Project Summary: 

Upon applying to OSU, students can select their race and ethnicity.  The information being stored in Banner is extracted to provide information about our student populations in CORE reports.  Departments, colleges, cultural centers, leadership, etc. use this banner data and reporting in CORE to understand how to serve different populations of students. 

Data can have an impact on how we serve students (CORE Cultural Center Report).  The purpose of this project is to ensure data accurately reflects our student population from their selection for race and ethnicity on the admissions application.

Strategic Plan 4.0 Actions
  • Implement an integrated approach to recruiting and enrolling learners at all levels
  • Increase our retention and graduation of all students
  • Integrate and simplify technology systems, data practices and policies to increase our organizational agility
Project Status: 
Requesting Department: 
Office of the Registrar
Project Manager: 
Kristin Benson
Last Updated Date: 
Friday, July 21, 2023
Start Term: 
Spring 2021
Completed Term: 
Summer 2022
Status Report: 
►8/18/2022: Decision Support presented to the data governance steering committee on 8/16/22 and is turning over the final report this week. The review is expected to be completed shortly following and then timing will be assessed for the implementation phase.
►7/28/2022: The final report is being drafted and will be sent to the Data Governance Council with recommendations for some terms and definitions. The Implementation workgroup is addressing the standardizing of the values list will be used to codes students' and employees' race and ethnicity.
►4/28/2022: Workgroup is wrapping up interviews with consumers of race and ethnicity data at OSU determining pain points, approaches to data literacy, and uses of race and ethnicity in their jobs.
►3/24/2022: Finished data lineage map and spot-checking specific records. Cascades, OID, IAR, and Admissions will outreach to identify how various groups are using race/ethnicity data and for what purposes. They are also looking to identify what is missing for students in how they self-identify. They will use this information to inform the alignment of data in Self-Service Banner, the Admissions process, and such and for outreach, education, and report corrections.
►2/24/2022: The workgroup has mapped out the structure and data lineage concerns. Meeting in March to discuss definitions and our recommendations for resolving data issues.
►1/27/2022: University Information and Technology (UTI) has absorbed this project (data governance). There will be a workgroup meeting to help define structure, governance, and definitions. This will be rolled out to students first, followed by employees.
►This project has been diverted to the new data management protocols being developed in IAR.