In Fall 2018, the Office of the Registrar, in collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Earth, Oceanic, and Atmospheric Sciences, and the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, and the Honors College piloted institutional awarding of undergraduate degrees. The pilot expanded to undergraduates and post-baccalaureates in all colleges in Spring 2019.

What is institutional awarding?

In this process, the Degree Completion team identifies undergraduate students who have completed or are in the process of completing their degree requirements and advances them to graduation candidacy without requiring the student to apply for graduation. The Office of the Registrar works with academic advisors to check identified students' degree progress and enter any needed exceptions or substitutions. Both the Degree Completion team and the academic advisors work together to ensure those students who are close to completing their degree address any outstanding issues that may prevent them from advancing to graduation candidacy.

How does this affect students?

This will ultimately assist more students in graduating when they have completed their degree requirements. Each year, there are several students who are eligible, but do not graduate because they fail to apply for graduation. We anticipate that institutional awarding will advance more students to graduation.

How will students know if they are in the institutional awarding graduation pool?

Each term, those students who we identify may graduate that term will receive an email message within the first week of the term to check MyDegrees. The students we put in the graduation pool will receive an email after the course add deadline to let them know they are pending graduation, followed by another reminder during week 9, and an email at the end of the term congratulating them or asking them to address issues.

How will advisors know if they have students in the graduation pool?

The Office of the Registrar contacts advisors in the preceding term with a list of students who may be able to graduate in the upcoming term. Advisors receive a similar list, in advance of the add/drop deadline, with time to address with students if course changes must happen for the current term. As happens now, during weeks 3 and 8, advisors receive a list of students in the graduation pool who have some outstanding requirements. Further, students' graduation candidacy will continue to be visible in MyDegrees as it is now.

Institutional Awarding FAQs for Students

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Degree Completion team.

Click here for an archive of those emails sent to prospective grads in the pilot colleges.