Each academic department has at least one individual designated as their department scheduler. This individual usually edits sections for specific subject codes in CourseLeaf CLSS.

To reserve classroom space or schedule a new course section/CRN, or if you have questions specific to your department’s academic schedule, contact your authorized representative below.

Departments not listed here or other/administrative units should visit our 25Live information page to find out more about requesting General Purpose classroom reservations.

Click the Colleges below to find scheduling contacts. This list applies specifically to departmental/CRN/room scheduling. Please visit Course Area Subject Contacts for other questions related to classes, registration, or catalog updates.

Last revised 2022/11/18; for updates, contact [email protected].


Academic Learning Services
ALS Academic Learning Services Anna Bentley 7-5707
UEXP University Experience Anna Bentley 7-5707
College of Agricultural Sciences
     Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences
AED Agriculture Education Elizabeth Thomas 7-2661
AG Agriculture-General Elizabeth Thomas 7-2661
AGRI Agricultural Science Paul Dorres 7-5655
LEAD Leadership Elizabeth Thomas 7-2661
     Animal and Rangeland Sciences
ANS Animal Sciences Sean Bodo 7-3011
RNG Rangeland Ecology & Management Sean Bodo 7-3011
     Department of Applied Economics
AEC Applied Economics Tjodie Richardson 7-1399
     Bioresource Research Program
BRR Bioresource Research Wanda Crannell 7-2999
     Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
BOT Botany and Plant Pathology Dianne Simpson 7-4147
BDS Biological Data Sciences Dianne Simpson 7-4147
     Department of Crop and Soil Science
CROP Crop Science Rachel Swindon 7-1286
CSS Crop & Soil Science (EOU & Ecampus only) Rachel Swindon 7-1286
SOIL Soil Science Rachel Swindon 7-1286
     Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
TOX Toxicology Mary Mucia 7-9079
     Department of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences
FW Fisheries and Wildlife Kristen Jennings 7-1936
     Department of Food Science and Technology
FST Food Science and Technology Deborah Gould 7-6486
     Department of Horticulture
HORT Horticulture Elaine Clark 7-5477
PBG Plant Breeding & Genetics Elaine Clark 7-5477
ENT Entomology Elaine Clark 7-5477
     Sustainability Program
SUS Sustainability Erica Elliott 7-5687
College of Business
ACTG Accounting Carrie Stampe 7-5916
BA Business Administration Carrie Stampe 7-5916
BANA Business Analytics Carrie Stampe 7-5916
BIS Business Information Systems Carrie Stampe 7-5916
DSGN Design Carrie Stampe 7-5916
FIN Finance Carrie Stampe 7-5916
HM Hospitality Management (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
MGMT Management Carrie Stampe 7-5916
MRKT Marketing Carrie Stampe 7-5916
SCLM Supply Chain & Logistics Management Carrie Stampe 7-5916
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
ATS Atmospheric Sciences Julie Barlow 7-6238
ENSC Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Julie Barlow 7-6238
Graduate Renee Freeman 7-1201
GEO Geosciences Julie Barlow 7-6238
GEOG Geography Julie Barlow 7-6238
GPH Geophysics Julie Barlow 7-6238
MRM Marine Resource Management Julie Barlow 7-6238
OC Oceanography Julie Barlow 7-6238
OEAS Ocean, Earth, & Atmospheric Sciences Julie Barlow 7-6238
College of Education
AHE Adult Education & Higher Ed Leadership Gosia Wojtas 7-4317
COUN Counseling Gosia Wojtas 7-4317
ED Education Kathleen Lillis 7-4661
SED Science and Math Education Kathleen Lillis 7-4661
College of Engineering
EMGT Engineering Management Julie Nist COE Scheduling
ENGR Engineering Science Julie Nist COE Scheduling
OP Outdoor Products (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
     School of Biological and Ecological Engineering
BEE Biological and Ecological Engineering Julie Nist COE Scheduling
     School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
BIOE Biological Engineering Angela Keeton COE Scheduling
CBEE Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering Angela Keeton COE Scheduling
CHE Chemical Engineering Angela Keeton COE Scheduling
ENVE Environmental Engineering Angela Keeton COE Scheduling
     School of Civil and Construction Engineering
ARE Architectural Engineering Julie Nist COE Scheduling
CCE Civil and Construction Engineering Julie Nist COE Scheduling
CE Civil Engineering Julie Nist COE Scheduling
CEM Construction Engineering Management Julie Nist COE Scheduling
     School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
AI Artificial Intelligence Angela Keeton COE Scheduling
CS Computer Science Angela Keeton COE Scheduling
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering Angela Keeton COE Scheduling
SE Software Engineering (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
     School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
AAE Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Julie Nist COE Scheduling
ESE Energy Systems Engineering (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
IE Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Julie Nist COE Scheduling
HEST Humanitarian Engineering Sci & Tech Julie Nist COE Scheduling
MATS Materials Science Julie Nist COE Scheduling
ME Mechanical Engineering Julie Nist COE Scheduling
MFGE Manufacturing Engineering Julie Nist COE Scheduling
MIME Mech/Ind/Mfg Engineering Julie Nist COE Scheduling
ROB Robotics Julie Nist COE Scheduling
     School of Nuclear Science and Engineering
NSE Nuclear Science and Engineering Angela Keeton COE.Scheduling
College of Forestry
     Forest Ecosystems and Society
FES Forest Ecosystems and Society Misty Magers 7-1484
MNR Master of Natural Resources Misty Magers 7-1484
NR Natural Resources Misty Magers 7-1484
SNR Sustainable Natural Resources Misty Magers 7-1484
TRAL Tourism, Recreation, & Adventure Leadership Misty Magers 7-1484
TOL Tourism & Outdoor Leadership (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
     Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management
FE Forest Engineering Madison Dudley 7-1349
FOR Forestry Madison Dudley 7-1349
     Wood Science and Engineering
WSE Wood Science and Engineering Allison Culver 7-5091
College of Liberal Arts
AMS American Studies (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
EAH Environmental Arts & Humanities Jacob Hamblin 7-3503
LA Liberal Arts Cindy Wettengel 7-6233
LS Liberal Studies Cindy Wettengel 7-6233
     School of Communication
COMM Communication Kim Rossi 7-6115
NMC New Media Communications Kim Rossi 7-6115
    School of Visual, Performing, and Design Arts
ART Art Lei Xue 7-5395
GD Graphic Design Shannon Sauvage 7-2853
MUED Music Education Samantha Ramirez 7-4061
MUP Music (Studio) Samantha Ramirez 7-4061
MUS Music Samantha Ramirez 7-4061
TA Theatre Arts Shannon Sauvage 7-2853
     School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
HST History David Bishop 7-8918
HSTS History of Science David Bishop 7-8918
PAX Peace Studies David Bishop 7-8918
PHL Philosophy David Bishop 7-8918
REL Religious Studies David Bishop 7-8918
     School of Language, Culture, and Society
ANTH Anthropology Loretta Wardrip (Corvallis) 7-1571
Karen Mills (Ecampus) 7-3847
CSSA College Student Services Administration Loretta Wardrip (Corvallis) 7-1571
Karen Mills (Ecampus) 7-3847
ES Ethnic Studies Loretta Wardrip (Corvallis) 7-1571
Karen Mills (Ecampus) 7-3847
FCSJ Food in Culture & Social Justice Loretta Wardrip (Corvallis) 7-1571
Karen Mills (Ecampus) 7-3847
LING Linguistics Loretta Wardrip (Corvallis) 7-1571
Karen Mills (Ecampus) 7-3847
QS Queer Studies Loretta Wardrip (Corvallis) 7-1571
Karen Mills (Ecampus) 7-3847
SSCI Social Science (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
WGSS Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Loretta Wardrip (Corvallis) 7-1571
Karen Mills (Ecampus) 7-3847
WLC World Languages and Cultures Loretta Wardrip (Corvallis) 7-1571
Karen Mills (Ecampus) 7-3847
  WLC also includes: ASL - American Sign Language; CHN – Chinese; FR – French; GER – German; IT – Italian; JPN – Japanese; KOR – Korean; SPAN – Spanish
     School of Psychological Science
PSY Psychology Shirley Mann 7-1360
     School of Public Policy
ECON Economics Laura Relyea 7-2369
MPP Master of Public Policy LeAnn Headrick 7-6270
PPOL Public Policy LeAnn Headrick 7-6270
PS Political Science LeAnn Headrick 7-6270
SOC Sociology Cindy Huddleston 7-5371
     School of Writing, Literature, and Film
AJ Applied Journalism Clare Braun 7-3112
Amanda Bressler 7-1669
ENG English Clare Braun 7-3112
Amanda Bressler 7-1669
FILM Film Studies Clare Braun 7-3112
Amanda Bressler 7-1669
WR Written English Clare Braun 7-3112
Amanda Bressler 7-1669
College of Pharmacy
PHAR Pharmacy Amy Gagnon 7-5230
College of Public Health and Human Sciences
     School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
HDFS Human Development and Family Sciences Kara Keenan 7-2686
HHS Health and Human Sciences Nate Hill 7-3222
     School of Biological and Population Health Sciences
H Public Health Kara Keenan 7-2686
KIN Kinesiology Kara Keenan 7-2686
NUTR Nutrition and Food Management Kara Keenan 7-2686
NUR Nursing (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
PAC Physical Activity Courses Katelyn Kirk 7-3222
PT Physical Therapy/Therapist (Cascades) Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
College of Science
CH Chemistry MacKenzie Boyd 7-6707
MTH Mathematics Lisa Rogers 7-5132
PH Physics Kelly Carter 7-1674
ST Statistics Denice Huber 7-1981
     School of Life Sciences
BB Biochemistry and Biophysics Kimberly Webster 7-1830
BI Biology Traci Durrell-Khalife 7-5335
BHS BioHealth Sciences Amy Timshel 7-1833
GS General Science Traci Durrell-Khalife 7-5335
IB Integrative Biology Traci Durrell-Khalife 7-5335
MB Microbiology Amy Timshel 7-1833
SCI Science Traci Durrell-Khalife (BI) 7-5335
MacKenzie Boyd (CH) 7-6707
Z Zoology Traci Durrell-Khalife 7-5335
College of Veterinary Medicine
VMB Veterinary Medicine Biomedical Jason Tanenbaum 7-2268
VMC Veterinary Medicine Clinical Jason Tanenbaum 7-2268
Defense Education
AS Aerospace Studies Lauri Potter 7-3291
MS Military Science Lauri Morris 7-9298
NS Naval Science Lauri Morris 7-9298
Graduate School
GRAD Graduate Education Ashleigh Anderson 7-4652
IST Interdisciplinary Programs Maureen Childers 7-2033
MCB Molecular & Cellular Biology Maureen Childers 7-2033
WRE Water Resources Engineering Catherine Mullins 7-2041
WRP Water Resources Policy and Management Catherine Mullins 7-2041
WRS Water Resources Science Catherine Mullins 7-2041
Overseas Studies
INTL International Degree Stephanie Koser 7-2884
Honors College
HC Honors College Brittany Sundberg 7-3027
Other Contacts
Corvallis Campus Classroom Scheduling [email protected]
OSU Cascades Course and Classroom Scheduling Konnie Handschuch 541-322-3195
  All scheduling questions and requests for OSU Cascades Campus courses and classroom events can be directed to Konnie Handschuch.
Newport Campus (HMSC) Classroom Scheduling Tami O'Connor 541-867-0203
Portland Center Classroom Scheduling [email protected]
La Grande (EOU) Campus Scheduling Penelope Diebel 541-962-5317
Ecampus Scheduling [email protected]
Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) Urmila Mali 7-3929
INTO OSU Scheduling
(IEPA, IEPG, IEPH subject codes)
Bobbi Becker 7-1994
OSU GO (Global Opportunities)
Faculty Led Study Abroad
Julie Walkin 7-6407
University Exploratory Studies Program (UESP) Kerry Kincanon 7-8144
Curriculum Management Janice Nave-Abele or Meilianty Gunawan 7-1611 / 7-9560
Catalog Coordinator [email protected]
Conference Services Deb Weitzman 7-9300
Disability Access Services (DAS) Traci Bentley-Townlin 7-8965
Office of Youth Safety and Compliance Eric Cardella 7-9362
Student Clubs and Organizations Angel Le 7-2917
EHS - Fire Safety Officer Jim Patton 7-3066
Facilities Services - Work Coordination Center Travis Lafon 7-3138
Course Fees, Budget/Fiscal Planning Kayla Campbell 7-4763
Degree Partnership Programs ([email protected]) Rick DeBellis 7-2790
Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life Kelsey Elam-Geuting 7-5432
Information Services / Academic Technology Canvas Canvas Consultation 7-2121
Computer Classrooms ([email protected]) Richard Turk 7-4412
GP Classroom Technology and Milam Auditorium Don DeMello 7-4122
Scheduling Clarissa Amundsen 7-2120
Media Production Media Services 7-2121
Public Safety Emergency Line 541-737-7000
Business Line 541-737-3010