The Academic Catalog is the primary source of information for student curriculum requirements. All students are subject to the Academic Regulations as listed in the Catalog and are governed by the program requirements (majors, minors, options, certificates) set by their catalog term.

The Academic Calendar lists registration deadlines for regular (11-week) and non-traditional (term extension, 5A, 5B, super term) courses.

Curriculum policies primarily apply to faculty/staff, with the exception of the Catalog Rights Policy which governs a student’s graduation requirements. Curriculum policies not listed on the APA website are enforced by the Office of the Registrar and exemptions are at their discretion.

Non-credit courses are transcripted learning experiences governed by the non-credit policy. Academic units have non-credit courses approved through an abridged curriculum proposal process.

Access curriculum changes for OrACRAO using our historical proposal system (CPS) or newest curriculum tool, CIM. Support for curriculum tracking is provided by the Catalog Coordinator.