Final Exams

Final exams are 110 minutes in length and scheduled according to the first class meeting or, in the case of group finals, according to the group final schedule available on the Final Examination Schedule by Group Exams & Class Meeting Hours page.

When is my midterm/final exam?

The final exam time for a course is most often determined by the first meeting date and time of the course that occurs during the first full week of the term. For example, a course that meets for the first time on Monday at 0800 may have a final exam time of Wednesday at 1200.

You can view the final by class meeting hours schedule for the current term; this schedule is generally posted in July or August for the following academic year.

  • Courses scheduled in Part of Term 5A (the first five weeks of the term) will sit for finals during the last scheduled class meeting the fifth week of the term.
  • Courses scheduled in Part of Termshould i 5B (those offered weeks 6-10 of a term) will be scheduled during finals week according to class meeting hours.
  • Summer term courses will sit for finals during the last scheduled class meeting for the course. There is no official finals week during Summer term.

Where is my midterm/final exam?

  • The final exam for a class is typically, but not always, held in the regular meeting location for the course.
  • The location of final exams scheduled by class meeting time can be verified by searching for the class in the Schedule of Classes after week 8 of the term.
  • Group midterm and group final exams may take place in one or multiple classrooms at once and are not listed in the Schedule of Classes.
  • Group midterm and group final exams are scheduled directly in 25Live.
  • Locations for group midterms and group finals should be communicated directly to students by their instructors.

Group Examinations

  • Courses with multiple sections may have group evening midterms or group finals scheduled.
  • In these instances, multiple sections of a class will meet at the same time to take their exam.
  • These examinations take place during predetermined times and do not follow the regular examinations by class meeting time schedule.
  • The schedule for group final exams is published at the same time as examinations by class meeting time.
  • The locations for group midterm exams should be communicated directly to students by their instructors.
  • Exact exam dates for group midterm exams should be scheduled on the CRN before students register, but are required no later than week 2 of the term.
  • A full term of weekly midterm exam dates may be scheduled on a CRN as a place holder to ensure that students do not have conflicts if dates cannot be determined before registration begins.
  • Group exams are given in accordance with the criteria of the group midterm examination policy or the group final exam policy.
What courses qualify for a group exam?

A course qualifies for a group midterm or group final if it consists of three or more sections, or two sections of an anticipated enrollment of 150 or more students. All sections of the course constitute the group. This applies to credit-bearing, Corvallis campus sections only (not Ecampus or Cascades).

How does a department request a group exam?

Departments wishing to schedule group midterms or final exams should contact the Schedule Desk at [email protected] for guidance, and should generally be received during the first phase of schedule editing prior to registration opening for a term.

How long are group exams?

Group midterms are one class period in length and are scheduled to begin no earlier than 1900. Group finals are 110 minutes in length and are scheduled to begin at 0730, 1600, and 2000 Monday-Thursday.

Exam Conflicts

  • In accordance with the exam conflict resolution policy, instructors who can make arrangements to reschedule an exam for a student may do so upon their own authority; no further approvals are required.
  • If the instructor is unable to accommodate a rescheduled exam time a student may complete a Petition to Change Time of Final Exam.
    • The petition is available only at the Office of the Registrar in the Kerr Administration Building.
  • Petitions for changing final examinations are submitted directly to the instructor.
    • Students may forward disapproved petitions through the dean of the college to the Office of the Registrar.

Changing Final Exam Times - Instructors

  • Instructors may request to change the time of their final exam in accordance with the final examination policy.
  • The request must be submitted by the end of the fifth week of the term and include the endorsement of the department chair and dean.
  • If approved, accommodations must be made to provide the exam on the originally scheduled date and time for those students who are unable to take the exam at the new date/time.
  • Final exams are not to be held during Dead Week. Any requests to hold a final exam during Dead Week must be addressed to the Academic Requirements Committee.