What is a microcredential?

A microcredential is a set of courses in a focused area of study. Microcredentials are narrowly focused on specific skills and competencies and when completed, provide validation of the skills and competencies achieved. Microcredentials are made up of at least three courses and eight credits. Typically, they are 8-12 credits, which is fewer credits than degrees and certificates and can be earned in a shorter period. Microcredentials are awarded digitally through a badging system that can be shared with employers.

What are the microcredentials offered at Oregon State University?
Who can enroll in a microcredential program?

Microcredentials are available to non-degree-seeking students, undergraduates, graduates, non-traditional students, and working professionals. With the exception of graduate-level microcredentials, which require a bachelor’s degree, it is not necessary to have a college degree in order to apply, but some microcredential courses have prerequisites. Therefore, your ability to enroll in a program could be enhanced by previous college experience.

As part of each microcredential's requirement, students must complete at least one of the microcredential courses after having been accepted into the microcredential program and at least one of the courses must be Ecampus.

Current degree seeking students and current non-degree students can enroll in a microcredential program by contacting OSU Ecampus.

New non-degree students should contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Why enroll in a microcredential program?

Students can distinguish themselves by achieving a mastery of skills that enhances their knowledge and marketability in the workplace.

In what format are microcredential programs offered?

Microcredential programs are offered via OSU Ecampus, Microcredentials-Online.

How do you show a future employer that you have completed a microcredential?

Learners who have completed the requirements of a microcredential earn a digital badge verified by Credly.

How do I propose a microcredential?

Visit the Office of Academic Programs Microcredential page for more information.