The Advisor Role
  • Select students from the Week 10 Institutional Awarding reports
  • Review audit for accuracy and completeness
  • Notify students if curriculum change is needed (i.e., add a minor)
  • Create Substitutions and exceptions (click to download PowerPoint How-to) for major, option, minor or bacc core for area of responsibility
  • Create Checklist Notes for Registrars (IA, DEGR1, DEGR2, DEGR3)
  • Goal is completed Degree Audit Checklist. Intro to MyDegrees documentation is available to assist you in the use of the sytem.
The Registrar Role
  • Create the Week 10 Institutional Awarding reports
  • Review IA Checklist Notes from Advisors
  • Load students into the graduation pool based on MyDegrees information
  • Add/remove deficiency holds
  • Communicate progress to students and advisors:
    • Email ONID account with information about graduation status and any existing deficiencies.
    • Provide graduation pool and deficiency reports to advisors
  • Perform final reviews and award degrees
  • Produce PDF of Final Audit for storage in OnBase