Undergraduate Change of Academic Program

Changes to an undergraduate student's current major or adding an additional major, concentration, minor, or changing the student's campus will go through advising staff, who will submit an online program change request through workflow to the Office of the Registrar. The Change of Program online form link is located on the Student Profile page in Beaver Hub in the bottom right of the Academic Resource Links section. View the Program Change Online Guide for Advisors.

Program change requests must be made by 5:00PM on Friday of Week 2 to be effective the current term. Requests made after Friday of Week 2 will be effective the following term.

Requesting workflow access

To obtain access to this workflow process, please check in with the head advisor of your college. They serve as our point people for each college.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As you know, the process has been streamlined through automated workflow for increased accuracy and efficiency and we must accept program change requests in this online format. Exceptions include: situations that involve a triple degree or triple major, which will require a paper form.

Yes, information submitted will be exactly the way the student's record will be updated. Any majors, options, minors that were on the student's record before or not listed in the online form, will be dropped. Except for the Honor's curriculum, which will be ignored. Please note that if a student is adding or dropping a third or fourth minor, Workflow will not display these in the current curriculum view. Note the adds or drops in the comments section.

Changes to the Honors College designation need to be authorized by the Honors College. We will keep the honor designation active (even though there isn't a drop down for advisors to select it when submitting the program change). Our office only removes/adds honor designations when informed by the Honors College.

All requests to add or drop a minor require advisor approval. Once the Office of the Registrar receives the request, it will be processed regardless if it's submitted by the student's current college advisor, college advisor of the minor, or other advising staff.

All Certificates are available under the Secondary Curriculum. Select CERT as the Degree type. The list of available Certificates in that college will be available under the Major 1 and Major 2 fields. Only advisors authorized to admit students into the Certificate program should add a new Certificate to a student's curriculum.

Postbaccalaureate students who are currently degree-seeking and wish to pursue only a subsequent credential (i.e. drop their major and pursue subsequent minor) must apply to be a non-degree, credential student via Admissions before a credential can be awarded to them. These cannot be processed through the change of program process in Workflow. Questions about this should be directed to [email protected].

Workflow has a record of all requests that have been started or have completed. 

Advisors can submit a program change with the student's current program information and indicate the updated catalog field of study catalog year in the comments.