What are Mutual Exclusions?

Mutually exclusive courses are OSU courses that have similar content, but are not considered to be equivalent. Students who have taken courses in this category will be prevented from registering for other associated course(s).

In instances where two new courses replace one existing course, or a non-equivalent course replaces an existing course, we use Mutual Exclusion rules. This prevents students from registering for the new course(s) if they have passed the old course.

Granting mutual exclusion is subject to approval by the OtR via the course proposal process. Mutually exclusive courses are not subject to AR 20. Repeated Courses. If students take mutually exclusive courses, the grades from both courses would apply to their GPA.

Some examples include:

  • MTH 264 and MTH 265 are mutually exclusive to MTH 306
  • FST 439 and FST 440 are mutually exclusive to FST 438
  • FST 463 and FST 464 are mutually exclusive to FST 461
  • FST 563 and FST 564 are mutually exclusive to FST 561
  • FST 469 and FST 470 are mutually exclusive to FST 467
  • FST 569 and FST 570 are mutually exclusive to FST 567
  • PBG 440 and PBG 442 are mutually exclusive to PBG 441
  • BA 223/223H is mutually exclusive to BA 390/390H
  • WR 227Z/227H is mutually exclusive to WR 327/327H

If you have questions or feel you need to register and are receiving an error, please contact your advisor.