Academically suspended students are not eligible to utilize any of the services of the university unless they are academically reinstated.

The Academic Standing Committee

The Academic Standing Committee addresses requests for exception to Academic Regulation 22. Suspended students who are considering filing a Petition for Exception to the Reinstatement Regulations form (provided by the Office of the Registrar) should meet with the head advisor of their college to discuss their options. The preparation process generally requires several days; students should allow sufficient time before the ASC meeting to gather and prepare all materials. Students with specific questions should contact their college head advisor, or the Office of the Registrar.

The Committee on Academic Standing will consider requests for exceptions to the Reinstatement Rules only in rare situations in which all four of the following conditions are met:

  1. The poor academic performance was the result of extraordinary circumstances that have been demonstrably corrected or substantially addressed, and should no longer adversely influence the student's academic performance. Documentation of these circumstances should be provided (i.e., medical records, obituaries or death certificates, etc.)
  2. The head advisor of the student's college, or the student's academic advisor, in consultation with the head advisor, is willing and able to argue convincingly that the student has a strong probability of completing the degree program to which the student would be reinstated.
  3. In addition to the poor academic performance, there is also evidence in the academic record of an ability to succeed academically and make timely progress toward completion of a degree program.
  4. The student provides a proposed schedule for the next three terms and a detailed plan to foster academic improvement, which have been reviewed and endorsed by the head advisor, or academic advisor, in consultation with the head advisor. Academic Performance Agreement.

The committee recognizes that there may be cases which require review and merit exception. Exceptions are imaginable where the term or terms of poor performance are somewhat isolated, and clearly linked to an extraordinary occurrence (such as a health problem) that has been ameliorated, or to unusually challenging circumstances whose impact on the student has been substantially relieved. It must be made clear, however, that exceptions will be granted only rarely. To warrant exception, the academic record should contain evidence that, in the absence of the problem asserted by the student as responsible for the poor performance, the student can succeed; more simply, there should be on record at least one term in which the student performed successfully in courses that contribute to progress toward a degree. Furthermore, the student must present a clear plan of action, endorsed by the head advisor, which includes a program of contact with recognized academic support staff. Finally, advocacy, and not mere "approval," by a head advisor, or by an academic advisor in consultation with the head advisor, is a crucial necessary condition for an exception. Students also may submit evidence of support from other representatives of recognized university support services in addition to, but not in lieu of, letters from departmental and college advisors.

Sept. 26, 2003

Click here for ASC Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held in the Registrar’s Conference Room, B102 Kerr Administration Building, unless otherwise noted.

(Meetings will be held remotely for Summer Term 2020 reinstatement requests.)

The Academic Standing Committee will meet with all students who initiate their appeal by submitting their Petition for Exception to the Reinstatement Regulations form (provided by the Office of the Registrar) to the Office of the Registrar by the appropriate deadline to initiate an appeal indicated below. Students also must submit a complete packet of materials by the deadline specified for each meeting. Students may request an appointment with the ASC only when they have submitted a complete packet of documents (the packet includes the Petition, the student's letter, the advisor's letter, three terms of projected schedule, the Academic Performance Agreement, and any supplementary documentation).

See the ASC Meeting Schedule (see link above) for available meeting times. Students must choose the term for which they intend to request reinstatement and view the the meeting dates and filing deadlines. If they initiate an appeal after this deadline, and if all of the meeting dockets are filled, they must wait for a meeting later in the term. Students must file a complete packet by the deadline indicated for each meeting.