With departmental approval students can enroll in courses online during the second week of the term. Inform the department of all restrictions that would prevent you from enrolling in the course (closed course, major/minor/option restriction, etc.). The department will need to provide an override for each restriction as well as second-week approval. Departmental approval is provided in the form of an electronic override. Contact the department that offers the course to request an override.

Once an override is entered you need to log into MyOregonState again and enroll in the course. You will not be enrolled by the department providing the override. If you receive an override to enroll in a closed course you must enter the CRN of the course in the boxes on the add/drop pages and submit the registration change from there. If you attempt to use the Class Search feature you will receive the error message “course does not exist”.

Please note:  OSU charges fees for second week adds. Please see "Late Registration Change" under the Special Fees section of the online catalog for more information.