Adding Courses

To add a course, it must be done online by the add course deadline published in the Academic Calendar for that term. There are different add deadlines for summer term – each session has specific deadlines which are posted in the Academic Calendar. See Academic Regulation 11 for the rules related to adding and dropping courses.

How to Add Courses

If you’ve never registered for courses at OSU before watch the Register for a Course Video to get started.

To add a course, login to MyOregonState as follows:

  • Log into MyOregonState
  • Select the Academics tab
  • Under Academic Resources, click on Register/Add/Drop Classes
  • Select the term, enter your registration PIN, click Submit
  • To add a course, enter the CRN for each course in the Add Classes Worksheet section
  • Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page

The page will reload. The course was added to your schedule when the Status column indicates “Web Registered” and the date of the transaction.

Search for Classes

The Schedule of Classes is your main resource for viewing course offerings by term. You have the option to search by subject, instructor, campus, open/full classes, Baccalaureate Core requirements, and no cost/low cost course materials. The Schedule of Classes also offers a build in tool called Scheduler, where you can customize a schedule and easily search the Schedule of Classes using specific criteria.

Lectures, Labs, Recitations, and Studios (Multi-Part Courses)

If a course lecture is “linked” to a noncredit laboratory or recitation or studio, you must register for all parts of the course at the same time. Online registration will not permit you to register for one part without the other. Likewise, you may not drop only one part of a “linked” course; if you do so, the other part will be dropped automatically. If you want to change one part of a multi-part course, you should drop the part and add a new part at the same time before processing your requested changes.

Variable Credit Courses

Some courses are offered with a range of possible credits. When students enroll in courses with variable credits they are automatically enrolled in the course for one credit only. If a course is taught for variable credits, for example, 1 to 16 credits, online registration will prompt you to enter the correct number of credits for which you wish to enroll. You can change course credits in the add/drop screen; at the bottom of the screen you will see where it says "Change Class Credits." Click that link and you can adjust your number of credits. If you need to change that number later, you may do so online during the course add period for the term. It is the responsibility of the student to alter their registration within the course add/drop period to reflect the number of credits they will be completing.

Adding Courses – Second Week of Term

Adding a course during the second week of the term will require departmental approval. You will need to request an override from the department responsible for the course in order to register for the course in MyOregonState – Register/Add/Drop Classes. Once you receive the override, enter the CRN for the course in the Add Classes Worksheet section and click Submit.

Registration Override

Some courses have restrictions, such as class standing, student level, major, and campus that are checked during the registration process. Course restrictions are listed in the Schedule of Classes under Registration Restrictions for a particular course. Registration overrides are given to students in order to register for courses that have restrictions or permissions. Some courses require multiple overrides depending on the error message you are receiving while attempting to register for the course. You will need to request an override from the department offering the course. All overrides are handled online by the department or authorized staff. After an override is issued you must still register yourself for the course.

Registration Attempts

Registration attempts are limited for the term. Normal course registration activity can easily be accommodated within the set limit. Once you reach the limit for registration attempts, your account will be locked and all subsequent registration activity including adds, drops, withdraws, credit changes, grading basis changes, etc. will need to be handled by the Office of the Registrar. Please note that utilizing automated processes or software applications such as bots to attempt to register for classes is not appropriate use of the registration system.