Degree Requirements Resources


Maintaining contact with your advisor is critical to the successful and timely completion of your degree requirements. Regular advising is required for undergraduate students. How often advising is required varies by college; contact your college head advising office for further information.

OSU Academic Catalog

Use the OSU Academic Catalog to research program requirements and course descriptions.

Academic Regulations

Degree requirements are identified in the Academic Regulations.


MyDegrees is an online degree checklist and academic advising tool designed to assist students and advisors in monitoring degree progress.

MyDegrees Features:
  • Degree Audit Checklist—See a visual presentation of degree progress.
  • 'What if' Scenarios—Determine how courses already taken apply to other majors.
  • Checklist Notes—Record important reminders and advice related to degree progress.
  • GPA Calculator—Calculate GPA by term and overall.

Access to MyDegrees: Log into Beaver Hub, click on Academics tab, under Academic Resources, click "MyDegrees", then click the Submit MyDegrees box.

View the MyDegrees video tutorials

Standalone Certificates

Learn about undergraduate standalone certificates (Academic Regulation 32). Students will see their certificates reflected on their academic transcripts but they do not receive a diploma for the certificate. 

Undergraduate & Postbaccalaureate Students Approaching the Finish Line

  • Office of the Registrar monitors undergraduate students' degree progress through a process called institutional awarding.
  • Office of the Registrar will work with your academic advisor to evaluate your candidacy for graduation.
  • College/departmental advisors will review your record to verify the completion of baccalaureate core, degree, major, minor, option, and college requirements.
  • Office of the Registrar verifies completion of the remaining institutional requirements.

Your Role

During the term in which you have been identified as a graduation candidate, your record will be evaluated several times for graduation requirements. Any deficiencies will be recorded as a graduation hold on your student record.

  • Check and monitor your degree progress using your MyDegrees degree checklist by logging into Beaver Hub.
  • Meet with your advisor to verify that you are on track to meet your requirements. Any unmet requirements indicated on your degree audit must be resolved prior to a degree being awarded.
  • Check your holds by logging into Beaver Hub, under Academic Resources click on My Student Records then click View Holds.
  • Check your OSU email regularly. Questions regarding your ability to graduate as planned or regarding specific college/major/minor/option requirements should be directed to your academic advisor.

Former OSU students who contact the Office of the Registrar asking for transcripts and diplomas sometimes discover they did not, in fact, graduate. Reasons for this may include:

  • Students did not complete academic requirements in the term they applied for graduation and, after completing requirements in a subsequent term, the student did not reapply for graduation in the subsequent term.
  • Students assume they graduated because they received their diplomas at Spring Commencement, but the diplomas had to be canceled due to unfulfilled graduation requirements or minimum grade/GPA requirements were not met.
  • Students who want to complete graduation requirements:
    • Must be a currently admitted student at Oregon State University. If not currently admitted, student must apply for re-admission via the Readmission Application form.
    • Can only be re-admitted to currently active programs. If the student’s program was terminated since leaving OSU, the student must select another program.
    • Must meet with their academic advisor to determine graduation requirements for the current program. Students must complete any additional requirements of the current program. If no additional course work is needed and the degree can be awarded, upon request an official transcript note identifying the year the course work was completed will be added to the transcript.

Degrees with Distinction - Latin Honors - Honor Cords at Commencement

  • High-achieving undergraduate students are recognized through the posting of academic distinction to transcript and diploma.
  • Grade-point averages are computed on the basis of all work attempted at OSU.
  • Graduates who have completed at least 90 credits at OSU or 60 upper-division credits at OSU, and who have an OSU cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, are awarded an OSU degree with distinction.
The distinction, minimum GPA, and cord colors are as follows:
Academic Distinction OSU GPA Range Graduation Honor Cord Color
Cum Laude 3.50-3.69 Orange
Magna Cum Laude 3.70-3.84 Gold
Summa Cum Laude 3.85-4.00 White

Students who meet the criteria for Latin Honors can purchase commencement honor cords through the OSU Beaver Store.