It is highly recommended that students, family, faculty, and staff take the opportunity to celebrate this momentous accomplishment. The university holds a single commencement ceremony each June. Detailed information is sent to the current mailing address of eligible students in April of each year. Oregon State University has a long-standing, proud tradition of providing each student with their own diploma at the commencement ceremony. You will receive an email about how to order your diploma once your degree has been awarded. Find out more details at the official Commencement site.

2022 Student Commencement Photos

Honor Cords at Commencement

High achieving undergraduate students are recognized through the posting of academic distinction to transcript and diploma. Grade-point averages are computed on the basis of all work attempted at OSU. At the end of each term, after final grades are posted, the academic distinction will be evaluated and posted to transcripts and diplomas. Graduates who have completed at least 90 credits at OSU or 60 upper-division credits at OSU, and who have an OSU cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, are awarded an OSU degree with distinction as follows:

Cum Laude (orange cord): 3.50-3.69

Magna Cum Laude (gold cord): 3.70-3.84

Summa Cum Laude (white cord): 3.85-4.00

Students who meet the criteria above can purchase commencement honor cords through the OSU Beaver Store.