Eligibility to Register

Are you eligible to register? Learn more about registration eligibility requirements and procedures to establish eligibility.

PIN Numbers

Registration is completed through MyOregonState; login using your ONID name and password. Students seeking a baccalaureate degree are required to enter a Registration PIN number, provided by their academic advisor, when first entering the registration system for a term.

Plan Your Schedule

Utilize online tools such as the Catalog, Schedule of Classes, and Scheduler to identify course offerings. Regular advising is required for undergraduate students. How often advising is required varies by college; contact your college head advising office for further information.

Priority Registration

Registration occurs in two phases. Students are given access to each phase of registration in batches according to their student status and earned credit hours. A general overview of the priority registration schedule is available on this website. Detailed information about your date and time for registration is available in the Academics menu of MyOregonState.


Once you have all your materials prepared for registration you may login to MyOregonState and register for courses.

Students with Disabilities: Registration & Building Access

Students who cannot access MyOregonState due to a disability should contact Disability Access Services for assistance.

Students who have a disability that may impact their ability to access buildings (i.e., elevator, ramp, accessible seating) should register with Disability Access Services as soon as possible to discuss accommodations.

DAS Contact Information:

Disability Access Services
A200 Kerr Administration
Corvallis, OR 97331-2133
Website: http://ds.oregonstate.edu/
Email: Disability.Services@oregonstate.edu

Zero to Success in 77 Days

A checklist that walks you through the steps you need to take each week of the term to ensure your success.