FERPA can be confusing at times. We created this page to provide you with resources to better understand and uphold FERPA as it pertains to your professional responsibilities at Oregon State University.

FERPA tips for Instructors/Teaching Faculty

FERPA release template: This can be used by departments for releases for letters of recommendation, job references, et. al. These should be customized for and retained by the department.

Audio and Visual Recording in an Education Setting

Instructional Use of Social Media Policy

EdSurge article: The Unintentional Ways Schools Might Be Violating FERPA

Resources will be added periodically. If there's something you'd like to see here, please contact us!

  • class rosters
  • student course schedule/enrollment in courses
  • graded assignments (in any medium)
  • emails exchanged with a student concerning their academic progress (i.e. in a class, as an advisee)
  • card swipe data (e.g. in advising offices, at campus events)
  • signed ESET data
  • field site/internship evaluations for experiences done for course credit
  • advising notes
  • clicker data
  • student registration holds
  • student ID photos
  • audio or video of students participating in a class activity