ASOSU invites you to attend our State of the Students address! Hear from your Student Body Leaders about what ASOSU is doing to improve the student experience and the administrative progress of your elected officials. Event followed by a reception with food and refreshments where you can visit and meet ASOSU and University Leaders.  

When: 5-7pm Wed. Nov. 8th  
Where: MU Main Lobby  

See you there, Beavs! 

Carissa O’Donnell, ASOSU President 

Dakota Canzano, ASOSU Vice President 

Other information:  

Want to learn more about how we determine and set the over 32-million-dollar student incidental fee? Want to get involved? This is an entirely student run process with open deliberations during winter term; we would love to see you there! Initial deliberations in the MU Horizon room on Jan. 25th, 2024; final deliberations February 1st, 2024 in the MU main lounge.  

For more information follow the ASOSU Instagram @asosugov  
Help us learn about the student-knowledge of the fee-setting process! Take this survey (  

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023