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Certification of Enrollment & Degree Verification

Verification or certification of enrollment is for students needing proof of enrollment or degrees for financial aid, insurance, employment, or other reasons.

You can do it on the Web:

Students requesting certification of enrollment or degrees earned spring 2000 to the present may obtain the information by:

  • Printing a current term schedule by logging on to MyOregonState, under Academic Resources.
  • Printing a certification at no cost from the National Student Clearinghouse by accessing it through MyOregonState.
  • Printing a certification from the National Student Clearinghouse at and using a credit card to pay for the service.
  • Students requesting certification of enrollment prior to spring 2000 may obtain the information by:
  • Printing an unofficial transcript by logging on to MyOregonState.
  • Ordering an official transcript.

Forms submitted to the Office of the Registrar are sent to the National Student Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse will provide a certification report that comes closest to providing the information you desire. They will not complete your form. All such certifications are official and need no further institutional signatures or seals.

Only those certification requests that require information not in the possession of the National Student Clearinghouse will be handled by the Office of the Registrar. In many cases, an official transcript will meet the needs of your request. We are unable to complete agency forms. If you have special verification needs you may submit a Verification of Enrollment request form to the Office of the Registrar. These special requests are subject to a $15 processing fee and require 3 business days to process.

To learn more about the National Student Clearinghouse, visit their website at or contact them at 2300 Dulles Station Blvd., Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20171. Telephone: 703-742-4200 (8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST), FAX 703-742-4239, or email:

Loan companies, other agencies, and even parents can contact the NSC directly for enrollment verifications.

Please include your legal name, social security number, and date of birth on all correspondence as well as the mailing address of the recipient for the verification

Degree information is also reported to the National Student Clearinghouse and individuals or organizations wishing to verify your degree may do so through the NSC for a small fee. You may also order an official transcript to provide as proof of degrees earned.

Information Online

Learn more about what information is available online, such as alert notification, directory information, registration information, etc. Read more in the Student Records-Right to Privacy section of the General Catalog and in this website at

OSU Alert Notification System

The Alert website ( keeps the OSU community apprised of emergency situations related to campus and serves as an entry point to the OSU Alert Notification System. You can use the portal link on this page to provide emergency contact information in order to receive proactive notifications in the event of an emergency and you can visit this website to get regular updates. This system allows public safety officials to create emergency alerts that contain a recorded voice message, an email message, and a text message and send them to the current database of contact information for all employees and students. In crisis situations, the system will try all means of contacting each person in the database, and uses sophisticated means to verify contact so that we know we have reached everyone we could.

To verify your emergency contact information, go to Sign in with your ONID login and password, and review/update contact information. It is recommended that you add a cell phone or other text-capable device to receive an urgent message if an incident is under way. Additional features are now available.

Record Retention (OARs)

What records we retain and how long we keep them is governed by the Oregon Administrative Rules Division 20, Student Records Rule.

Statistical & Historical Data (Institutional Research)

Do you need to know more information about OSU? Perhaps you’re curious about enrollment rates or graduation rates. Check out the statistics made available by Institutional Research.