Winter Term 2021 SOC (202102)
Send SSR1000 May 25, 2020
SSR1000 due back to Scheduling June 29, 2020
Banner Locked Mid-August*
Registration begins November 15, 2020
Classes begin January 4, 2021


Spring Term 2021 SOC (202103)
Send SSR 1000 September 14, 2020
SSR 1000 due back to Scheduling October 19, 2020
Banner locked Mid-January 2021*
Registration begins
(Registration Phase in CLSS)
February 21, 2021
Classes begin
(Post-registration Phase in CLSS)
March 29, 2021


Summer Term 2021 SOC (202200)
Send SSR1000 Friday, December 18, 2020
SSR1000 due back to Scheduling
(Review Phase in CLSS)
Friday, January 22, 2021
Registration begins
(Registration Phase in CLSS)
Sunday, April 11, 2021
Classes begin
(Summer Post-registration Phase in CLSS)
See Summer Session Schedule for parts of term dates.


Fall Term 2021 SOC (202201)
CLSS Phase (Mode) Action Date
N/A Send out SSR1000s for prep work for CLSS training sessions January 21, 2021
N/A CLSS training dates February 9th and 10th
Plan Phase (Design) CLSS open for Design Phase edits. Scheduling Units turned in early (prior to next deadline) may be switched to the next phase as soon as they are approved. February 8, 2021
Proof Phase (Refine) Initial edits due (similar in nature to SSR 1000 due date). All scheduling unit submissions due for review by department approvers and Schedule Desk. All schedule units switched to current phase/mode within a few days. March 1, 2021
Room Assignment Phase (Locked) Banner/CLSS locked while room assignments completed*. Mid-March
Review Phase (Refine) Additional adds, edits, and classroom negotiations. April 1, 2021 (or later)
Registration Phase (Refine) Registration opens. Some edits allowed, many are limited. May 16, 2021
Post-registration Phase (Refine) Classes start. Very limited edits and adds. Adds during Week 2 must have DP or IS restrictions. September 22, 2021
Locked No further changes can be made in CLSS. October 10, 2021
Archive (Locked) No further changes can be made in CLSS. Term archived in CLSS. End of term

* Dates for these actions/phases subject to change during COVID protocols.