Office of the Registrar Advisor Resources

This page provides a variety of resources from trainings, presentations, and campus communications pertaining to advising and the Office of the Registrar.  There are also some resources posted in the Canvas site for Advisors.


OtR Updates and Communications:

Archive of OtR advisor digests sent over Inform-C10 

Institutional Awarding emails to students

Institutional Awarding FAQs for Advisors

Log of Emails Sent to Students via Student Communications


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Contact Resources

Office of the Registrar vs. Office of Admissions Call Sheet:  This sheet provides guidance on when you'll call Admissions vs. when you'll call the Registrar for common questions.

Who to Contact in the OtR: This resource sheet explains why you might contact certain personnel in the OtR.

Staff Directory


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Reference Sheets and Quick Resource Sheets

Procedural Document for Joint Consent to Release (FERPA) form

2018-19 Printable Academic Calendar with key dates

Scheduler student sheet: horizontal, vertical

Schedule Planner reference sheet and FAQs

MyDegrees SEP Reference sheet

MyDegrees general reference sheet

SIS IEP Data Warehouse Refresh Process

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Informational Presentations

Scheduling Summer Forum

2018 OtR Advising Summit page

Summer Session 2018 VA Education Benefits

Scheduling 101

Scheduling 102

Registration: The Basics

In-Depth Registration: The Weird Stuff

Advising VA Benefit Students

Athletics Compliance

Graduation Compliance

Advising DPP Students

MyDegrees Basics

Office of the Registrar Goals



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Academic Committees

2019–2020 Academic Standing Committee Meeting Schedule

Academic Requirements Committee meetings: ARC meetings are held on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Occasionally this changes and when that is the case, the Office of the Registrar (OtR) sends information to advisors over Inform C-10. For a petition to be on the Wednesday docket, the petition must be received by the OtR by Thursday at noon.

Academic Residency Calculator

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Advisor Tips

How to help students with registration errors:

Ask students which browser they're using: Internet Explorer and Firefox work well, but Chrome and Safari do not.

Ask students if they're selecting from the correct term from the drop down menu. This is especially important during the summer/fall registration period when both terms are open.

Ask students what error message they're seeing:

  • Linked course: If it's about a linked course, check the General Catalog to make sure the lecture, lab, and/or recitation are linked together (linked labs are listed directly beneath the required lecture/recitation). Note: spots have to be open for both/all necessary CRNs for the student to register. If a student received a spot from the waitlist, they must select web-reigster from the drop-down menu and put ALL necessary linked CRNs in the CRN boxes below. They must then click submit so that all registration is done simultaneously.
  • Other error? Make sure to read it! Typically these errors require contacting the department in which the course is offered, NOT the Office of the Registrar (time conflict, prerequisite, et. al.)
  • If there is a hold preventing entering registration, go to "View holds" in the student tab. A phone number to call should be listed.

Graduation FAQs

Question:  How does a student have Holds removed from their MyDegrees audit that are no longer relevant? For example, the student has registered for the correct course or moved out their graduation application to a future term?

Answer:  The Office of the Registrar audits graduation applicants for deficiencies in Week 10 of the prior term and in Weeks 0, 3, and 8 of the current graduation term.  We will end and/or apply Holds as needed. The student can wait for those auditing periods to see the Holds removed or they (or you) can email us at

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