Courses can be added online from your priority registration date through the end of the add/drop period defined in the academic calendar.

Watch a video to learn how to enroll in courses

If you’ve never registered for courses at OSU before watch the Add a Course Video to get started.

How to Add Courses

To add a course login to MyOregonState, click Academics, then click on Academic Resources, click on Register/Add/Drop Classes. This will then take you to Online Services. Select the term, enter your PIN number, click Submit. Identify the course(s) you wish to add and enter the CRN for each course. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The page will reload. Scroll to the bottom to verify that the course was added by verifying that the course status column indicates “registered” and the date of the transaction.


The Schedule of Classes offers a build in tool called Scheduler, where you can customize a schedule and easily search the Schedule of Classes using specific criteria.

Number of Registration Attempts Allowed

During the registration process it can be tempting to use auto refresh features of your web browser or other automated processes such as bots to attempt to register for classes. However, registration attempts are limited, after which your account is locked and all registration activity including Add, Drops, Withdraws and Credit changes will need to be made in person at the Office of the Registrar.

MyDegrees Planner

Now is the time to use the plan you and your advisor developed using the Planner feature of MyDegrees. Login to MyOSU and choose the MyDegrees option from the My Student Stuff menu. Now choose the Planner tab. Use the drop-down box to choose the plan that you intend to build your registration from. Load that plan. Note, you'll need to identify the CRN's of the course sections you intend to enroll in. This can be accomplished by clicking on the still needed course in your degree checklist in the left hand column, this will load information about that course including when it is scheduled, the CRN, and the available seats in the course. You can also search for the courses in the schedule of classes to identify the sections you intend to register for.

Once the plan is loaded, open another browser window, log back into MyOSU, enter the Registration menu, choose Add/Drop classes, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you may enter the CRN’s of the courses you wish to enroll in and click the submit button or you can use the class search feature to find the CRN's of the courses on your plan. The screen will reload and display the courses you were successfully enrolled in. If you were not enrolled in a course there will be an error message that explains why you were not enrolled in the course.


After you receive an electronic override from a department to allow you to enroll in a course from which you were restricted, you must return to MyOSU to enroll in the course. You will not be enrolled by the department providing the override. If you receive an override to enroll in a closed course you must enter the CRN of the course in the boxes on the add/drop pages and submit the registration change from there. If you attempt to use the Class Search feature you will receive the error message “course does not exist”.