The Web for Advisors SSB8 Menu was retired on January 29.

Self-Service Banner 8 Grading Tools will be retired March 7.

Web for Advisors Being Retired

As part of the deprecation of Self-Service Banner 8, the Web for Advisors SSB8 Menu will be retired on January 29
For the transfer coursework shown on the Advanced Standing Report, you can view this information in three different locations.

  • MyDegrees Class History Tab (click on the three dots, top right)
  • MyDegrees Student Data (link below the format dropdown section)
  • The Unofficial Transcript

The Advising Worksheet will continue to be available via a link in the SSB9 Advising Student Profile. 

The Advising Student Profile can be accessed via either Beaver Hub (tied directly to a specific student) or generically via MyOregonState.

Web for Advisors SSB8 Menu Crosswalk

Menu Item Where to Locate Information

Student PIN Lookup

Beaver Hub

Student Academic Transcript

Beaver Hub

Advanced Standing Report

TBD-Owned by Admissions    

Advising Worksheet

Advising Student Profile

Faculty & Advisor Security Information    

Sunsetting-Rarely Used


Beaver Hub

Schedule of Classes (New Scheduler)

OtR Website

Advising Student Profile

Beaver Hub

Web for Faculty

Faculty members who have been officially assigned as instructors for a class or classes will have access to the class lists for those courses. Also available will be basic information (name, address, email, major, etc.) about students in your classes. If you have not been officially assigned as an instructor for the course, contact your department for assistance.

To access Web for Faculty and Advisors:

Step 1: Login to MyOregonState with your ONID username and password. If you've forgotten your ONID credentials, contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk at 541-737-3474. If you do not know your OSU ID, contact the Center for HR Systems and Technology at 541-737-8300.

Step 2: Select the Resources, then the Academic tab.

Step 3: Choose from the menu of services available.

Downloading a Class List from the Web

Step 1: Log into MyOregonState

Step 2: Click on the Resources tab

Step 3: Click on the Academic tag

Step 3: Click on Class List/Grade List File Download

Step 4: Select term, click Submit

Step 5: Select Course you wish to download

Step 6: Choose File Type (Comma Separated or Tab Separated)

Step 7: Select any additional information you wish by selecting in Field choices


Step 8: Click Create Class List

Step 9: Click Save

Step 10: Choose file to save in and create a meaningful name for the file

Step 11: Click Save

Step 12: Repeat if necessary (5 through 11)

Step 13: Exit Online Services if you have completed all downloads

Step 14: Go to the folder on your computer where you stored the file


Step 15: Open File — an error window will appear, choose "Select the Program From a List"

Step 16: Click OK

Step 17: Select Excel form the list

Step 18: Adjust column widths

Step 19: Save Excel File

Step 20: You are ready to use the class list in Excel

For questions, you may contact Jennifer Ajeto, 541-737-2830.