Course prerequisites and corequisites are established by curriculum proposals and enforced by Banner. Refer to our information on prerequisite enforcement.

  • Prerequisites or corequisites cannot be deleted from or added to a course without an approved curriculum proposal, unless the prerequisite or corequisite has been formally dropped from the Catalog. Prerequisites must be in place before registration for the term begins.
  • Prerequisites and corequisites cannot be switched or changed without an approved curriculum proposal.
  • All sections of a course must use the same prerequisites and/or corequisites that have been approved for that course.
  • Departments can add prerequisites or corequisites to the X99 or blanket course section Comments field of the Schedule of Classes prior to registration. These can be enforced by the instructor; they are not enforced by Banner Registration.
  • Undergraduate prerequisites for graduate-level courses cannot be enforced by Banner.
  • Recommendations can be deleted without an approved curriculum proposal. Once deleted, they cannot be reinstated without an approved curriculum proposal. Email your request to the Catalog Coordinator.
  • Recommendations can only be added or changed with an approved curriculum proposal.