Each department has at least one individual designated as their department scheduler. This individual usually edits sections for specific subject codes in CLSS.

To reserve classroom space or schedule a new course section/CRN, or if you have questions specific to your department’s academic schedule, contact your authorized representative below.


Academic Learning Services
ALS Academic Learning Services Anna Bentley 7-7971
UEXP University Experience Anna Bentley 7-7971
College of Agricultural Sciences
     Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences
AED Agriculture Education Elizabeth Thomas 7-2661
AG Agriculture (General) Elizabeth Thomas 7-2661
AGRI Agriculture Science Paul Dorres 7-5655
LEAD Leadership Elizabeth Thomas 7-2661
     Animal and Rangeland Sciences
ANS Animal Science Dodi Reesman 7-4761
RNG Rangeland Science Dodi Reesman 7-4761
     Department of Applied Economics
AEC Applied Economics Tjodie Richardson 7-1399
     Bioresource Research Program
BRR Bioresource Research Wanda Crannell 7-2999
     Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
BOT Botany and Plant Pathology Dianne Simpson 7-4147
BDS Biological Data Sciences Dianne Simpson 7-4147
     Department of Crop and Soil Science
CROP Crop Science Rachel Swindon 7-1286
CSS Crop and Soil Science (EOU only) Rachel Swindon 7-1286
SOIL Soil Science Rachel Swindon 7-1286
     Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
TOX Toxicology Mary Mucia 7-9079
     Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
FW Fisheries and Wildlife Sara Lopez (Tracy) 7-4531
     Department of Food Science and Technology
FST Food Science and Technology Deborah Gould 7-6486
     Department of Horticulture
HORT Horticulture Elaine Clark 7-5477
PBG Plant Breeding and Genetics Elaine Clark 7-5477
ENT Entomology Elaine Clark 7-5477
     Sustainability Program
SUS Sustainability Erica Elliott 7-5687
College of Business
ACTG Accounting Carrie Stampe 7-5916
BA Business Administration Carrie Stampe 7-5916
DHE Design & Human Environment Carrie Stampe 7-5916
DSGN Design Carrie Stampe 7-5916
FIN Finance Carrie Stampe 7-5916
HM Hospitality Management (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
MGMT Management Carrie Stampe 7-5916
MRKT Marketing Carrie Stampe 7-5916
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
ATS Atmospheric Science Julie Barlow 7-6238
ENSC Environmental Science Undergraduate Julie Barlow 7-6238
Graduate Renee Freeman 7-1201
GEO Geosciences Julie Barlow 7-6238
GEOG Geography Julie Barlow 7-6238
GPH Geophysics Julie Barlow 7-6238
MRM Marine Resource Management Julie Barlow 7-6238
OC Oceanography Julie Barlow 7-6238
OEAS Ocean, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences Julie Barlow 7-6238
College of Education
AHE Adult Ed & Higher Ed Leadership Gosia Wojtas 7-4317
COUN Counseling Gosia Wojtas 7-4317
ED Education Carma Ganta 7-4661
SED Science and Math Education Carma Ganta 7-4661
College of Engineering
ENGR Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
OP Outdoor Products (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
     School of Biological and Ecological Engineering
BEE Biological and Ecological Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
     School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
BIOE Bioengineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
CBEE Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
CHE Chemical Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
ENVE Environmental Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
     School of Civil and Construction Engineering
ARE Architectural Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
CCE Civil and Construction Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
CE Civil Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
CEM Construction Engineering Management Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
     School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
AI Artificial Intelligence Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
CS Computer Science Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
EECS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
SE Software Engineering (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
     School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
AAE Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
ESE Energy Systems Engineering (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
IE Industrial Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
HEST Humanitarian Engineering Sci & Tech Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
MATS Materials Science Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
ME Mechanical Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
MFGE Manufacturing Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
MIME Mech/Ind/Mfg Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
ROB Robotics Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
     School of Nuclear Science and Engineering
NSE Nuclear Science and Engineering Angela Keeton / Julie Nist TBD
College of Forestry
     Forest Ecosystems and Society
FES Forest Ecosystems and Society Misty Magers 7-1484
MNR Master of Natural Resources Misty Magers 7-1484
NR Natural Resources Misty Magers 7-1484
SNR Sustainable Natural Resources Misty Magers 7-1484
TRAL Tourism, Recreation, & Adventure Leadership Misty Magers 7-1484
TOL Tourism & Outdoor Leadership (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
     Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management
FE Forest Engineering Madison Dudley 7-1349
FOR Forestry Madison Dudley 7-1349
     Wood Science and Engineering
WSE Wood Science and Engineering Michelle Maller 7-4259
College of Liberal Arts
AMS American Studies (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
EAH Environmental Arts & Humanities Carly Lettero 7-6198
LA Liberal Arts Cindy Wettengel 7-6233
LS Liberal Studies Cindy Wettengel 7-6233
     School of Communication
COMM Communication Kim Rossi 7-6115
NMC New Media Communications Kim Rossi 7-6115
    School of Visual, Performing, and Design Arts
ART Art Lei Xue 7-5395
GD Graphic Design Shannon Sauvage 7-2853
MUED Music Education Shannon Sauvage 7-2853
MUP Music Studio Instruction Shannon Sauvage 7-2853
MUS Music Shannon Sauvage 7-2853
TA Theatre Arts Shannon Sauvage 7-2853
     School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
HST History David Bishop 7-8918
HSTS History of Science David Bishop 7-8918
PAX Peace Studies David Bishop 7-8918
PHL Philosophy David Bishop 7-8918
REL Religious Studies David Bishop 7-8918
     School of Language, Culture, and Society
ANTH Anthropology Loretta Wardrip 7-1571
CSSA College Student Services Administration Loretta Wardrip 7-1571
ES Ethnic Studies Loretta Wardrip 7-1571
FCSJ Food in Culture & Social Justice Loretta Wardrip 7-1571
LING Linguistics Loretta Wardrip 7-1571
QS Queer Studies Loretta Wardrip 7-1571
SSCI Social Science (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
WGSS Women Studies Loretta Wardrip 7-1571
WLC World Languages and Cultures Loretta Wardrip 7-1571
  ARAB – Arabic; ASL - American Sign Language; ASN - Asian Languages and Culture; CHN – Chinese; FR – French; GER – German; HEBR – Hebrew; IT – Italian; JPN – Japanese; KOR – Korean; RUS – Russian; SPAN – Spanish
     School of Psychological Science
PSY Psychology Shirley Mann 7-1360
     School of Public Policy
ECON Economics Laura Relyea 7-2369
MPP Master of Public Policy Lena Cottam 7-5589
PPOL Public Policy Lena Cottam 7-5589
PS Political Science Lena Cottam 7-5589
SOC Sociology Cindy Huddleston 7-5371
     School of Writing, Literature, and Film
AJ Applied Journalism Felicia Phillips / Clare Braun 7-1667 / 7-3112
ENG English Felicia Phillips / Clare Braun 7-1667 / 7-3112
FILM Film Felicia Phillips / Clare Braun 7-1667 / 7-3112
WR Writing Felicia Phillips / Clare Braun 7-1667 / 7-3112
College of Pharmacy
PHAR Pharmacy Amy Gagnon 7-5230
College of Public Health and Human Sciences
     School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
HDFS Human Development and Family Sci Kara Keenan 7-2686
HHS Health and Human Sciences Nathaniel Hill 7-3222
     School of Biological and Population Health Sciences
H Public Health Kara Keenan 7-2686
KIN Kinesiology Kara Keenan 7-2686
NUTR Nutrition and Food Management Kara Keenan 7-2686
PAC Physical Activities Drew Ibarra 7-3222
PT Physical Therapy (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
College of Science
BB Biochemistry and Biophysics Anthony Reyna 7-4512
BI Biology Program Traci Durrell-Khalife 7-5335
BHS BioHealth Sciences Mary Fulton 7-1833
CH Chemistry Paula Christie 7-1681
GS General Science Lower Division Traci Durrell-Khalife 7-5335
Upper Division Heather Arbuckle 7-4786
IB Integrative Biology Traci Durrell-Khalife 7-5335
MB Microbiology Mary Fulton 7-1833
MTH Mathematics Lisa Rogers 7-5132
PH Physics Lori Emmons 7-4355
ST Statistics Traci Durrell Khalife (interim) 7-5335
Z Zoology Traci Durrell-Khalife 7-5335
College of Veterinary Medicine
VMB Veterinary Medicine (Biomedical) Jason Tanenbaum 7-2268
VMC Veterinary Medicine (Clinical) Jason Tanenbaum 7-2268
Defense Education
AS Aerospace Studies Lauri Potter 7-3291
MS Military Studies Cindy Rossi 7-3511
NS Naval Studies Lauri Morris 7-9298
Graduate School
GRAD Graduate Education Maureen Childers 7-2033
IST Interdisciplinary Studies Trischa Goodnow 541-250-2604
WRE Water Resource Engineering Cat Mullins 7-2041
WRP Water Resource Policy and Mgmt Cat Mullins 7-2041
WRS Water Resource Research Cat Mullins 7-2041
Overseas Studies
INTL International Degree Stephanie Gorlick 7-2884
University Honors College
HC Honors College Brittany Sundberg 7-3027

Other Contacts
Corvallis Campus Classroom Scheduling [email protected]
OSU Cascades Course and Classroom Scheduling Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
  All scheduling questions and requests for OSU Cascades Campus courses and classroom events can be directed to Konnie Handschuch.
Newport Campus (HMSC) Classroom Scheduling Tami O'Connor 541-867-0203
Portland Center Classroom Scheduling [email protected]
La Grande (EOU) Campus Scheduling Michelle Hines 541-962-3047
Ecampus Scheduling [email protected]
Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) Urmila Mali 7-3929
INTO OSU Scheduling (IEPA, IEPG, IEPH subject codes) Bobbi Becker 7-1994
OSU GO (Global Opportunities) Faculty Led Study Abroad Julie Walkin 7-6407
University Exploratory Studies Program (UESP) Kerry Kincanon 7-8144
Office of Academic Programs and Assessment
Curriculum Approvals
Janice Nave-Abele 7-1611
Meilianty Gunawan 7-9560
Catalog Coordinator [email protected]
Conference Services Deb Weitzman 7-9300
Disability Access Services (DAS) Traci Bentley-Townlin 7-8965
Office of Youth Safety and Compliance Eric Cardella 7-9362
Student Clubs and Organizations Brittany Nefcy 7-2917
EHS - Fire Safety Officer Jim Patton 7-3066
Facilities Services - Work Coordination Center Travis Lafon 7-3138
Course Fees, Budget/Fiscal Planning Kayla Campbell 7-4763
Degree Partnership Programs ([email protected]) Rick DeBellis 7-2790
Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life Kelsey Elam-Geuting 7-5432
Information Services / Academic Technology Canvas Canvas Consultation 7-2121
Computer Classrooms ([email protected]) Richard Turk 7-4412
GP Classroom Technology and Milam Auditorium Don DeMello 7-4122
Scheduling Clarissa Amundsen 7-2120
Media Production Media Services 7-2121
Public Safety Emergency Line 541-737-7000
Business Line 541-737-3010

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