The Schedule Desk assigns classes to General Purpose (GP) classrooms using 25Live room scheduling software.

  • Departmentally controlled classrooms are assigned as requested by and at the direction of departments that control those classrooms. Departments wishing to borrow another unit’s classroom space should reach out to that department’s scheduler.
  • General purpose classrooms are classrooms which are scheduled and controlled by the Office of the Registrar. These rooms should only be requested via approved department schedulers. They are available for use by any department for classes. These rooms are assigned to academic course sections based on class size (with priority given to larger classes), room features/attributes, and with regards to departmental building preferences. They may also be scheduled for meetings and limited events using 25Live (contact your department scheduler to request).


Room Change Requests for Fall 2021

All classrooms are and have been scheduled at 100% capacity for fall term 2021.

Requests for larger rooms should be added by department schedulers to the Notes to Schedule Desk field in CLSS. As with all requests to change classroom assignments, please include a short justification for the request.

The Schedule Desk will prioritize those requests with higher current utilization of the classroom in which they are currently scheduled. That means the actual enrollment, not the maximum enrollment.

We may not be able to accommodate all requests.

The Schedule Desk reserves the right to relocate any class if later determined necessary.


Department Building and Attribute Preferences

Building Preferences are buildings that your department overall would prefer to be in when assigned a General Purpose Classroom. These building assignments are not guaranteed and are only one factor that the scheduling software takes into account. To update or review building preferences for your department, have your department scheduler contact the Schedule Desk.


GP Classroom Attributes for Individual CRNs

Classroom Attributes are the attributes you require — not desire an assigned GP classrooms to have for a particular course section. Consider carefully which attributes are truly needed for a class. Any combination of up to three attributes may be included for individual CRN sections on the SSR1000 or a new course add request.

Also, be aware that all attributes are treated as "AND" requirements. For example, if you list requirements two conflicting attributes for one section such as "S1" (Tablet Arm Chairs (movable)) and "S3" (Tables/Chairs (movable)), the system will only find you rooms with both, of which there are none.

We have supplied attributes to encompass many "OR" situations, such as the "S0" (Moveable Chairs (any)) attribute. DO NOT request a combination that physically does not exist on campus. This is not the place to indicate to Facilities Services what kind of rooms we should have.


List of Valid Room Attributes

Below is a list of current room attributes, their Banner code, their 25Live Feature translation, and (in most cases) a short definition of what the attribute is. Most of these attributes are things that a scheduler may wish to request for room assignment purposes on their SSR1000. Some are attributes that we wouldn't expect anyone to request, but are instead informational or intended to help assist with room selection in 25Live.

  Banner Code 25Live Feature Definition

Room Type Attributes

  GP Classroom - General Purpose General Purpose Room. We add this automatically when entering attributes. You do not need to write this, but you will see it on the report. You can also write this in if you wish the system to ignore departmental requirements and give you any appropriately sized and located GP room.
  E111 AV - Enhanced Classroom Technology E111: Enhanced Clsrm Projector. Fully enhanced with projection onto an appropriately sized white screen. It may be impossible to place a course with a small head count in an E111 room.
  E112 AV - Enhanced Classroom - Monitor Cart Monitor Cart
  GPC Computer Classroom - General Purpose General Purpose Computer Classroom. This is a classroom with computer stations for each student. This attribute is used only in conjunction with 016 or 017.


Computer Classroom - PC

Computer Classroom (PC). This means a PC computer station for each student. Due to limited availability, these rooms are pre-assigned.



Computer Classroom - Mac

Computer Classroom (MAC). This means a Mac computer station for each student. Same as with the PCs, these rooms are pre-assigned.



Interactive Learning Technology

Interactive Learning Spaces - Technology Enabled. Interactive learning environment that provide cooperative learning pods with one computer per pod and available laptop connections. These pods encourage student collaboration and peer teaching with technology that allows them to easily present work for review by peers and instructors.  Furniture is designed to facilitate small-group work and the ability for instructors to interactively coach students during activities.



Interactive Learning Space

Interactive Learning Spaces. Interactive learning environment that provides cooperative learning pods without technology. These pods encourage student collaboration and peer teaching. Furniture is designed to facilitate small-group work and the ability for instructors to interactively coach students during activities.

Electronic Equipment
Other than what may be included in “Enhanced”



AV - Instructor Speech Amplification

Instructor Speech Amplification.



AV - Interactive Display

Interactive Display (SMRT). Ability to annotate over any computer image. This used to be listed as SMRT.



AV - Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture. Ability to record presentation and instructor audio and upload into learning management systems. Arrangements must also be coordinated with Academic Technologies.



AV - Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing. Used to indicate room is set up for video conferencing needs (with microphones, cameras, etc.). This attribute is likely to be replaced by Web Collaboration attributes below.



Power Outlets at Seats

Limited Power Outlets at Seats. For those who forgot to recharge all their electronic devices the night before.

  VWEB AV - Web Conferencing Camera Web Conferencing Camera. Used to indicate room with a Web Conferencing Camera available. This attribute is likely to be replaced by Web Collaboration attributes below.


AV - Projection - Dual Image

Dual Image.  Ability to display two different images simultaneously in the classroom.



AV - Wireless Presentation

Wireless Presentation.  Ability to present and control presentations from a tablet or mobile device.



AV - Image Magnification

Image Magnification. Ability to project the screen images or activities from a demonstration table or hood.



AV - Surround Sound

Surround Sound. Classroom equipped with surround sound for films/video playback.

Web Collaboration / Remote Learning

These attributes reflect changes technology in classrooms from updates done over the summer of 2020. Some may be redundant to previous attributes and will likely replace those attributes over time.

  WCRR AV - Web Collaboration - Remote/Zoom Ready  
  WCC1 AV - Web Collaboration - Codec - Join Scheduled  
  WCC2 AV - Web Collaboration - Codec - Tech Assisted  
  WCFL AV - Web Collaboration - Flex/Portable Available  
  MIC1 AV - Microphone - Instructor Lavalier Mic  
  MIC2 AV - Microphone - Ceiling Microphones  
  MIC3 AV - Microphone - Q&A Microphone  
  MIC4 AV - Microphone - Table Microphones  
  MIC5 AV - Microphone - Computer/Webcam/Soundbar Mic  
  CFF AV - Camera - Front/Instructor Facing Camera  
  CBF AV - Camera - Back/Audience Facing Camera  
  CTRI AV - Camera - Tripod Camera  
  CVBR AV - Camera - Videoconferencing Soundbar  
  CFLX AV - Camera - Flex Camera at Lectern  

Writing Surfaces

Most GP rooms have some sort of writing board, but not all! Some are limited to projected writing surface (like a document camera).



Board - White

Whiteboard. Sometimes the pens will even be there.



Board - White (No Chalk)

Whiteboard Only (no Chalk). For our instructors that are allergic to chalk dust.



Board - Chalk

Chalkboard (Any Size).



Board - 25ft or Longer

Board >= 24ft long. We have lowered the size to 24 ft. This now includes whiteboards, so if you are picky you may want to also include either Z5 or Z7. Also includes rooms where the board may be shorter than 24ft but has sections that can be raised and lowered as needed.

Furniture Arrangements: Please note that there are some arrangements that don't fit neatly into an attribute we thought people would ask for.



Seating - Chairs - Movable

Moveable Chairs (any). This includes both "S1" and/or "S3". The perfect choice if you want to be able to move things around.



Seating - Tablet Arm Chairs - Movable

Tablet Arm Chairs (movable). Not bolted to the floor.

  S2 Seating - Tablet Arm Chairs - Fixed  


Seating - Tables and Chairs - Movable

Tables/Chairs (movable). Some tables are more movable than others. We tried to include those that can reasonably be repositioned to meet the needs of the class.



Floor - Tiered

Tiered Seating. Actually tiered or sloping, but generally fixed. Can be long tables, theatre style, starting flat and then going up, etc. Mostly large rooms.



Seating  - Round Tables

Round Tables.  No, not cute little cocktail tables.  Round tables that seat 6 - 9 people and bring flashbacks of all those endless conferences we've attended.

Room Features



Floor - Carpet

Carpeted Floor. No guarantees as to coffee stains, but carpeted.



Floor - Flat

Flat Floor. May be carpeted, linoleum, wood, or concrete.



Raised Platform for Instructor

Raised Platform for Instructor. Be aware that not all platforms are wheelchair accessible.




Windows. Some degree of natural light. A tiny slit in a door does not count.



Lighting - Room Darkening Capable

Room Darkening Capability. This was somewhat of a judgment call. We didn't include any rooms with those wimpy white shades or blinds that won't close.

  A10 Ground Floor Room Ground Floor Room.


Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning. Portable swamp coolers don't count.

  F2 Demonstration Facilities Demonstration Facilities. Rooms with gas/air hookups, etc. Not just a long table to put your stuff on.
  FH Fume Hood Fume Hood.
  F7 Periodic Table of Elements Periodic Table of Elements.
  SINK Sink Sink used for class purposes. We even tested to make sure there was running water. Not sure if they actually drain to anywhere...
  Z02 AV - Screen - Multiple Multiple Projection Screens.
  Z11 AV - Screen - Offset from Board Proj Screen Offset From Board. One of the more confusing attributes. It includes rooms where the projection screen is not dead center of the front of the room. The screen may be half the front (to one side) or at an angle. Also includes rooms with multiple screens and rooms with one screen and writing surfaces on more than one wall. With multiple screens, the screen for the enhanced projector may still be centered. Generally more restrictive than the "Z12" attribute.
  Z12 AV - Screen - Blocks less than 50 percent of Board Proj Screen blocks < 50% board. Again, somewhat of a judgment call. We didn't include rooms where you have a bit of writing surface, the screen, and then a bit more of writing surface. We tried to include those where you can have the screen down and still have a single sizable chunk of writing area. Little whiteboards to the side don't count.


  ALD ADA - Assistive Listening Devices Assistive Listening Devices. Rooms as provided by Academic Technology.
  ADI ADA Accessible - Instructor Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair-accessible for Instr. Only includes rooms where the instructor can access all teaching equipment at the front of the room. Excludes rooms with platforms but no ramp.
  ADP ADA - Not Accessible Access Problem.