Who's eligible to submit grades?

Faculty members who have been listed by their department as the primary instructors. Non-primary instructors with a percent workload responsibility of greater than 0%, who have been identified in Banner as "graders" and are cleared for online grading access.

Assign an Eligible Instructor

If a faculty member is not able to obtain their CRN online for grading purposes, it may be because this person has not been formally listed as an instructor on SSASECT or SYASECT in Banner.

Access Banner and follow these two steps:

  1. Contact Schedule Desk to set up new faculty and graders. Once the Schedule Desk has set up the faculty in Banner, proceed to the next step.
  2. Access SYASECT. Enter term and CRN. Next block. (Note: Grey colored areas are for Registrar's office use only.) Click on first empty ID box. Enter ID and tab. If the individual you are adding does not have teaching responsibility, you must change the percentage from 100 to zero. If they do have teaching responsibility, you may adjust the percentages so they equal 100%. Save entry. In some cases you may need to override the entry due to a time conflict. Simply type a capital O in the O (override) column and save entry.

You have now tied the grader to a specific course.