Students who are attending OSU and who are receiving child support payments from a parent or guardian may be required to provide proof of school attendance. Students must complete the student portion of a Oregon Department of Justice Child Attending School Confirmation Form (ORS 107.108) and bring it to the OSU Office of the Registrar for completion and verification of enrollment.

The Office of the Registrar will confirm a student’s enrollment for the current term. If OSU is between terms at the time of the request, attendance will be based on the previous term. A Verification of Enrollment form may be attached in that situation.

Oregon State University evaluates a student’s ability to work toward their degree in multiple ways. When responding to a Child Attending School Confirmation Form pursuant to ORS 107.108, Oregon State University will use the following definitions in ORS 107.108:

“Attending at least half time” means the student is registered for 6 or more quarter credit hours. Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to request a modified form if registered as a Degree Partnership Program student and is taking credits at both OSU and a community college partner.

Maintaining satisfactory academic progress” means the student has one of the following standings:

    • Good Standing, including by default of meeting admissions standards if no formal standing has been determined from grading yet;
    • Academic Warning if the student is enrolled at least half time and working toward their degree; or
    • Academic Probation if the student is enrolled at least half time and working toward their degree.