The Veteran Emergency Grant Program at Oregon State University serves to support veterans and service members who encounter unexpected financial expenses - due to circumstances beyond their control - that will have a negative impact on their academic progress.

Eligible students may request an emergency grant once per year up to $1000.


Students requesting a grant via the Veteran Emergency Grant Program must:

  • Be a matriculated OSU student who is registered for the current and/or upcoming term
  • Be a veteran or servicemember and qualify for Veteran Priority Registration at OSU; dependents of veterans/service members are not eligible
  • Have unexpected financial expenses due to circumstances beyond their control such as sudden housing, medical or childcare expenses; examples of non-approved expenses include recreational expenses, non-essential utility bills, any payments made to OSU or Beaver Store, etc.
  • Complete a FAFSA (or have one on file) for the current financial aid year
  • Utilize all VA or DoD benefits for which they are eligible
  • Utilize all federal and state grants or subsidized loans for which they are eligible

How to Request an Emergency Grant

Follow the steps below if you are an eligible student and have unexpected expenses due to circumstances beyond your control. Staff who support the processes below will work as quickly as they can to help you obtain approval for an emergency grant, once approved.

Step One: Meet, in-person or via phone, with one of the School Certifying Officials from the Veterans and Military Certifying Team to discuss your circumstances and sudden expenses, eligibility for the grant program, the amount of funds you need, and plans to mitigate the circumstances in the future. 



Step Two: If recommended for an emergency grant, the staff member will complete a request form, ask you to sign the form, and submit the request form on your behalf.

Step Three: Your request is reviewed for consideration by the Veterans Certifying Team. They will request documentation of your circumstances to verify the dollar amount needed, if not already submitted with your request form.



Step Four: Once approved, funds are either deposited to your bank via direct deposit (if you have set up direct deposit at OSU), or a check will be mailed to your current mailing address on file at OSU. You will be notified once funds are available.

Veterans and Military Certifying Team
Office of the Registrar

[email protected]