From: Office of the Vice President of Division of Finance and Administration

OSU community members,

As a member of the OSU community, it is important that you are aware of the university’s plans and processes for emergencies. The OSU Emergency Operation Plan includes information about how the university operates during emergencies; establishes response priorities; and implements emergency processes. University colleges and departments are responsible for developing their own emergency action plans for their staffs and areas of responsibilities.

Please review your campus/center emergency plan and prepare for emergency events. College and department plans are available within each organization. Plans are located at:

In the event of emergencies, OSU uses two key systems to prepare and inform the community:

  • OSU Alert system. OSU issues timely warnings via the OSU Alert system when a crime and/or serious threat to the campus community occurs, and members need to take action to protect themselves. Text/SMS messages are the fastest way to receive these alert messages.
  • Rave Guardian app for mobile devices. This app provides access to OSU safety resources all in one place. It can be used to text OSU Dispatch if a phone call can’t be made, provides one-touch emergency dialing, and is campus specific.

Please visit the OSU Emergency Preparedness website to view instructions for adding contact information to the OSU Alert system and downloading the Guardian App.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these important safety measures.

Michael J. Green
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Chief Financial Officer                                             

Paul J. Odenthal
Senior Associate Vice President for Administration

Send Date: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2023