To receive a degree you must meet institutional, college, and departmental requirements for a baccalaureate degree.
How do I track my progress to my degree?

Maintaining regular contact with your academic advisor is key to ensuring you are making progress towards earning your degree. The university also provides online tools for students to track their degree requirements. Login to Beaver Hub and under Academics choose the MyDegrees link to check your degree progress.

Institutional Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees (Academic Regulation 25)

Institutional requirements for baccalaureate degrees are described in Academic Regulation 25. In addition to institutional requirements, students must meet college and departmental requirements for a baccalaureate degree.


Requests for substitutions should be submitted to the appropriate authority as stated in Academic Regulation 28.


As stated in Academic Regulation 29, attendance at graduation exercises is optional and attending students are responsible for declaring whether or not they will attend commencement. For further details, visit the Graduation section of this website.

Concurrent/Subsequent Baccalaureate Degrees or Credentials

Academic regulations 26 and 27 govern the requirements for the awarding of additional baccalaureate degrees or credentials.