Classroom Policies

View this section for detailed information about classroom policies including room assignment, access for students with disabilities, maintenance, and appropriate use of facilities.

Scheduling Changes After Registration

Departments are strongly encouraged to proof their schedules before priority registration opens for the term. Once registration begins, changes to the schedule are quite restricted.

Requesting changes to sections after registration begins:

    • Requests must be submitted via email stating the reason for the change and must have the support of the department chair.
    • Late day/time changes will only be approved under very unusual circumstances.
      • In the event a day/time change is approved, the section will be cancelled and a new section created. It will be the responsibility of the department to contact students to inform them of the change and invite students to enroll in the replacement section if the new day/time fits their schedule.
    • Courses newly approved by Academic Programs after registration begins will not be offered until the next term if there is an existing placeholder section with enrollment.
    • Once registration begins, sections will no longer be deleted from the Schedule of Classes, but will be changed to “cancelled” status.
    • Faculty and departments must not change or trade assigned classrooms without approval from Scheduling.       
    • Room changes are accommodated if an appropriate replacement is available. Departments should not continue to add students to a class with the expectation that a larger room will be found as there may not be one available.
    • In the event of an emergency closure of a classroom building, scheduling will attempt to relocate classes and will work with departments on this effort.

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      Credit & Contact Hours

      The Office of Academic Planning & Assessment provides a definition of the correlation between credits and contact hours, see the Credits entry at

      Zone Requirements

      This class and classroom scheduling protocol help students get the courses they need to graduate by reducing scheduling conflicts. For faculty, it optimizes access to instructional technology and facilities. The protocol applies to all classes scheduled in general purpose and departmental classroom space.