Undergraduate, non-degree, or post bacc students who previously attended OSU but who have not been enrolled at OSU for four terms (not including summer) and wish to re-enroll in courses must apply for readmission. Readmission is at the same student level, college and academic program as previous attendance. Returning students are subject to the current catalog year at the time of readmission.

Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for information on graduate readmission.

Application Deadline

Readmission applications must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar two weeks prior to the beginning of the term in which you plan to resume studies at OSU.

Applying for Readmission

The readmission application process includes:

  • Complete and submit the Readmission Application to the Office of the Registrar
  • $25 non-refundable application fee

All holds (e.g., financial, student health, student conduct, and academic holds) must be cleared in order for readmission to be processed and to be eligible to register.

When the readmission application process is complete, a confirmation email will be sent from the Office of the Registrar with information on registration, ONID access and other steps for a successful return to the university.

Readmission FAQs    

Change of Academic Program

Readmission is at the same student level, college and academic program when you were last enrolled. If you wish to change your academic program after you have been readmitted, you must meet with an advisor to request a program change. See the Academic Advising page to find an advisor by college.

Transfer Coursework While Away

If you attended other institutions while away from OSU, send your official transcript from each college or university to OSU Office of Admissions.

Rescinding an Application

If your application for readmission has been approved and you do not enroll in classes for that term, you will be placed in an inactive status and need to apply for readmission again (including the $25 application fee) for the term you wish to return.

Limit on Time Away

Students occasionally take time off from their coursework for a variety of reasons. Check in with your academic advisor for guidance on any steps you may need to follow to ensure a smooth return to OSU. If you are away for four or more terms (not including summer), you are placed in an inactive status and unable to register for courses – follow the steps outlined above for applying for readmission. If applicable, check in with Financial Aid to ensure you are aware of any information about your financial aid award.