Auditing Courses

  • Audit registration allows students to attend a course without receiving credit or a grade.
  • Both degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students may audit courses.
  • Audit registration is at the course instructor’s discretion; at the time of approval, the instructor and student will agree upon the student’s level of participation in the course.
  • Students wanting to audit a course must submit a completed Audit Registration form with the instructor’s permission to the Office of the Registrar for registration.
  • Courses cannot be audited through the online registration system. The audit registration period runs Monday through Friday during the second full week of the term. The dates are noted in the Academic Calendar.
  • Audit courses are assessed instructional fees at the same rate as credit courses.
  • Any changes to an audit registration are subject to the same procedures, deadlines, and special fees as registration changes to regular courses.
  • Upon completion of an audited course, the designation of AUD will be recorded on the transcript.
  • The designation of WAU will be recorded on the transcript for students who withdraw from an audited course.

Senior Citizen Audit Registration


  • Senior citizen audit registration is available for Oregon residents age 65 or older at no charge (without paying tuition or fees).
  • Audit registration is dependent on available space in the course and prior instructor approval.
  • All students wishing to audit courses must first be admitted as a student and pay a non-refundable application fee.
  • Many senior citizens auditing courses choose to apply as a non-degree seeking student.