From: ASOSU Student Government

Dear OSU Corvallis Students,

We are heartbroken and angered to hear about the tragedy in Colorado Springs Saturday night, Nov. 19, where five people were murdered and 25 others injured in a senseless act of hate. Our hearts are with the families of the five precious lives taken and the countless other individuals who have been affected by this act of violence. We would like to take a moment to honor the lives of Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh, Raymond Green Vance, Derrick Rump, and Daniel Aston. We want to acknowledge the strength and resilience of the survivors and civilians who put themselves in harm's way to put an end to the violent attack Saturday night. It is a solemn reminder that, in the absence of adequate response and protection by authorities in power, we are the ones who protect each other.

Every person deserves the right to feel safe and protected in their communities. This recent act of terror is, unfortunately, not an outlier. Acts of hate against LGBTQ+ community have only increased in recent years, as hate and fear-mongering of these groups become more widespread. This shooting comes during Transgender Awareness Week and just at the start of the Transgender Day of Remembrance when events worldwide are held to mourn and remember the many transgender people lost to violence. We condemn all hateful rhetoric and discriminatory policies, and we call upon all OSU students and community members to stand with our LGBTQ+ neighbors and against those who seek to oppress them.

It is moments like these that remind us we have become comfortable with a system that cares so little about the lives and safety of queer individuals. Let us be reminded that “thoughts and prayers” will not create change. Your voice has power and your actions hold meaning. We ask that you do not simply stand by as our community is attacked on a regular basis and put a stop to the hate created by others.  
If you witness or hear about any acts of hate in our community, please report them to the appropriate people/departments. The OSU Bias Incident Response Hotline is a resource staffed by providers with expertise in bias 24 hours a day and can be reached at 541-737-1731. Reports and questions can also be directed to OSU’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Access

We would also like to encourage you all now more than ever to find safety and care in our community. We have multiple systems of support such as CAPS and The Pride Center which are excellent places to visit if you need assistance. We must protect each other. Solidarity forever. 

Adrian Bernal Canales, ASOSU LGBTQ+ Coordinator
Matteo Paola, ASOSU President

Send Date: 
Wednesday, November 23, 2022