How to Register

Before you register, take a quick look at where you are in the enrollment process and determine any steps you need to take before you register for courses. See Eligibility to Register for need-to-know information about registration and requirements for undergraduate students, post baccalaureate students, graduate students and non-degree seeking students.


Academic advising is invaluable to successfully completing your education goals. Your academic advisor is there to provide guidance in regards to course selection, degree requirements, academic success strategies, career plans, and integration to the campus culture. Each academic college has an advising structure that facilitates the needs of their programs and students. However, all colleges recommend that you meet with your advisor once per term.

Undergraduate students may contact the college head advisor for more information about the advising resources and requirements of your program. Contact information for individual academic departments is available here. Graduate students may contact their advisor or graduate program director.

Plan Your Schedule

Plan which courses to take for the term by meeting with your college advisor and using the schedule planning tools below. You can also use Scheduler to help you compare schedules that will fit your various time commitments.

  • Schedule of Classes is your main resource for viewing course offerings by term. You have the option to search by subject, instructor, campus, open/full classes, Baccalaureate Core requirements, and no cost/low cost course materials.
  • Scheduler is where you can customize a schedule and easily search the Schedule of Classes using specific criteria. MyOregonState, Academics tab: 'Schedule of Classes'
  • OSU Academic Catalog contains information about admissions procedures and policies, degree requirements, course descriptions, academic policies, and more. Use the catalog to research program requirements and to review the course descriptions of courses you are considering enrolling in.
  • MyDegrees Planner for undergraduate students: in consultation with your advisor you will develop a degree plan using the Planner function of your MyDegrees plan. On your registration date/time have your MyDegrees Planner open to assist you in registering for the courses required for your major and degree.

Priority Registration

Students are assigned a registration date and time based on their class level and total earned and in-progress credits. See Priority Registration for more details on the registration schedule and how to view your assigned registration date and time.

Transfer credits are included in your earned credits used in part to determine your priority registration time. If you have transfer credits that you have not yet submitted to OSU, you need to submit official transcripts to the Admissions Office at least four weeks prior to registration opening.

Registration PIN

All degree-seeking undergraduates (include postbaccs) must have a registration PIN (Personal Identification Number) to register for classes. Registration PINs are provided by colleges at the time of advising. Graduate students and non-degree students are not required to have registration PINs.

Ready to Register

Students are responsible for managing their own registration and knowing and complying with the Academic Regulations and published deadlines established in the Academic Calendar.

You can register for classes online from the beginning of your priority registration date and time through the end of the add period. The add/drop deadlines for each term are defined in the Academic Calendar.  For step-by-step on how to add a course, see Adding Courses and on how to drop a course, see Dropping a Course.

CautionDo not wait until the last minute to process registration changes. Although generally available 24 hours a day, if you wait until 10 pm or later on a Friday night, you may encounter “system unavailable” messages or busy signals due to many students and nightly processes trying to use the system at the same time.

Registration Confirmation

You may confirm your schedule and print a copy of your schedule by logging in to MyOregonState, select the Academics tab and under Academic Resources, click on ‘View Your Class Schedule in Detail’.


If a class is full and closed, student can place themselves on a waitlist beginning Phase 2 of registration through the last day to add classes during the term. Waitlists are established on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Schedule of Classes will display waitlist seat availability for each class/section. Not all classes having waitlisting. See Waitlisting Courses for more details on how to waitlist a class and information on the waitlist process.

Late Registration and Fees

A late registration fee will be assessed for all initial registrations beginning the first day of classes of a term according to the OSU Academic Calendar.