Who Can Enter Grades Online?

Faculty members who have been listed by their department as the primary instructors. Non-primary instructors with a percent workload responsibility of greater than 0 percent, who have been identified in Banner as "graders" and are cleared for online grading access.

What if the instructor is unable to access the course?

If a faculty member is not able to obtain their CRN online for grading purposes, it may be because this person has not been formally listed as an instructor for a course section in Banner. To remedy this, follow the steps below.

  • Contact your Department Scheduler. They should go to CourseLeaf Section Scheduler (CLSS) to assign the instructor to the section. Only Department Schedulers or other scheduling representatives will have access to make section updates in CLSS.
  • If the instructor does not come up in a CLSS search, the Department Scheduler should fill out the Instructor Add form (https://beav.es/3yk). Once the Schedule Desk has given the individual faculty status in Banner, they should show up in a CLSS search the following day.
  • If the individual you are adding does not have teaching responsibility, you must change the percentage from 100 to zero. If they do have teaching responsibility, you may adjust the percentages so they equal 100 percent.
Secure Submission Guidelines for Grade Changes and Removal of Incomplete forms.

All Change of Grade and Removal of Incompletes over one year require a form submission to the Office of the Registrar. To request this DocuSign form, email [email protected].