CLSS (CourseLeaf Section Scheduler, pronounced as "Class") is our academic scheduling software. It allows our scheduling community to add and edit academic course sections more directly, as well as to maintain, develop, plan, and optimize their course offerings. Additionally, CLSS provides the opportunity to better enforce scheduling rules to better align our term schedules with university and federal policies. CLSS replaced our SSR1000 editing process beginning with Fall 2021 scheduling.



Our scheduling community can find resources for CLSS training and scheduling guidance on our Scheduling Training and Resources Canvas Page (access by invitation only).


Oregon State University's CLSS page:



Access to CLSS is currently limited to department schedulers, schedule approvers, and others in the scheduling community. If you think you may need access to CLSS or are having any difficulty navigating the software, please contact [email protected].


Archived PDF version of our SSR1000 Instructions and Definitions Webpage