Preliminary grades are due for Spring 2024 by 12:00 p.m., Monday, May 13. These grades should reflect the anticipated final grade. This grade holds significant importance as it determines whether a student will receive their diploma at commencement.

Important Notes

  • “I” Grades and non-passing grades: A preliminary grade of "I" (or any non-passing grade) will prevent releasing a student’s diploma at commencement.
  • Final Exams: Graduating students are required to take final exams held during the regularly scheduled Finals Week of Spring Term. These exams are crucial to ensure the fulfillment of their degree requirements. The distribution of diplomas at commencement may be updated based on a final grade, provided we receive it by Friday, June 14.

Preliminary Grade Submission

Please use the Midterm Grades tab in Faculty Grade Entry to submit preliminary grades. There are two ways to enter preliminary grades:  manual entry or by uploading the grade file.

Preliminary Grade Entry Methods

Click on the course to load the student roster.

Students with an asterisk (*) next to their name need a preliminary grade. Here’s a handy trick: you can quickly narrow down the list of graduating students by typing an asterisk (*) followed by a wildcard (%) in the Search box (e.g., *%).

Step 1 Click on the Midterm Grade box and pick a grade from the drop-down list. You can also type the grade directly into the field.

Step 2 Once you’re done, simply click on the Save button in the bottom right of the screen to save your preliminary grade entries.

Grade Status Indicator

The Status indicator will remain as “In-Progress”. This status reflects that you are entering preliminary grades for graduating students and not the entire class roster.

Enter the preliminary grades directly into the attached preliminary grade from the Office of the Registrar.

Locate the Midterm Grade column, add your preliminary grades, save the file as an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet and close it.

Import Wizard

To import and submit your preliminary grades, click the Gear icon in the top right corner, next to the profile button. Then select “Import” from the drop-down list.

Step 1. The Grade Import Wizard will appear. Follow the steps to upload and import your preliminary grades:

  • Click the white Browse box next to “Upload” and select your grade file (Excel). Then click “Open” to add the file name to the Browse box.
  • Click “Upload”. Wait for the progress bar to finish (it will say “Preparing”) and then disappear. Afterward, click “Continue” to move forward.

Step 2. Review the preview screen to ensure all your data has been imported accurately. Click “Continue” to move forward.

Step 3. If you’re using the preliminary grade file from the OtR, no mapping is needed. Simple click “Continue” to proceed.

Step 4. Click “Finishto import the preliminary grades.

Feel free to click on the course again under the “My Courses” section to review the preliminary grades for graduating students.


Please email the Office of the Registrar at [email protected] with grade submission-related questions. We are happy to assist you with your question.