The emails below were approved by the OSU Registrar to be sent to Student Communications listserves in the 2019-2020 school year.

Email archive for previous years.

To the OSU Community:


Please remember to vote in the upcoming November 5th Special Election. In order to be counted, your ballot must be received by a County Elections Office or deposited in an official ballot drop site no later than 8:00 p.m. on Election Day: Tuesday, November 5th. 


If you are mailing your ballot, please note that postmarks do not count. In order to ensure that it is received in time, mail it no later than today, Thursday, October 31st. 


There is an official ballot drop site on the OSU Corvallis Campus: OSU Valley Library. Library hours of operation are:


         Thursday: Open 24 hours

Friday: Closes at 10:00 p.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – no closing

Monday: Open 24 hours

Tuesday: Open 24 hours, ballot box closes at 8:00 p.m.


For official ballot drop sites throughout Oregon:


Note: On Election Day all official ballot drop sites will be open until 8:00 p.m.


If you are registered to vote and have not received your ballot, contact your county elections office to check on your voting status:


Benton County Elections Department:

(541) 766-6756,


Deschutes County Elections Department:

(541) 388-6547,


Lincoln County Elections Department:

(541) 265-4131,


For all other county elections offices in Oregon:


You can also check the status of your ballot at My Ballot:


If your ballot is from another county, you may drop it off at any official county ballot box, as long as you do so no later than 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 5th. The county receiving the ballot will route it to your home county for counting.


More information for student voters can be found here:


For additional voting and election information from the Secretary of State’s website: 




Edward J. Ray



OSU Corvallis students,

As you may know, Oregon State University will host the University of Washington in a nationally televised football game at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 8.

Weeknight games may bring traffic congestion and parking challenges as 40,000 fans and faculty, staff and students gather on OSU’s Corvallis campus. Additionally, Oregon State will host many visitors for its annual fall Family Weekend Nov. 8-10.

Each of us can help lessen congestion by altering how we travel that day to and from the Corvallis campus, saving time, minimizing hassle and enabling an even better university, visitor and fan experience. We recognize our first priority is safety; followed by ensuring successful academic, research and university business operations; and showcasing Oregon State University and OSU athletics.

We offer a few considerations and options for commuting on Nov. 8:

  • Parking flexibility. On Nov. 8, OSU parking permit holders can park in any commuter zone (Zones A, B or C) on campus.  However, cars in the red tow lots on the linked map must be removed by 1 p.m. that day. Visit the OSU Transportation Services website for more information.
  • Public transit. We encourage the use of local transit to travel to and from campus. For details about routes and times of service, please see the Corvallis Transit System website. Meanwhile, the OSU Beaver Bus shuttle service will operate from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Nov. 8.
  • To avoid congestion, we encourage you to walk, bike or carpool to campus. A new state program, Get There Oregon, connects OSU students with others who want to join a carpool. Register with your OSU email to connect with people in your network. As well, many local ridesharing services are available and provide transportation options.

For those attending the game, an Athletics shuttle service is available from the Benton County Fairgrounds ticket booth beginning at 4:30 p.m. It costs $5 and will run until an hour after the game ends.  

Thanks for your help in making Nov. 8-10 an enjoyable weekend for students, visiting families and fans.

Dan Larson

Vice Provost

Student Affairs



23 October 2019


Oregon State community members:


We are pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the 2020 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Awards.


This year, nominations will be accepted for four awards – the Phyllis S. Lee Award, the Frances Dancy Hooks Award, the Oscar Humberto Montemayor Award, and for the first time the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alumni Legacy Award. More information about all four awards can be found on the 2020 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Awards website.


Award winners and nominees will be honored at the 38th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Celebration Peace Breakfast on January 20, 2020.


Each award is accompanied by a $500 stipend.


Nominations will be accepted until Friday, November 15, 2019.


The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alumni Legacy Award


Established this year in partnership with the OSU Alumni Association, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alumni Legacy Award recognizes alumni who have demonstrated a deep and abiding commitment to causes of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion and who exemplify and enrich OSU’s values of community, diversity, respect and social responsibility in their broader community or organization.


Learn more and submit a nomination for the 2020 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alumni Legacy Award.


The Oscar Humberto Montemayor Award


The Oscar Humberto Montemayor Award was created to honor Oscar, who served the Oregon State community with diligence and grace over a thirty-year career. The award honors an Oregon State student who embodies Oscar’s ethos of selfless service; steady, strong, considerate leadership; and trailblazing spirit and heart.


Learn more and submit a nomination for the 2020 Oscar Humberto Montemayor Award.


The Phyllis S. Lee Award


The Phyllis S. Lee Award honors a member of the Oregon State community who exemplifies Dr. Lee’s commitment and dedication to social justice and the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Learn more and submit a nomination for the 2020 Phyllis S. Lee Award.


The Frances Dancy Hooks Award


The Frances Dancy Hooks Award recognizes Oregon State students, staff or faculty who exemplify Frances Dancy Hooks’ work: building bridges across cultures, showing courage in promoting diversity, and proudly “Walking the Talk.”


Learn more and submit a nomination for the 2018 Frances Dancy Hooks Award.


Please reach out the Office of Institutional Diversity with any questions.


Warm Regards,


The Office of Institutional Diversity

The 2020 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee



To the OSU Community:


Ballots for the November 5th Special Election were mailed to most voters this week. If you are registered to vote and have not received your ballot, please contact your county elections office to check on your voting status:


Benton County Elections Department:

(541) 766-6756,


Deschutes County Elections Department:

(541) 388-6547,


For all other county elections offices in Oregon:


You can also check the status of your ballot at “My Vote”:


In order to be counted, your ballot must be received by a County Elections Office or deposited in an official ballot drop site no later than 8:00 p.m. on Election Day: Tuesday, November 5th.


Note: Postmarks do not count. The ballot must be deposited or received by November 5th. If you are mailing your ballot, in order to ensure that it is received in time, mail it no later than Thursday, October 31st.


There is an official ballot drop site on the OSU Corvallis Campus: OSU Valley Library. Library hours of operation are:


Monday: Open 24 hours

Tuesday: Open 24 hours

Wednesday: Open 24 hours

             Thursday: Open 24 hours

Friday: Closes at 10:00 p.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – no closing


For official ballot drop sites throughout Oregon:


Note: On Election Day all official ballot drop sites will be open until 8:00 p.m.


More information for student voters can be found here:


For additional voting and election information from the Secretary of State’s website:   


We hope you will take time to participate in the November 5th Special Election.




Edward J. Ray



OSU Corvallis campus faculty, staff and students,


Oregon State University was informed this week by Oregon State Police of the agency’s decision to terminate its law enforcement services for OSU’s Corvallis campus, citing the need to focus OSP personnel and resources on statewide policing needs.


We thank Oregon State Police and its many staff members and troopers who have served our Corvallis campus since the mid-1980’s.


To provide for an orderly transition of campus licensed law enforcement services, OSP personnel will remain on-campus, fully serving OSU until June 30, 2020.


Campus safety remains our highest priority. University administrators are actively evaluating short-term and long-term needs for campus law enforcement and identifying and evaluating alternative service providers to assure there is no lapse in service. 


We will share more information as it is available.




Edward J. Ray


Welcome back, Beavs!


On behalf of ASOSU and Information & Technology, we hope that this new academic year has started smoothly for you all. We value your opinions and experiences, so we created a quick opportunity to provide feedback via survey focusing on your knowledge about the data that the University collects relevant to you and how you would like that information to be used. Logging into academic interfaces such as Canvas and MyDegrees, accessing Scheduler, and swiping your ID card at different locations are all actions that create a record of engagement for you.


Data security and transparency are important to both students and OSU. OSU seeks information on how you perceive the gathering of data and your thoughts about the ways that data could best support students’ learning experience and enhance your success. Your voice is critical to providing that support. Completing this survey will inform OSU about your knowledge, ideas, and concerns regarding student data collection, which will enable the university to better serve you in your courses and beyond.


The survey is anonymous and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and will be open until the end of the day on November 8. Upon completion, you will have the option to enter a separate drawing to win one of twenty-five $20 Amazon gift cards. If you select the option to participate in one of the focus groups during winter term, you will have the opportunity to tell OSU more about your ideas on issues related to the collection and use of your data. The survey data will be analyzed and results shared later this year.


To access the survey, click here.


Thank you for your participation! Survey results will be communicated during winter term. For questions, please contact Robin Pappas, Instructional Innovation Program Manager for University Information & Technology: Questions you want to share with fellow students? Email



Rachel Josephson, ASOSU President and Kylie Boenisch, ASOSU Vice President



Brian Chavez, ASCC President


October 22, 2019


Oregon State University is pleased to announce the launch of a revised Code of Student Conduct to reflect a renewed Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination Investigation and Resolution Process for Complaints against Students (Student Process).  The revisions are effective immediately and will continue to enhance the University’s ability to create and maintain a safe and equitable environment for our students to learn, explore, work, innovate and thrive.  The revisions are a result of a thorough evaluation of Title IX requirements and OSU’s commitment to provide students with processes that are fair and equitable.


The renewed code’s key enhancements include:

  • Enhanced guidance as to how the University will communicate with students
  • Clearer descriptions of behavior expectations of students and student organizations
  • Enhanced descriptions of the student conduct process and procedures 


The renewed student investigation and resolution process enhancements include:

  • Introduction of EOA’s Intake Assessment Associate into the process
  • Clearer delineation of adjudicative functions between EOA and SCCS – bifurcating the findings of fact in the investigation stage from the determination of policy violation in the adjudication phase
  • Enhanced procedural protections and support resources for responding parties
  • Clearer descriptions of the facilitated resolution process options


The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards in collaboration with the Office of Student Life and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access will continue to work with students, faculty and staff to develop outreach programs and promotions that inform all members of our community of our shared expectations for behavior and the processes that will be used for addressing allegations of student misconduct.  


As the new academic year continues, we look forward to engaging with our new and returning students to campus and providing students with an environment that supports student success. The staff of Student Conduct & Community Standards is here to provide information, guidance and support. The Code of Student Conduct can be found here.  We encourage you to reach out to our office at or by calling (541) 737- 3656 if you would like to learn more about changes to the Code of Student Conduct and the Student Process.


Kevin A. Dougherty, Ed.D.

Associate Vice Provost & Dean of Students

Oregon State University


Carol Millie

Director, Student Conduct & Community Standards

Oregon State University


Kim D. Kirkland, Ed.D.

Executive Director and Title IX Coordinator

Office of Equal Opportunity and Access

Oregon State University

Dear Students,


OSU has been the victim of a recent spike in phishing emails as part of a nationwide malware campaign that is targeting universities. Many of these emails try to trick you into thinking something business related needs your attention. They also either have a link they ask you to click or an attachment to open, both of which are malicious. 


Here is an example of this type of phishing email, pretending to be from Oregon State: 



If you receive any emails like this, or any other email that seems suspicious, please forward that message as an attachment to . Please note that due to the high volume of messages we receive, our phishing response team won't be able to reply to every submission, but if you have specific questions please include them in your email and we'll respond. 



If you have previously received a suspicious email and clicked on a link, or opened any attachments in a message like this please contact your local IT Support Team and they'll help you make sure your account and system stays safe. 



If you're interested in learning more about this series of attacks, copy and paste the following urls into your browser to view the articles below:





David McMorries Chief Information Security Officer | Office of Information Security

University Information and Technology | Oregon State University

1500 SW Jefferson Avenue | Corvallis, OR 97331



Oregon State University community members,


I am writing to share an update and my concerns regarding the off-campus arrest Sunday by Oregon State Police of an OSU student while riding her bicycle. And I write to offer my sincere interest in the well-being of our student involved in this matter.


The university remains engaged in gathering complete information about what occurred. Early this week in an effort to understand the full context of the event, we reviewed both the on-line videos posted by members of the public and body camera video footage of the entire episode provided by Oregon State Police.


Upon considering the context of these videos, we immediately communicated with law enforcement authorities sharing our concern regarding what was portrayed in the videos. We also asked that law enforcement policies and practices by Oregon State Police  and other local law enforcement agencies associated with OSU  be examined for evidence of implicit and explicit bias.  


This week, university staff have offered support services to this student and other members of the OSU community affected by this matter. This includes sharing information about services available through ASOSU’s office of legal services.  


We will continue to emphasize the need for law enforcement authorities to de-escalate situations involving OSU students. Let me be clear, this matter is sufficiently troublesome that unless its resolution is satisfactory to OSU, we will reassess the value of continuing a campus law enforcement service agreement with Oregon State Police.


At the same time, we recognize that a comment made earlier this week to a reporter that the university believed there was no indication of bias in this matter was inappropriate, hurt our community and should not have been made, as it added to the challenges of this week. This comment has since been clarified by the university’s spokesman in further statements to the media indicating OSU cannot judge bias based upon the video evidence.


Going forward, we will seek continued information to shed light on this situation, determine how implicit or explicit bias played a role, and communicate with law enforcement agencies to address our concerns. I and other university administrators will meet with students, faculty, staff and police to discuss and provide for programming that will inform and build safe and positive relationships between our students and law enforcement.


Along the way, I will update the community further on this matter and OSU’s continuing efforts with our faculty, staff, students and community partners to provide a welcoming, inclusive and safe community.




Edward J. Ray


OSU colleagues and students,


As you may recall, President Ray called upon the Oregon State University community last spring to help address the growing – and yet solvable - problem of food insecurity at OSU. 


I am writing to update you on university efforts since then. While we have begun to better address the problems associated with hunger, we must remain just as focused on these efforts as we are on other aspects of student success.


We recognize that each day, too many of our students miss meals, worry about how to feed their families and face difficult decisions about how to spend limited funds on books and course materials, utilities or groceries. I hope we all agree that effective and complete learning cannot occur on a consistently empty stomach.   

The efforts to address hunger will not solely be institutional. This fall, we will launch an OSU Food Insecurity Task Force made up of students, faculty and staff to strategically inform our efforts. ASOSU President Rachel Josephson and I have charged this task force, which will be co-chaired by Kevin Dougherty, associate vice provost for Student Affairs and dean of students, and Sarah Cunningham, OSU instructor and coordinator of the Food in Culture and Social Justice program.  The task force will include university colleagues, who are conducting local and national research, scholarship and public policy work regarding food insecurity, as well as students and staff who are delivering campus-based programs and services. There is a role for each of us within the work of this task force. Those interested in contributing to this effort should contact Kevin to share ideas and become engaged. 

Progress is being made to expand OSU’s food assistance programs in many areas, including:

  • A new University Housing & Dining Services meal program, Food for Thought, piloting later this fall. Using unsold food prepared within campus dining locations, UHDS will create pre-packaged, balanced meal options, available at no cost to eligible OSU students. Visit this website for more details about this and other UHDS efforts to address food insecurity.
  • OSU-Cascades in Bend has launched lower cost food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Beaver Dam dining center.
  • Oregon’s eligibility for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has expanded to include more college students.  Information about accessing SNAP benefits is available on the university’s Human Services Resource Center (HSRC) website.
  • In collaboration with the Faculty Senate, ASOSU and Student Affairs, a statement has been added as a required component of course syllabi“Reach Out for Success,” this initiative encourages students to “reach out” and seek support if they encounter difficulties ranging from academic challenges, financial needs and mental health support to food assistance. Details and resources are available on the Reach Out for Success website.    

Certainly, we have more to do to fully address the challenge issued by President Ray last spring.  Working together, I am confident that we will. Meanwhile, I am encouraged by the growing level of community interest and engagement on these important topics to support all students and their needs both inside and outside of the classroom.

If you are personally interested in helping further, a few suggestions follow:

  • Donate non-perishable, unopened food items, including bread and fresh produce, to the Human Services Resource Center located in the Champinefu Lodge, 1030 S.W. Madison Ave., from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Consider making a gift to the HSRC. This year’s Giving Tuesday campaign conducted by the OSU Foundation on Dec. 3 will focus on supporting the HSRC food pantry. More details from will be forthcoming.
  • Volunteer in the Cascades Campus food pantry. Contact Sophie Piaskowski, ASCC director of student advocacy for more information.
  • Lead your unit in the "Adopt a Month" targeted food drive. Email the HSRC Food Pantry for more information.
  • Let students know if free food or leftovers are available following university events through the @eatfreeOSU Twitter account. Just complete this web form.


I look forward to working with you and all members of the university community to address food insecurity. Throughout the year, I will continue to provide updates as we make progress on this important issue.



Dan Larson

Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Oregon State University

OSU community members,


Welcome to the new academic year. As we mark the beginning of classes, we want to share a reminder that Oregon State University is committed to providing support for students, faculty and staff in our community whose observance of their religious beliefs may have an impact on classes, schedules and dietary needs.


We request that faculty work with students as outlined in OSU’s Religious Accommodation of Students Policy. It is incumbent on the student making the request to notify the faculty member as soon as possible prior to the need for the accommodation. Students should work directly with their faculty member on these requests according to OSU’s religious accommodation policy. Meanwhile, faculty and staff are able to approve requests for religious accommodations but must first contact Equal Opportunity & Access if denying a request.


Because of the timing of some holidays, we recognize it may not always be possible for students to contact faculty/staff for accommodations in advance as outlined in our religious accommodations policy. For this reason, we request that faculty work with students who miss required activities due to these religious holidays, and provide accommodations to make up any missed work deliverables or course material within a reasonable amount of time.   


In addition to the above information, this email provides resources about Oregon State’s Corvallis and OSU-Cascades “quiet spaces,” which can be used for meditation, reflection and prayer. Additionally, with this email, we are providing information about different dining and food options available on our campuses in Corvallis and at OSU-Cascades.


If you have any questions, concerns or recommendations, please do not hesitate to directly contact the Office of Student Life or OSU’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.


Thank you for assisting our students in balancing their academic schedules, employment duties and religious observations. I wish you all a great academic year.


Kevin A. Dougherty, Ed.D.

Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Dean of Students   







OSU Resources


Quiet Spaces:

Quiet spaces are offered on the Corvallis campus in the Student Experience Center 3rd floor (hours of operation are Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m.) and the International Living Learning Center (ILLC) Multi-Faith Room, located on the 4th floor. The cultural resource centers have the following quiet spaces available:  Asian & Pacific Cultural Center quiet space, Lonnie B Harris Black Cultural Center quiet space, Centro Cultural César Chávez quiet space, Ettihad Cultural Center quiet space, Native American Longhouse Eena Haws Sacred Space, Pride Center reflection garden, and Hattie Redmond Women's & Gender Center quiet lounge. For OSU-Cascades, a quiet space is offered on campus in the Reflection Room, Tykeson Hall 208. For all spaces listed, no reservations are required and are open on a first-come, first serve basis. 


Dining and Food Options:

Any student in Corvallis practicing a Halal or Kosher diet who needs to develop a plan that will meet dietary needs for upcoming holidays and beyond; who has suggestions about specific foods that could be added to our convenience stores and dining halls; or who needs to discuss access to space for meal preparations, etc., should contact Tara Sanders, registered dietitian in University Housing & Dining Services by calling 541-737-3915 (office) or 541-602-9736 (cell).


Additionally, food in all UHDS dining centers is labeled for dietary preferences and allergen needs. UHDS carries many Halal and Kosher certified packaged goods as well as a variety of whole foods (fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains) at Cascadia Market in the International Living Learning Center building. For more information about all available food options, restaurants and menus, please visit the University Housing & Dining Services website.


Dining Manager Marta Givens ( at OSU-Cascades will assist students with special food needs. Meanwhile, Housing Manager Heather Holton ( can help students living in residence who need access to meal preparation space.



To request this information in an alternative format please contact

Oregon State University students,


You may have seen or read recent news reports regarding a national outbreak of severe lung illnesses associated with vaping and the use of e-cigarettes.


This e-mail is to alert you that the Oregon Health Authority last week reported Oregon’s second vaping-related death. Nationwide, the federal Centers for Disease Control has reported 13 deaths and more than 800 cases of serious illness involving vaping. These cases are primarily youth and young adults.


In light of the growing number of cases and the ongoing investigation to determine the cause, the Oregon Health Authority is warning all Oregonians to stop using vaping products or e-cigarettes.


Those who want to break their nicotine addiction – or need help to stop vaping – should visit; call 1-800-QUIT-NOW; or see a health care provider about FDA-approved nicotine replacement options, such as skin patches, gum, lozenges, and medication.  Student Health Services has cessation nurses available who can help – call to make an appointment: 541-737-9355. There is no cost to you as a student to access this support.


Here is additional educational information about vaping and e-cigarettes from the American Lung Association:




Dan Larson

Vice Provost of Student Affairs


Jenny Haubenreiser

Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Executive Director of Student Health Services


2019 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report; 2018 & 2017 Updates


Notice of Availability

The 2019 Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports include the current security policies and the crime and fire statistics for 2018, 2017, and 2016 at each of the four Oregon State University campuses. Contact information for various campus and community resources related to crime prevention and survivor assistance is in the body and appendix of the reports. 

Oregon State publishes these reports in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.

Paper copies of these reports can be obtained at the following locations:

  • Corvallis: 200 Cascade Hall, 601 SW 17th St.
  • Bend: 108 Obsidian Hall, 1500 SW Chandler Ave.
  • Newport: Director's Office, 2030 SE Marine Science Dr.
  • La Grande: 205 Badgley Hall, One University Blvd.

A copy of the annual report for any campus can also be requested by emailing These reports are available without charge. Please click on the links below to immediately access digital copies.





The flagship campus that's building a smarter, healthier, more prosperous and more just future.






The coastal campus and base for oceanographic research with a leading marine laboratory.






The result of a 30-year grassroots effort to bring a four-year university to central Oregon.






A program to serve the needs of communities in Eastern Oregon and the Intermountain West.



Updated 2018 and 2017 Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports – Notice of Availability
On September 26, 2019, Oregon State received revised crime statistics for 2016 and 2017 from Eastern Oregon University, where the OSU Agriculture and Natural Resources Program is co-located. In 2019, two additional public property liquor arrests in Corvallis were also found to have been reported in 2017. According to U.S. Department of Education policy, we are required to provide employees and students with an updated Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for 2018 and 2017. Below are links to these reports with updated statistics. To access these reports, please click on any of the links: 2018 Corvallis Campus ASFSR, 2018 OSU-EOU ASFSR, and 2017 ASFSR (OSU-EOU update).



If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Steve Clark,

University Relations and Marketing at 541-737-3808 or




28 September 2019


Oregon State University community members,


We are pleased to inform you that an agreement has been reached on a two-year labor contract between Oregon’s seven public universities and SEIU, the union that represents classified employees. This agreement averts the possibility of a strike by classified workers that may have occurred early Monday morning.


Members of the bargaining teams representing the universities and SEIU reached the agreement early Saturday morning after bargaining throughout the day and night on Friday. SEIU members will vote to ratify the contract settlement in October, with implementation of the agreement’s terms in November. We thank all members of the bargaining teams for their exhaustive efforts since January.


We reiterate our respect for our classified colleagues and our appreciation of the many contributions they provide our students, the university and its mission.


The tentative agreement provides for:

  • A 3.0% cost of living adjustment (COLA) for all classified employees retroactive to July 1, 2019; and 2.10% COLA for all classified employees effective July 1, 2020.
  • Full step wage increases of 4.75% in each year of the new contract. This provision applies to more than 70 percent of classified employees who are not already at the top step of their classification.
  • A longevity premium of 2.5% given yearly to classified employees who have been at the university at least five years, and who have been at the top of their salary range for at least a year from their salary eligibility date.
  • A commitment to keep entry level classified employee wages at all universities above Portland metro area universities’ minimum wages.
  • Moving 15 job classifications to higher salary ranges.
  • Providing classified employees with 48 hours of paid time over the course of the agreement to be used in the event of campus closures and delayed openings due to inclement weather or hazardous conditions.
  • All other benefits, such as healthcare, retirement, holidays, vacations, sick leave, personal leave, bereavement and others to remain as they are within the current contract with classified employees.


We look forward to our continued collaboration with our classified colleagues, as well as with all university employees, students and stakeholders. It is this collaboration that makes Oregon State University the outstanding university that it is – and a very special place to learn, work, teach, conduct research, and engage in outreach to communities in Oregon and beyond.




Edward Feser

Provost and Executive Vice President 


Michael J. Green

Vice President, Finance and Administration

Oregon State University students,


We are writing to provide an update on contract bargaining occurring jointly between Oregon’s seven public universities and SEIU, the union that represents classified employees.


Classified colleagues provide important services at OSU, including working in our residence halls, dining centers, colleges, custodial and facility services departments, IT, enrollment management, libraries, student health services and many other divisions.


As of this morning, negotiations between the universities and SEIU continue, and we remain committed to reaching a settlement. We reiterate our respect for our classified employees’ labor rights and the many contributions that classified colleagues provide our students, the university and its mission.


While we are optimistic that we can reach agreement – and avoid a strike that union members have announced will occur Monday morning, Sept. 30 – we are writing to provide information as to how the university will operate should a strike occur.


In the event of a strike, we ask that everyone remain committed to preserving the friendly and collegial culture that exists among faculty, staff and students throughout the Oregon State University community.


If a strike occurs on Monday, we remind you that all students will be expected to attend classes. And student workers will be expected to report to their positions as scheduled.


Should a strike occur Monday, university operations will emphasize continuing the university’s essential teaching, research and outreach activities. We share that some operations will be affected:

  • Food service at Corvallis campus dining centers will be curtailed to peak breakfast, lunch and dinner periods. Coffee shops or cafes on campus may experience curtailed operations. During a strike, visit UDHS dining center website for more information on center hours.
  • Student Health Services (SHS) will provide urgent care services from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Limited nursing services, immunizations and lab services will be provided during a strike. The same-day health clinic in Tebeau Hall will be closed. For SHS hours of operations during a strike, please visit the center’s website.
  • The Valley Library will operate weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • The College of Veterinary Medicine’s veterinary teaching hospital, small animal hospital and large animal hospital will be closed during a strike. Hospital operations will be limited to emergency care for established patients with known and current medical conditions. Meanwhile, the college will continue to receive emergency equine cases and provide rural veterinary farm calls.
  • Corvallis campus mail and freight services will be modified. Campus Mail deliveries will continue, but may be limited to daily service. UPS service to campus will be curtailed during a strike while FedEx service will continue. University Printing and Mailing staff will pick up packages from UPS once per day. OSU employees and students anticipating UPS campus delivery will need to come to Printing and Mailing Services, 4700 Research Way in Corvallis to claim their UPS shipment.  Printing and Mailing staff will call OSU employees and students as UPS packages are available for pick-up. Outgoing packages to be shipped by UPS should be taken to Campus Surplus, at 644 S.W. 13th, Corvallis, for delivery to UPS for shipment.


We will continue to provide additional updates as information is available.




Dan Larson

Vice Provost

Student Affairs

Greetings OSU students, staff and faculty and welcome to the start of another academic year.


In looking at the year ahead and the busyness of integrating our work and family lives we want to highlight and share a number of unique services and programs OSU offers in support of families with dependent care needs. is child care and more; you can also find elder care, pet and house sitting and housekeeping services. Visit to create a free profile using your ONID email address.

Flexible Work Arrangements 
In support of work life fit, OSU offers flexible work arrangements (FWA) in situations where there is a mutual benefit to the employee and university.

Lactation Support
OSU has a network of over 30 well-appointed lactation rooms in addition to free lactation parking permits to facilitate on campus nursing sessions. OSU-Cascades campus lactation room is located in Tykeson Hall.  The OSU Portland Center offers two wellness rooms that can be used for lactation purposes. Visit the front desk with any questions about accessing the rooms, or contact OSU Portland Center Operations at (503) 273-4301.

MilkStork, a breastmilk shipping service is available to OSU nursing employees or students. For additional information about Milk Stork and to obtain a free copy of Nursing Mother, Working Mother contact the Family Resource Center by email or phone at 541-737-4906.

Summer and winter workshops designed for students and employees who have taken a leave of absence for the arrival of a child and are returning to their work and studies.

Beaver Family Connections
Bring your lunch from 12-1 p.m. on scheduled dates and join in on interesting topics and discussions related to your child’s development and your family health and well-being. Open to all students, staff and faculty. If you are unable to attend sessions in person, please visit the Family Resource Center website for access to information shared at previous Beaver Family Connections sessions.

ElderCare Connections 
Monthly lunch hour informational meetings and discussions about what it means to be a caregiver and how to optimally support the ones you love and yourself. Bring friends, colleagues and whoever else you feel could benefit from these sessions, we are open to everyone.

Family Spaces
The Family Resource Center @ Champinefu Lodge and the MU Family Lounge (on the west side of the main floor living room) are both comfortable places to spend time with young children. The Family Resource Center offers convenient dedicated parking, a kitchen, dining and living rooms, a lactation room, shower and laundry facilities, and an outdoor picnic area. For more information, visit the Family Friendly Spaces webpage.

The Family Resource Center and the Faculty Affairs Office of Work-Life have other programs and supports in service to you and your families, as well as referrals to other campus and community resources. Additionally, please keep an eye on the calendar of events for next month’s celebration of National Work and Family Month.

Wishing you all the best as we embark on another new and exciting academic year.

Cathy Hasenpflug                         

Chief Human Resources Officer


Susan Capalbo

Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs


Dan Larson                                   

Vice Provost of Student Affairs

25 September 2019


Oregon State University community members,


We are writing to provide an update on contract bargaining occurring jointly between Oregon’s seven public universities and SEIU, the union that represents classified employees.


Unfortunately, members of the SEIU bargaining team did not appear at a bargaining session agreed to be held yesterday - in Portland. This absence occurred less than a week before SEIU members have indicated they will begin to strike on Monday, Sept. 30, at OSU and Oregon’s six other public universities. We are grateful that bargaining teams from SEIU and the universities have agreed to meet in an all-day bargaining session this Thursday.


OSU remains committed to reaching a settlement in these negotiations. We also continue to respect our classified employees’ labor rights and value the many contributions that classified colleagues make to serve our students and the university’s teaching, research and outreach mission.


The university asks that all parties proactively and collaboratively work to reach agreement. By working together, we will achieve a respectful and fair bargaining agreement, while also prudently managing the financial resources of the university and its many priority initiatives.


We also write to share a sense of context as to the significant impact of the bargaining proposals made by SEIU.


You may recall, the Legislature allocated $100 million in additional operating funds to the seven universities for fiscal years 2020 and 2021. These funds provided partial help for a variety of needs, including holding tuition increases down at several universities; addressing increases in the cost of state-mandated public employee benefits; and supporting compensation increases to all university employees, including faculty and classified employees. In fact, the $100 million was well below what the universities argued was necessary to address rising expenses, provide for salary and benefit costs, support student success programs, improve tuition affordability, and address deferred building maintenance. We calculate that SEIU’s contract proposal calls upon Oregon’s universities to dedicate approximately 50% of the increase provided by the last Legislature to classified employee compensation increases over the next two years.


Since we last provided you an update, the universities have enhanced their offer to SEIU. Here is an overview of that proposal:

  • Full step increases of 4.75% in each year of the next contract.
  • 2.0% cost of living adjustment for all classified employees effective Nov. 1, 2019.
  • 2.25% cost of living adjustment for all classified employees effective July 1, 2020.
  • An $850 one-time bonus to be paid in November for all classified employees who reached the top of their salary range as of June 30, 2018.
  • Committed to keeping entry level-wages above Portland metro’s minimum wage by eliminating steps of the salary schedule that are below that rate.
  • All other classified employee benefits, such as healthcare, pension, holidays, vacations, sick leave, personal leave, bereavement and others will continue as provided in the current contract.
  • Further details of the universities proposal described above are available here.


We remain optimistic that we can reach agreement and avoid a strike, but we continue to prudently prepare for a possible strike. It remains essential for OSU to provide for continued safety, student learning, our research and outreach missions, and priority university services should a strike occur.


We will provide additional updates over the next week.




Edward Feser

Provost and Executive Vice President


Michael J. Green

Vice President, Finance and Administration

OSU Students,


As a reminder, Duo two-step login will become mandatory for all students during this upcoming fall and winter term. Mandatory dates start in late-October and continue until mid-February. You can find your specific, assigned mandatory date at You can sign up for Duo now to begin protecting your information. As your mandatory date approaches, you will receive reminder emails from the Duo project team until you sign up.


What is Duo?

Duo two-step login protects your OSU account by verifying your identity with two forms of identification: something you have (your phone or hardware token) and something you know (your password).


Why are we doing this?

The university is implementing Duo two-step login due to an alarming increase in the number of compromised OSU accounts. By using Duo, you can protect yourself from unauthorized:

  • Changes to your financial aid and payroll direct deposit
  • Reading and sending of your email
  • Access to your Student Health records
  • Criminals attempting to commit identity fraud

Please take a moment to visit to learn more and sign up for Duo two-step login.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this announcement, please contact the IS Service Desk at


Thank you,


Michael McDonald, IT Communications Manager

Oregon State University | University Information & Technology