiving such communications.

The Security Operations Center (SOC) has provided an example of the phishing emails to aid in recognizing these fraudulent attempts:

Thank you for your continual diligence and efforts to help us maintain the security and resiliency of OSU’s digital environment.

Custom text: 07/03/2024 : Important Reminder: Protecting Yourself Against Phishing Attempts

From: Capital Planning and Construction

Impact Information:

Walk Path from Simpson Lot:

The walk path to/from the Simpson lot will stay open and passable for walking and biking but large dump trucks supporting the construction will be crossing over the pathwayIn addition, starting this coming Monday (7/1/24) Knife River will need to close the road to the Oval Green to vehicular and pedestrian access near the CETS1 metal building to excavate and install utilities to serve the new Mechanical Node 1 Plant and future campus expansion. This closure as detailed in the image below will be in place through Friday (7/29/24). During this closure time all pedestrian and vehicular traffic should access the Oval Green near the Ray Hall Outdoor Classroom onlyUse caution, stay alert, follow flagger direction and signage in/around the pathway and construction areas.

Construction Information:

You have likely seen the heavy earth moving equipment and the temporary construction fences our general contractor, Knife River, has setup around the campus. Knife River has begun excavating and sorting the construction and demolition waste in areas of the landfill north of the Century-Chandler parking lot.  As we begin this work we want to inform you about the nature of the work, important safety measures we are taking, and the things you can do for your own safety.

The nature of the work:

This section of the demolition landfill is largely made up of sawdust, cut ends of wood, and boiler ash from Bend’s previous sawmills. It also has some tires, carpet remnants, drywall, roofing, and other items someone would come across when they demolish a home or building. We are excavating this material, sorting it and re-landfilling it using modern techniques in another landfill area in the northwest corner of campus adjacent to the Simpson parking lot. Additional reclaimed soil, which will not include landfill materials, will be used to further fill in the pumice mine beyond the oval green.

Important safety measures:

Pedestrian safety – As noted above pedestrian traffic to and from the Simpson parking lot will be in close proximity to large trucks and other construction equipment moving between the two landfill areas.  Knife River will have flaggers on duty in the crossing where construction and pedestrian traffic meet.  Please stay on the path, follow the flaggers direction, and watch for construction vehicles while walking in this area.  This is not the area of campus to walk with your head down, focused on your phone or with earbuds in.  

Air quality – Some of the waste in the landfill being cleaned up is hot and will generate visible steam, especially in cold weather.  Heat builds up in this landfill as wood in the waste breaks down naturally, similar to what happens in a compost pile but on a larger scale.  Knife River will be using water to control the heat and to keep dust to a minimum.  As part of the health and safety plan developed by our environmental engineering firm in coordination with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, contractors will also be monitoring air quality at the excavation site and with monitors stationed around the perimeter of the work area.  The monitoring data helps us identify and control any unforeseen air quality impacts from the work

Project Links:

Campus Development Video

Web Camera  

This is an exciting milestone in the expansion of the campus, and we hope you enjoy watching the work while staying safe.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the construction team at the email/phone numbers below.

 Who to contact with questions/concerns:

  • Jarrod Penttila - [email protected], Associate Director of Capital Planning and Construction

Oregon State University – Cascades, 541.706.2163

Oregon State University – Cascades, 541-706-2205

Custom text: 06/25/2024 : [CASCADES] Construction Impact Notice - 7/1/24 to 7/19/24 - Road to Oval Green Vehicle and Pedestrian Access Closure

From: Office of the Registrar

Image Reads: Take Care of Yourself and Make it a Great Day! Remember to celebrate responsibly before and after the event. Prepare for the weather, which is currently predicted to have a high of 65°, showers in the morning, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. Commencement occurs rain or shine. Open umbrellas are not permitted in the stadium. Wear comfortable shoes—there is a reason we say this so many times. Bring extra water and snacks in your clear bag. If you are sensitive to loud sounds, consider bringing earplugs as there will be speakers on the field. Be mindful of individual & interpersonal safety—remember we are all celebrating together.

Custom text: 06/14/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Take Care of Yourself and Make it a Great Day!

From: Office of the Registrar

Commencement is Saturday!
Read on for important ceremony details and reminders.


  • A small clear bag, with snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, your phone and extra water - there will be water available on the field 

  • All of your regalia, including cap, gown, and tassel (and hoods for Master’s and Doctoral candidates) 

  • Weather-appropriate gear such as a jacket, rain poncho, etc. 


  • Alcohol and other drugs are prohibited on our campus 
  • Open umbrellas are not permitted in Reser Stadium


  • Undergraduates – tassels go on the right side of your cap and are moved to the left after the degree is conferred 

  • Postbaccalaureates, Master’s and Doctoral – tassels remain on the left throughout the ceremony 

  • Master’s and Doctoral – hooding occurs during the ceremony so you will carry your hood until then 


Lineup by 9 a.m. Undergraduates: in any order within your college – your college is listed in the top block in MyDegrees. Master’s: all together in any order. Doctoral candidates: all together in your assigned order. 

  • Check the Graduates Commencement page to view the processional lineup map. Double-degree students received communication about which college to join for the lineup.

  • Find your marshal to receive your Commencement Card.  

  • Keep your card; it is your pass to the ceremony, photographs, and diploma/case. If you have your phone, take a picture of your card as a backup.  

  • There will be volunteers around to offer help if needed. 

  • Be prepared to process up to three miles and have moments of waiting as thousands of graduates will be participating.  

  • Dress for comfort, especially with shoes.  

  • Restrooms are available in the Memorial Union. There will be portable restrooms on the field, but lines can be long so using the restroom before joining the lineup is recommended.  

10:00 a.m. Processional begins  
10:30 a.m. Processional enters Reser Stadium


~11:00 a.m. Ceremony Begins 

  • Speeches and Opening Remarks  

  • Presentation and Conferral of Degrees  

  • Doctoral students will be invited to stand and have their degrees conferred. They will be hooded in the hooding area, have their names read as they cross the stage, receive their diploma/case, and have their photos taken before returning to their seats. 

  • Master’s students will be invited to stand to have their degrees conferred by the dean and then will be instructed to proceed with their hooding at their seats. 

  • Undergraduate students will be invited to stand with their college and have their degrees conferred and will be collectively recognized by their respective deans. 

  • Closing Remarks


After closing remarks, marshals will begin releasing rows of students to get their diplomas/cases. 
Undergraduate students will make their way to their college’s distribution area for photos and diplomas/cases. 
Master’s students will proceed to the stage for their photos and diplomas/cases. Marshals and volunteers will guide you.  

Pacing: Each line will move at a different pace due to the different approaches each dean takes with the photo and diploma case handoff. When waiting to receive your own diploma and photo opportunity, remember that we are trying to make the moment special for each graduate.   

  • Commencement Card: Hand off your card when you get to the tent. 

  • Photo 1: Have your picture taken with a dean of your college as you receive your diploma/case.  

  • Photo 2: Have your self-portrait taken along with your diploma/case on the side of the tent before you exit the stadium to celebrate. 

  • Diploma/Case: You will receive your diploma/case from the dean of your college. 

  • Double-degree students will go to the tent of the college they processed with to receive both of their diplomas/cases. 

  • Undergraduate and Master’s students leave the field after receiving their diploma/case.  

  • Remember to take your personal belongings with you. 

Note: Students who have with no outstanding graduation requirements/holds the week prior to the ceremony will receive their actual diploma during distribution. Diplomas are not a confirmation of a degree.

  • ~1:30 p.m. Commencement Ceremony Concludes  

*Students completing their requirements in spring: your degree is not awarded until you have completed all your requirements with sufficient grades. Monitor your OSU email as you will hear from the Degree Completion Team within a few weeks after commencement as they work through the final grade reviews.


  • Bring snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, your phone and extra water
  • Bring all your regalia
  • Review commencement security guidelines
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Find your marshal and get your commencement card
  • Keep your card and take a picture of it
  • Restrooms are available but it is recommended to use the restrooms in the Memorial Union before the lineup
  • Keep your personal belongings with you and take them when you leave

 9 a.m. Lineup
10:00 a.m. Processional begins
10:30 a.m. Processional enters Reser Stadium
~11:00 a.m. Ceremony Begins

  • Speeches and Opening Remarks
  • Presentation and Conferral of Degrees
  • Closing Remarks
  • Undergraduate students, go to your college’s distribution area for photos and your diploma/case. Master’s students, go to the stage for your photos and diploma/case. Doctoral students may exit the stadium.

~1:30 p.m. Commencement Ceremony Concludes


Seating for Graduates and Guests  
Want to let your guests know where to focus their attention for your college?  
Graduate seating  
Guest seating    
Grads Give Back  
You can help a future graduate who may not otherwise be able to participate in Commencement (while keeping your cap and cords as a memento). Check out Grads Give Back for more details. 
Have Questions? 
Check out the Commencement page and helpful FAQs.   
Additional Resources  
The ceremony will be broadcast live on the commencement site/ 
Commencement Accommodations  
Corvallis events, dining, and lodging 

Custom text: 06/13/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Important Commencement Details and Reminders

From: Office of the Registrar

Image Reads:

Grads Give Back Gown Share. Donate your gown to a future Beav: Outside of Reser Following Commencement, The Valley Library June 15-17, Memorial Union Info Desk Year-Round (In-person or by mail).

Custom text: 06/13/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Grads Give Back - Commencement 2024

From: Office of the Registrar

Image Reads: Reser Stadium Policies-For safety and security, there is a no-reentry policy. There is an approved items list that is helpful for your guests. There is also a prohibited items list that is important for everyone to review. Take note of a few of the items on the prohibited list, such as flags/signs on poles or sticks (including selfie sticks), artificial noisemakers, weapons of any kind, live beavers (except Benny, of course), chainsaws, alcohol and tobacco or smoking products. Banners, Signs and Flags -Banners, signs and/or flags must be handheld, cannot obstruct the views of others, and cannot hang from stadium facades or be attached to a pole. Banners, signs and/or flags are prohibited if they contain any content that violates OSU’s non-discrimination policy by targeting particular groups of individuals based on race/ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age or disability; includes swear words; includes obscene images; is directed negatively towards individuals or teams on-site. Reser Stadium Code of Conduct-Oregon State University assigns a high priority to events taking place in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. This includes for visitors, staff and students. Guests, participants and working staff are prohibited from use of language, or display of gestures, signs, symbols, or images, that are physically threatening, abusive, or discriminatory, including on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, and/or sexual orientation. Those who engage in any disruptive behavior (including but not limited to discriminatory or threatening/abusive language) will be subject to ejection from the venue. View Approved Items, Code of Conduct, and more- View Prohibited Items - View Clear Bag and Banner/Signs/Flags Policies.

Custom text: 06/12/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Reser Stadium Policies, Banners/Signs/Flags, and Code of Conduct - Commencement 2024

From: Associated Students of Oregon State University

We are excited to announce that Shared Micromobility is coming to the Corvallis campus, thanks to a partnership between ASOSU and Transportation Services! After over a year of planning and collaboration, OSU is currently in contract negotiations with a micromobility vendor who will operate a fleet of bicycles and electric scooters on the OSU Corvallis Campus.  This service should be operational and available at a subsidized rate to students by late Summer or early Fall 2024 and will increase accessibility to sustainable transportation on campus.

We cannot wait for its launch!

We recognize that many are excited about this program’s introduction; we also recognize that many will have questions. Please visit our website to stay updated and view FAQs and inquire further about this project by contacting [email protected].

Thank you and go Beavs! Good luck in finishing up this term,

Carissa O’Donnell, ASOSU President 2023-2024, Audrey Schlotter, ASOSU President 2024-2025

Custom text: 06/12/2024 : Shared Micromobility is Coming to Campus! (A message from your OSU student government) [Corvallis Only]

From: Office of the Registrar

Image Reads: Your Commencement Card; You will receive your card from your marshal at lineup on the day of Commencement. Image of orange card, #9000 and Beaver, Benny on the top left, QR code on the top right, Your College top middle, followed with the text, DO NOT LOSE THIS CARD — This is your pass to Commencement! Keep this card with you at all times. Take a picture just in case. You need this physical card to receive your diploma. Please line up in any order within your college (except PhDs) and stay in a single-file line. The processional to Reser Stadium begins at 10:00 a.m. sharp! Scan the QR code to enter your contact info to receive your photo proofs.

Custom text: 06/11/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Your Commencement Card

From: Office of the President


President Jayathi Y. Murthy invites you to the President’s Pizza in the Plaza!

Tuesday, June 11

2:30-3:30 p.m.
SEC Plaza

Take a break from studying for a pizza stick and a hot beverage with senior leaders of the university.

For questions please contact Shari Brumbach by email or calling 541-760-6188.

Custom text: 06/11/2024 : Pizza in the Plaza!

From: Office of the Registrar

Custom text: 06/11/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Preregister for Your Grad Team Photo Proofs

From: Associated Students of Oregon State University

Dear OSU Corvallis students,

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2024!

This is a truly exciting time, and we cannot wait to celebrate all you have accomplished and all that you will go on to do. As we approach one of the most exciting times of the year, Graduation and the Commencement Ceremony, let us remember the community that we now and forever will represent: Beaver Nation.

Life's milestones deserve celebration, and this graduation is a monumental one. We are incredibly proud of everything you've accomplished, and I hope you are finding time to reflect on everything you have achieved to reach this point. You’ve emulated strength, tackled unforeseen obstacles, and forged relationships that will last a lifetime. This is your moment to connect with loved ones – new and old – to celebrate alongside those that helped shape your journey here. Embrace this moment and remember that it is just the beginning.

The incredible things you've achieved here are the foundation for a future filled with even greater possibilities. Let's celebrate safely and with boundless optimism- you are ready to conquer whatever comes next!

We want to make sure the memories you create today are ones you'll cherish for a lifetime. It is essential that we commemorate and celebrate responsibly and respectfully. We recognize that everyone is going to celebrate in different ways, but we can all do so in ways that contribute to our individual and community safety: Beaver Nation takes care of one another.

On Commencement Day, the Corvallis campus will operate with the same policies as usual, including the prohibition of alcohol and other drugs on campus. This allows us to focus on what truly matters – celebrating your success and creating lasting memories with loved ones.

One last time, let us come together and honor the legacy of the class of 2024. I’ll see you at Commencement, Beavs!

Congratulations & happy graduation,
Carissa O’Donnell
ASOSU President

Custom text: 06/10/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Message from ASOSU Leadership - Commencement 2024 [Corvallis Only]

From: Office of the Registrar

Image Reads: How to Spot A Marshal: Near an orange banner with the name of your college on it; Next to a sign with your college and your alpha split; Wearing Academic Regalia; Carrying a ring of cards; Surrounded by students; Hopefully wearing comfortable shoes

Custom text: 06/10/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: How to Spot a Marshal at Commencement

From: Office of the Registrar

Image Reads:

Diploma/Case Distribution & Photography -After closing remarks-Marshals will begin releasing rows; Make your way (in your comfortable shoes) to your college's distribution area; Get your diploma/case—You did it! Get your photo taken—twice! Hit the town and CELEBRATE! with your family and friends! Visit the Grad Team photography site!; BEFORE: You have the option to pre-register to get your proof images faster.
AFTER: Proofs are typically available to view on their site about 2-3 days after the ceremony. Every student who has RSVP’d for Commencement will receive a diploma case. Students with no outstanding graduation requirements, and with sufficient preliminary grades, will receive their actual diploma in the case. Students who have already received their diploma or who still have graduation requirements to complete will have a letter in the diploma case. After you receive your diploma/case you are free to exit the stadium and meet up with your family and friends. Please note that guests are not permitted on the field.

Custom text: 06/09/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Diploma Distribution and Photos at Commencement

From: Office of the Registrar

Commencement Day in the Life of a Graduating OSU Student

It’s the big day! 

You wake up, grab your regalia (cap, gown, and tassel), after a quick fit check, you run out the door to get to campus by 9 am. After three steps of running, you realize - these are not the shoes to be wearing. You head back inside, change into comfortable shoes, and grab the clear bag you left on the counter with water, snacks, sunscreen, and your phone.  

On the way to campus, you remind your guests that Reser Stadium doors open at 9 am and make sure they know where you’ll be sitting on the field. You also remind them where you’ll meet them after the ceremony since cell service isn’t great when the stadium is full. 

Time to line up... 

You head to the area where your college is lining up and look for the alpha sign for your last name. The marshal near the sign gives you your commencement card which you cannot lose. You take a pic with your phone to be safe.  

You find your friends in your college- since you don’t have to sit in alphabetical order. You have a minute until the processional actually starts moving so you set up your account for commencement photos (instructions are on your commencement card) and then take some ussies with your friends. 

The spectacular processional begins! 

You had no idea that traveling in a sea of your fellow graduates would be so awesome! You are so glad you changed your shoes. It may not be 3 full miles but it’s a good distance to the stadium and a lot of standing. 

You enter the stadium to loud cheers and applause from the stands and follow your marshal to an empty row of chairs on the field. You don’t even care that it takes a while to get everyone into the stadium. The energy is everywhere!  

Fortunately, you spot bottled water and portable restrooms as the ceremony lasts a few hours. 

The ceremony begins... 

You enjoy the quick speeches but really want to get to the recognition of the graduates. Doctoral students go first and they cross the stage and have their names read as they get their diplomas. (You wish that your name could be read, too, but then realize that would mean the ceremony would last All. Day. Long!)  

Next master’s students are recognized and then each college announces the undergraduate degree candidates- one of the best parts of the day- which college can make the most noise in the stadium! Finally, what you’ve been waiting for... 


Thank goodness that you sent your friends and family the maps from the commencement website! This way they can make sure to sit near where you get your diploma.  

Your marshal indicates it’s your row’s turn to head toward the diploma distribution tent. You find the correct tent for your last name and get in line. While you wait in a short line, you take it all in: the people in the stands, the music, the pride and excitement.  

You get to the front of the line and hand your card to the tent staff so they can find your diploma. You are glad you didn’t lose it! You shake hands with a dean from your college while they hand you your diploma case and photographers from The Grad Team take a photo. You move along the side of the tent to have another photo taken. 

You did it!!! You make sure you have your diploma case and your clear bag with your other belongings. Time to meet up with your guests to keep celebrating. 

Rest and Relaxation... 

Whew! What an exciting and exhausting day. Congratulations, grad!

Check out the Know Before You Go Information

Commencement Questions?

Custom text: 06/07/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Commencement Day for a Graduating OSU Student

From: Office of the Registrar


All graduates will line up by college for the processional. Please plan to arrive to your college lineup location by 9 a.m. 

Education, Engineering, Forestry, CEOAS, and Business: Lineup starts on SW 26th Street near Dixon Recreation Center
Health: Lineup starts off of SW 26th Street on the Memorial Union Quad near Milam Hall
Liberal Arts: Lineup starts on SW Memorial Place on the Memorial Union Quad near Strand Agriculture Hall
Science: Lineup starts on SW Waldo Place between the Student Experience Center and the Valley Library
Agricultural Sciences: Lineup starts off of SW Waldo Place in front of Kidder Hall in the Valley Library Quad
Master’s: Lineup starts on the Valley Library Quad near the Clock Tower and SW Pioneer Place
Ph.D.s: Lineup starts on Jefferson Way near the Kerr Administration Building

All graduates will be seated by college on the field at Reser Stadium.

Image: Reser Stadium Guest and Graduate Seating Map. The top (right side of Jumbotron) shows  Ph.D, Master's, Education, Forestry, CEOAS, Business, Health, and Science. On the bottom (left side of Jumbotron), Ph.D., Master's, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Ag Sciences. Guest seating is on both sides of the stadium but excludes the seating behind the jumbotron.


Access and view the campus map to navigate campus. 


Image of updated clear bag policy. To access details, visit Commencement Questions?

Custom text: 06/06/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Key Maps for Commencement Day and Updated Clear Bag Policy

Audrey Schlotter, President | Zach Kowash, Vice President

Phone: 541-757-6300 | Email: [email protected]

Hello OSU Students!

We are excited to announce that ASOSU (your student government) is currently seeking qualified candidates to fill its Executive Branch, which means we are hiring for the 2024-2025 school year! These positions offer a unique opportunity to share and further develop leadership, communications and outreach skills while working closely with student government and contribute to the enhancement of the student experience on campus.

We welcome and strongly encourage all eligible students to apply.

These paid positions allow students to gain professional skills and experiences while working to make OSU an even better and more inclusive institution.

To apply and learn more:

  1. Click
  2. Click “Student Employment Opportunities”
  3. In the “Keywords” search look up “ASOSU”

ASOSU is hiring for the following positions:

These applications are due Sunday, June 30th at 11:59pm

Anticipated Start: ASAP

($17.00/hour up to 24 hours a week)

($16.50/hour up to 18 hours a week)

These applications are due Saturday, July 31st at 11:59 pm

Anticipated Start: (9/16/2024)

($17.00/hour up to 24 hours a week)

($16.50/hour up to 18 hours a week)

Check the Job Board and ASOSU’s social media (@asosugov) for additional opportunities that will be posted later this summer/school year! 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected] & [email protected]

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you,

Audrey Schlotter, ASOSU President; Zachary Kowash, ASOSU Vice President

Custom text: 06/06/2024 : ASOSU is HIRING! (a message from your student government) [Corvallis Only]

From: Office of the Registrar

Image reads: Remember Your Regalia - Black Jostens Robe, Black Jostens Cap—Feel free to decorate!, Jostens Tassel—color is determined by your college, Cords, Stoles, & other regalia,· Comfortable shoes (seriously), Regalia is required for participation in the ceremony. You may wear your own black Jostens cap and gown if inspected and approved by the Office of the Registrar. Regalia is still available inside the OSU Beaver Store and they will be open at 8 a.m. on Commencement day. View the Graduate Regalia section at

For questions, contact [email protected]

Custom text: 06/05/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Regalia for Commencement

From: Office of the Registrar

Image Reads: Plan ahead for arriving and leaving campus. More than 24,000 graduates and guests will come to Corvallis for the 2024 Commencement ceremony. If possible, walk, carpool, or use the Beaver Shuttle Buses. There is even a live Shuttle Tracker for Commencement. Parking is free on Commencement day. The parking garage is available but exiting after Commencement can take up to 2 hours. Download the Commencement Parking Map which includes shuttle stops. Commencement Questions? email [email protected].


Custom text: 06/04/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Commencement Day-Arriving and Leaving Campus

From: Office of the President

OSU Community Members,

Violence in Gaza and Israel has resulted in the loss of lives, destruction and suffering that many members of the OSU community have felt personally and profoundly.

As our community continues to navigate this crisis and the impacts it is having near and far, the university has engaged students, employees, student organizations and shared governance partners to respond to urgent community concerns by outlining a series of actions to make a positive impact through engagement and accountability, consistent with the university’s public mission and core values.

I am aware that participants in an overnight encampment on the Valley Library Quad have made additional demands of the university, several of which are at odds with our public mission and commitment to academic freedom and free expression. In developing these actions, the university took seriously the concerns expressed by representatives of the encampment and consistently invited encampment participants to join with others in the OSU community in contributing to implementation and to disband the overnight encampment. At this time, these invitations have not been accepted by encampment representatives.

Nonetheless, the time has come to move forward as a university community.

The actions outlined below, designed to foster ongoing dialogue, learning and critical inquiry, are an essential part of how we as a public university respond to events that affect all of us.

I invite all members of the OSU community to work with us in the implementation of these actions:

  1. OSU has provided information about its investments on its website and will update these disclosures annually. The OSU Foundation provides information about its investments on its website and updates these disclosures annually.
  1. OSU is establishing a Task Force on Responsible Investing charged with evaluating the alignment of institutional investment policies with institutional values and priorities, while maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The task force will recommend appropriate revisions, if any, to investment policies to the OSU Board of Trustees for their consideration and potential adoption. The task force, which will launch by fall term 2024 and engage the OSU community widely, will allow for dialogue, consensus-based decision making and open communication while adhering to established shared governance principles. It will complete its work by the end of the 2024-25 academic year. All OSU community members with strong interest in this topic will be considered for membership on this task force.
  1. OSU is establishing a Task Force on Responsible Procurement charged with evaluating the alignment of institutional procurement with institutional values and priorities, while maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The task force will recommend appropriate revisions, if any, to procurement policies to the OSU President for consideration and potential adoption. The task force, which will launch by fall term 2024 and engage the OSU community widely, will facilitate dialogue, consensus-based decision making and open communication while adhering to established shared governance principles. It will complete its work by the end of the 2024-25 academic year. All OSU community members with strong interest in this topic will be considered for membership on this task force.
  1. OSU is developing a new program of scholarly events and activities supported by the Office of the Provost, College of Liberal Arts and PRAx to engage humanists, artists, scientists and other scholars from a variety of backgrounds to advance greater understanding and awareness of history, conflict and diaspora in Palestine, Israel and the Middle East. All OSU community members with strong interest in these topics will be considered for membership on the steering committee for this program.
  1. With assistance from OSU Libraries, the university is developing a “library guide” that will contextualize the complex and interwoven incidents of displacement and violence that characterize the history and present of Palestine, Israel and the region. This guide will help OSU community members and the public to engage these topics with a critical lens to understand implications for the OSU community. The intent is to complete this work by the end of fall term 2024, at which time the guide will be made publicly and widely available. OSU invites all interested OSU community members to participate in this process.
  1. To contribute to the alleviation of civilian suffering in the region, OSU will support a university effort to raise funds for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, which provides medical and humanitarian relief collectively and individually to children throughout the Levant, regardless of their nationality or religion, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has worked in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel since 1967 in partnership with the Palestine Red Crescent Society and Magen David Adom to provide direct humanitarian aid and advocate for humanitarian protections.
  1. OSU is dedicating grant aid to eligible students whose academic course of study has been disrupted by violence and conflict. Over the next three years, applications for this grant aid from students whose course of study has been impacted by violence in Gaza and Israel will be given substantial consideration for support.
  1. As a standing member of the Scholars at Risk Network, OSU can host scholars who have been displaced by violence and conflict. Over the next three years, applications for scholar hosting opportunities from scholars impacted by violence in Gaza and Israel will be given substantial consideration for support.

I invite all OSU community members to indicate their interest in participating in the implementation of these actions through this new website, which will also be used to track progress and provide updates to the OSU community.

In addition to these actions, OSU will continue enforcing university policies prohibiting discriminatory and harassing conduct, including prohibited anti-Palestinian and anti-Semitic behavior. OSU will also continue to vigorously protect the free expression and academic freedom rights of all OSU community members, including resisting any attempt to interfere with the academic freedom of any faculty member. Finally, OSU staff will continue to engage OSU community members who wish to learn more about these policies and how to convey their opinions and viewpoints consistent with their rights, responsibilities and university policies.

I am immensely grateful for the time, advocacy and expertise many in our community have already contributed to determining this path forward. I know this is a challenging and stressful time for the OSU community. I encourage all to continue engaging the many support resources available to you at the university.


Jayathi Murthy, President

Custom text: 06/03/2024 : Taking action in response to the crisis in Gaza, Israel and the region

From: Office of the Registrar

Custom text: 06/03/2024 : COMMENCEMENT: Commencement Safety & Security